POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 22


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
I got to my hostel that morning and as usual ran into the bathroom to bath with the malam’s soap. It was the first time I was having lesbian sex in my entire life and unlike straight sex where the man did the bulk of the work, in lesbian sex, the ashawo girl did the greater part of the
work. I didn’t know if the malam’s soap included lesbian sex in its offer of protection and I wanted to check it out.
The morning sun shone brilliantly as I came back that morning but I still felt cold probably from anxiety. I finished bathing and came out feeling cool and refreshed. Then my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller and it was my last client the female lesbian client I slept with the night before. My heart fluttered and skipped a beat and two.
I had exchanged numbers with the woman
before I left but I hadn’t expected her call so soon or did she just want to know whether I reached safely? I pressed the answer button of my phone and brought the receiver to my ear.
“Hello,” I answered.
“Hello is that Rosy on the line?” She asked.
“Yes its me Rosy.” I replied.
“Before I say Jack Robinson, bring back that five hundred thousand cedis I gave you immediately,” she thundered.
“I don’t understand ma,” I replied hesitantly.
“What didn’t you understand?” She barked. “I said you should bring back that five hundred thousand cedis I gave you,” she repeated.
“Unto which levels?” I asked laying aside the gentle part of me and bringing out the pooley girl part. “Ur brain dey touch? How u go pay me money finish  begin asking me make I bring am back? U dey craze?”
“Na me u dey raise voice for?” The woman asked sending my heart fluttering anew. “Na me u wan use juju manipulate abi? You use juju block my eye and I carry 500k giv u abi? masa watch and see. Na me and you for this city.”
I quickly dropped the call and shivered with fear. I couldn’t understand what I had gotten myself into and I wondered whether the malam’s soap had any connection with what just happened. I stood still shivering like a dry harmattan
leaf. I didn’t know what the woman was
capable of and there was no way I could
predict her next move.
But wait first – I told myself – why am I even afraid of this woman? No be the same woman wey she be I be? Abi she wan use intimidation corner me one side? I sighed and went over to my cupboard to rub cream. I brought out my left palm in the characteristic manner and with my right hand squeezed the cream container. To my surprise, clotted blood puffed out of the container and unto my palm.
“Jesus!” I screamed dropping the container and jumping to my feet. I flapped my left hand and spluttered the blood all over the floor of my room. The container fell to the floor and broke which was quite unusual. It was made of plastic and the height from which it fell wasn’t sufficient to cause breakage. All the cream in it turned to blood and
spluttered all over the floor.
“Jesus!” I screamed once again. It had been long I called on the name of Jesus for anything. This particular scream of mine was involuntarily. Then I heard a woman’s voice laughing at me. With trembling hands, I opened the lock on my
door and ran as fast as I could to my
neighbour’s room. I had never visited this neighbour of mine since I packed into that hostel until that night.
Innocently, the girl opened the door for me and I brushed past her and ran inside. The girl was shocked. I had ran into her room naked and I didn’t know. The towel I had round myself had fallen off the  moment I jumped from the bed. The girl quickly locked her door thinking that I
was been pursued by robbers.
“Ghost! Ghost!! Ghost!!!” I screamed pointing at her door.
“Ghost?” She asked me in bewilderment.
“Yes ghost, ghost, ghost oooo,” I replied still pointing.
“Where?” The girl asked obviously getting scared.
“My room, my room,” I replied shivering.
“How come?” The girl asked wondering
whether I was okay or not.
“My dear I don’t know o,” I replied. “My
enemies are at work o.”
“Wait let me get you my wrapper,” she said moving towards her wardrobe.
It was when she said that that I looked at
myself and saw that I was naked. I silently thanked God that it was a female’s room that I ran into. How would I have explained myself to a male? I passed that night in my neighbour’s room
having concluded in my mind that I would see the malam first thing tomorrow morning.
The girl in whose room I slept observed my
condition and didn’t ask further questions. I guess she understood that I was better left alone. I went back to my room the next morning to discover to my surprise that all the blood and cream with its container had disappeared. The girl in whose room I slept had accompanied me and found it difficult to believe that any of the things I narrated to her the night before had happened.
I stood at the door peering fearfully into the room.
“What exactly did you say happened last
night?” The girl asked staring at me.
“My cream turned into blood and I heard a woman’s voice laughing at me,” I replied.
“My dear you must have been hallucinating,” she said surveying the room further.
I stood at the door still very afraid to enter. I had forgotten to return the malam’s soap in the hidden corner of my wardrobe and it lay at the foot of my bed where I dropped it while escaping to my neighbour’s room.
“What is this?” The girl asked bringing up the bundles of palm leaves with something wrapped inside.
“What is what?” I asked with my mouth agape.
I didn’t know where to begin my explanation. The malam had strictly warned me against another eye seeing the soap and the consequences that were bound to follow if they did. I stood still staring at the girl and the palm
“What is this thing?” The girl asked again
staring at me suspiciously.
“My dear I don’t know o,” I replied.
“Smells like soap,” she commented.
“Really?” I asked pretending like I didn’t know.
“Please drop it in that waste-bin over there.”
The girl did as I directed and dropped it into the waste-bin. With anxiety all over my body, I tiptoed to my wardrobe and wore my blue gown and blue underwear.
I was in double soup and didn’t know what to do so I had to see the malam right away. I hadn’t brushed my teeth nor washed my face but it didn’t matter to me as much as seeing the malam. I hurriedly took my car keys and walked out of the room.
“I will be right back,” I announced to the girl and locked my door firmly.
“Where to?” The girl asked looking at me
“Don’t worry, I will gist you when I come
back,” I replied and left.
The malam laughed at me for complete one hour after I had narrated what brought me to his shrine.
“ Please what’s so funny?” I had asked
getting irritated. Instead of a reply, the malam had continued to laugh.
“The soap was never meant to be used after sleeping with a fellow woman,” he explained tightening his face. “Nature from origin had never supported man to man or woman to woman sex and that soap is not an exception.”
I fidgeted uneasily on the seat as the
unrolled his explanations.
“That is offence number one. Offence number two,” the malam continued. “Is that I warned you against any other eye seeing that soap and you failed and your neighbour saw it and not only seeing it but smelt it too.”
“ sorry o,” I apologised. “It was because
of that blood issue and the woman’s voice I heard,” I explained.
“You don’t have any excuse,” the mallam
“But you never told me that the soap wasn’t to be used after sleeping with a woman,” I pointed out.
“Did you tell me you were going to sleep with a woman?” the malam asked raising his brow.
“Thought your ashawo business was with men alone which it ought to be. The spirits of my ancestors never supported man to man or woman to woman fuck.”
I shook with fear as the malam made those pronouncements.
“So what am I to do now?” I asked bursting into tears.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing,” the malam replied shaking his head. “You have to bear your lot.”
That I didn’t collapse that moment must have been a miracle. I was sweating profusely and didn’t know what to do.
“Go,” the mallam commanded. “Go before the gods get angry. You don’t deserve to stand in this shrine one more second.”
With trembling legs I ran out of the malam’s shrine and into my car. I sat in my car for hours thinking of what to
do with no idea forthcoming. At long last, I picked courage and drove back to my hostel. I couldn’t remain in my car crying forever. If eventually I had come to the end of the road then crying wasn’t going to change anything.
I made up my mind and went back to my
hostel to await whatever was going to come my way…
watchout for episode 23


  1. The continuation seems long in coming. Can I kno when the writer updates this very story or is it done as and when he feels like it? Cos the continuation seems long in coming!

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