POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 21


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
“I need a very well furnished duplex of my own,” I replied straight away.
“A well furnished duplex?” He asked probably to be sure he heard me right.
“Yes, a well furnished duplex,” I repeated.
“Alright consider it done,” Hon clifford
replied and dropped the call.
I felt so good and elated. I was already ranking as the biggest girl in our hostel  and had so many girls flocking round
me for assistance. The guys living  in our hostel felt too intimidated to talk to me as they felt I was far above their class and would have no respect for them. I respected their assumptions and kept my distance to avoid insult. Even if I wasn’t going to live in the duplex, I could rent it out and have it serve as another source of income for me.
It had been long since I saw my family and I felt the need to go home and see them. I also wanted to use the opportunity to show them my car and prove to them, my mum in particular, that I was doing fine.
I hadn’t received any call from any hotel or client since I came back from Dubai except from Hon. Clifford. I got up from my bed and went to my wardrobe to dress up. My clothes were all rumbled sake for the one I ironed the night before. I quickly wore it, put on some make up
and left.I didn’t plan to spend the night at home so I had to leave early enough so that I could get back on time.
I got home around 5 o’clock in the evening. My mum’s face turned into a frown the moment she saw me climb down from my car.
“Wonders shall never end o!” She exclaimed.
“Mummy how?” I asked staring at her with surprise.
“Wonders shall never end!” She repeated.
“Oh! the car? I bought it few days ago. Come and take a look,” I persuaded.
My mum reluctantly came over and peeped at the interior of the vehicle.
“Wonders shall never end!” She exclaimed
again.“Thought I told you about my new job?” I asked staring surprisingly at her. “I told you that I now work and go to school.”
“Please what type of work is that?” My mum asked.
“Company work and they pay well,” I replied.
My mum kept mute staring continuously at me and the car.
“Mummy I bought this for you,” I said bringing out a parcel from the back seat and handing it to her.
“What is inside?”
“Open it first eeerrh.”
“I’m not interested in your gift!” My mum said dropping the gift on the floor and shrugged her shoulders. “You’ve finally succeeded in joining prostitution abi?”
“How can you say such a thing?” I countered feigning annoyance. “I work with a top perfume company and they pay me well.”
“How can a student be working with a top
company and be paid well to buy a car? You don’t even know how to lie.” My mum pointed out.
“It was God’s favour,” I continued. “You know that our family has always been favoured.”
The argument continued as we went into the house. My siblings were all in school and my mum was left with the house-help  she had brought to work and keep her company. I spent approximately one hour at home before I started returning to my hostel.
I had driven for about thirty five minutes on the express way when I noticed that a
particular car was trailing my car. I slowed down, they slowed down. I increased speed, they increased speed.
Without thinking twice, I pressed on the gas pedal and it answered without hesitation. They followed suit in hot pursuit.
The occupants of the car were young men about six in number. It was a race of life and death as those guys were determined to overtake and probably block me. But then, my driving lessons weren’t in vain
and my darling SUV car was still in good shape. The chase continued. There weren’t too many cars on the road so the few I saw, I overtook them instantly and sped on. They did the same and followed in hot pursuit.
All of a sudden, my car started losing speed and they caught up with me and attempted to overtake me. I pressed harder on my gas pedal, no show. I swerved to the left then to the right to block them as they attempted to overtake me. At last, I sighted a police station infront of me and quickly drove in as they  sped on without stopping as they knew the implication of attempting to snatch my car inside a police station.
“I was being pursued by armed robbers,” I
narrated to the middle-aged policeman who came to question me for driving into the premises in the manner I did.
“Armed robbers?” He echoed. “Where?”
“They sped off as soon as I entered this
place. They’ve been following me from far off,” I explained.
“Hmm ok no problem,” the policeman replied.
“But you go dash us something for saving
The way he said “dash us something” sounded like there were hundreds of them but in essence it was only him standing before me. I opened my handbag and brought out 50 cedis note and handed to him.
“Ah madam thank you” he greeted. “Na God go bless you walayi. Nagode madam thank you.”
I waved at him, whined my glass, engaged my gear in reverse, drove back a bit, selected gear one and zoomed off without looking back.
I got to my hostel around 9pm in the evening and beeped my horn and our security man opened the gate for me.
The security man was employed few days
after that incident that occurred the night I celebrated my new car. I had just switched off my ignition when a call
from Gaby hotel came into my phone that a client needed my company for the night and was willing to pay up to 500k depending on how well I satisfied him.
The amount 500k hit the sensitive part of my auditory cortex and I didn’t know when I switched on my ignition to the immense surprise of the security man.
“Please I forgot something,” I said motioning to him to open the gate for me. He obeyed and I drove off to meet up with the business. I couldn’t imagine myself going into my room to sleep while cool 500k passed me by.
I got to Gaby hotel around 9.45pm and
introduced myself to the receptionist.
It was the first time I was doing business with the hotel so I didn’t emphasise my “pay before service” policy. I just gave them the benefit of the doubt because the hotel looked rich and well managed.
“Room 245,” the receptionist informed pointing down the hallway. “The room at the extreme by your right.”
I thanked him and followed the direction he was pointing. I heard muffled voices of
couples having s€x in their rooms as I made my way to room 245.
“Mm…ouh.. Oouuusshhh…the juice is coming out!” I heard a masculine voice moan as I searched on. I soon got to room 245 and tapped on the door. To my surprise, a feminine voice responded and asked me to come in.
I had never had a female client since I
ventured into this business and that night
seemed it was going to be my first time.
I swung the door open and went in. Truly, my client was a well groomed middle-
aged woman. She wasn’t fat but nonetheless had enough flesh in the right places and looked more like a married woman than a single lady. My first thought when I saw her was that she
had probably invited me to carry out some of her dirty jobs for her like set somebody up or help her get something from an enemy via seduction.
Not until she asked me to pull off my clothes and come and give it to her like no other lady had ever done before. I wasn’t experienced in l€sbian s€x and had never come across my mind that I would one
day come across a female l€sbian client.
I stood transfixed to the spot I was standing unsure of what to do.
“Don’t tell me you came here to mope at me?” She snapped becoming irritated.
“Sorry ma,” I apologised and instantly took off my clothes.
“Help me and remove mine,” she instructed turning her back. I unzipped her blouse and skirt which revealed robust and well fed boobs and ass. Her boobs were full far from the sagged boobs I had expected to see. Her ass was very fleshy and soft to touch. I set to work as soon as her clothes were off, working my way from one nipple to the other as my free hand explored her hairy pussy region.
I needed my full payment so there wasn’t any time for dulling. Inexperience wasn’t going to be an excuse to loose 500k and if I didn’t know what to do, I did what I knew.
“Suck me,” she instructed pointing at her pussy area. I hesitated for a while but caught myself superbly.
“Lie down and spread your legs,” I
commanded for the first time that night to gain some control before she started seeing me like a slave with no opinion. She laid down and spread her legs as I instructed. She had a very fat pussy much fatter than mine with hairs all over. I couldn’t tell the last time a shaving stick came across that area but that wasn’t any of my business. My concern was to do my job and earn my money.
Without wasting time I plunged my tongue into the bushy place and lapped on and on like a thirsty dog.
“Umph,” the woman moaned holding on to my shoulders. I sucked her for twenty minutes and there-about before we switched position and assumed the pussy to pussy position in a scissors style.
Our pussies rubbed against each other and gave her immense pleasure which I couldn’t explain. We rubbed on like that for forty-five minutes and there-about before she was eventually gripped by her orgasm and lay off exhausted on the bed.
The next morning, I had my cheque of five hundred thousand cedis duly signed and waiting for me for a job well done…
watchout for episode 22


  1. …though Evan Tawiah is a Ghanaian name, this STORY isn’t of Ghanaian content – the writer is doing what we call plagiarism – he has changed the Nigerian names of the original story and has added few Ghanaian items to make it like a Ghanaian story; but, the TYPICAL Naija guy like me, I know my roots so, when I see a naija story, I can tell!
    If you are very smart, you would notice the Nigerian phrases in this story!
    You did well in editing and makin it a local Ghanaian story; but, try and be creative or you could have credited the original writer!

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