Presidential Villa Episode 18

Luckily Jack thought fast and kicked him in the gut, which enabled the man to leave him. Coughing hard and gasping for air, he saw the man took out a knife, the same knife Jake had explained to them he saw when a man attacked them in their hotel room. Jack knew he was a military man because only a military person could have access to such a weapon. He was sure the man was very good at combat also, he might be good but Jack was taller and he wasn’t backing down. And the fight began, Jack was able to throw a few punches but the man had the advantage, he cut a part of jack’s body bit by bit at every chance he got. They fought as though they were sworn enemies. They were. One is loyal to the Satan himself.
“Are you out of your mind? What if something bad had happened! Do you know he’s my secretary? And you decided to gamble with his life without my authority!” The president yelled.
“I’m sorry__”
“Keep your apologies to yourself! I gave you one order, and you went and did another thing entirely, on your own. What if someone got killed in the process of you trying to be a hero!”
The president was not happy with Jack even though he had won the fight against the shooter and brought him back alive together with Peter. It still didn’t impress his boss. “Dismissed.” The president said quietly and Jack left his sight.
Night fell and it was time to sleep, he entered the room and sat quietly on the bed. “I heard Jack caught the man who tried to kill my daughter and her husband.” Victoria said from where she sat.

“He did.” He answered with a low tone.

“But you’re not happy,” she concluded and he sighed. “Why’re you not happy?” She sat close.
“I don’t know,” he glanced at her. “Maybe it’s because the risk he took was too expensive.”

“He’s trained for that, and I’m sure that was why you sent him out there. Right?” She asked and he nodded in agreement. “So what are you upset about?”

“He’s too valuable to be taking such risks. I guess I’m angry that he could have been killed together with Peter,” he rubbed his hands on his face. “I wouldn’t know what to do if anything had happened to any one of them, he’s the best I’ve got and the most trusted.”
“Hey,” she put her hand across his shoulders. “At least the mission was successful and most of all, he brought back a very important tool.” She said.
“That’s right,” he swallowed. “And he’s going to tell me what I want to know, wether he likes it or not.” He said with a serious gaze.

“Yes, and all these will be behind us. Forever.” She added and laid her head on his left shoulder with their hand clasping together.

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The morning sun was shining so bright and so was the president. He had taken enough rest and was ready to talk to the man in his captive. “You should let me talk to him sir.” Jack approached.

“We don’t have time for that Jack, we need to catch Tukur today no matter what.” Mr Adewale said.
“Yes sir, I’m aware of that. But he’s military, and he won’t break easy.” Jack replied.
“Watch me.” He said and ordered the guard by the door to open it and he went in. “Where’s your boss?”
“I’m not telling you anything.” He said and Mr Adewale brought out a hammer. Where’d he get a hammer? Jack thought to himself.
“You will tell me everything that I need to know, you can go to hell for all I care,” Mr Adewale said and told Jack to hold out the man’s hand and he hit it with the hammer. “He came after my family!” Mr Adewale shouted, the rage in his eyes shook Jack. He had never seen anyone with such rage before. “Hold out the other hand.” He said.

“Just do it!” He towered angrily and Jack did as he was told and BAM, another strike to the man’s left hand. Jack was sure he broke all the 27bones in his hand.

To be continued