Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 12


They engage in immoral sexual activities, i heard the pastor shout aloud. I abandoned the thoughts and focused on what the pastor was talking about. Lo and behold, the topic was DATING.
*i dey hate this kind tin like mad, y some pastors dey behave like dis, shey na when i don plan to toast dis girl, na im pastor wan spoil show for me* As the pastor continued preaching, i was just observing the girl to see her reaction on what the pastor was saying.
*oboi, see as this girl bone face like person wey drink alomo, ahh pastor don fall my hand* Some minutes after the pastor finished preaching, i seized the opportunity and brought out my phone, opened my web browser and entered coolval website so as to check for updates. *i kon dey use style form big boy with my BlackberryQ5 for the girl presence*
As i was busy with the phone, that was when i heard a phone ringing and it happened to be the girl’s phone. She brought out the phone, power it off and kept it back in her bag, it was an iphone 6. *na so i open mouth like dundee, see embarrassment of the highest order*
I quickly stopped what i was doing and stylishly kept my phone inside my pocket, even the vibrations from messages sent to me didn’t make me bring it out again. Church ended after the closing prayer and everyone started coming out of the church. Not forgetting what i had planned in mind, i went up to meet the girl and started a conversation with her.
Hello, i said to her hi, u were the guy sitting beside me in church today, aren’t u? Yes i am, this is actually the first time i will be seeing you in this church, so am just wondering if you are a new member here, i said to her No am not, i have been worshiping in this church for the past three months now.
Oh really, i never knew but anyway you are welcome to my church, i said to her Thanks, that’s so thoughtful of you. Am Daniel and you? I asked.
My name is Jennifer but my friends call me Jenny.
Wow jenny, dats a beautiful name
Thanks Daniel, she said. You are welcome, do u mind giving me your phone number so i can call u some other time, i asked her.
No problem, its okay by me. I brought out my phone and the memories of the embarrassment i received earlier in church flashed into my mind. At least, i have accomplished my mission so there is no need to be embarrassed again.
As she called out her number, i dialed it on my phone and saved the number.
Daniel, i will be on my way now.
Ok jenny goodbye.
Alright goodbye, she said and left.
At last it worked out well, with this i can start from somewhere, i said to myself with a wide grin on my face. I turned to walk towards the exit when i felt a soft tap on my shoulder, i looked back and guess who i saw? It was the Pastor!!!.
To be continued