POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 17


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
I got to my room around 9pm feeling greatly disoriented. The image of Ray clutching his stomach and weeping in pain flashed before me and sent cold shivers down my spine. My sleep that night was greatly disturbed and I woke up the next morning with a serious headache.
I woke up more than five times in the night with the feeling that the dead Ray was lying beside me ready to stab me.
I went to the bathroom and took my bath.
It was Hon Clifford’s birthday and I had
made up my mind that I was going to attend no matter what. Afterall, the dead Ray found my trouble first. It’s not as if I sneaked up on an innocent man and killed him. Ray humiliated me first and I paid him back. I saw no reason for any guilt-feeling. I started looking forward to the MP’s birthday.
At exactly 4pm, the driver came to my hostel to get me. I was already prepared and waiting when he came. We drove to Hon clifford’s residence and my eyes widened at the magnificent edifice
that met my gaze. Hon Clifford Anaba’s residence was more than a building. It was big, beautiful, artistic and colourful.
We went inside and what I saw was marvellous. The interior decoration and every other thing was superb.
The MP beamed with smile as soon as he
saw me.
“You’re highly welcome my dear,” he said.
“Thanks,” I replied.
The birthday was graced with so many men and women of different calibre and I secretly got as many contacts as I could.
I got the contact of the president and
his vice, the speaker of parliament , the commissioner of police, the army chief of
staff etc to mention but a few.
Food and drinks were in excess and I ate and ate and ate till I could eat no more. Then I drank and drank and drank to my satisfaction as well.The birthday lasted far into the night and at the end, Hon clifford ended up in my wet region. He rode me all night long going from one orgasm to the other and unto another like someone who took an enhancer. Eventually, he became exhausted and slept off.
The next morning he woke up early and both of us went to the bathroom to have our bath together. After that, we had breakfast and I dressed up and was ready to leave. I didn’t know how to tell him that he was yet to pay me but I kept it to myself.
To my surprise, Hon clifford handed the
keys to a brand new vehicle to me.
“I bought it for you,” he said jiggling the keys.
“Let’s go outside and have a look.”
We went outside and to my utmost shock and surprise, the vehicle in question was a new black highlander SUV.
“Jesus of Nazareth!” I screamed on seeing the black highlander SUV. “You mean this car is for me?”
“Yes dear,” the MP replied smiling. “The
car is for you.”
I couldn’t hide my joy. I ran round the car touching and inspecting every corner of its upholstery. Then I opened the door to the passenger seat to inspect the interior.
“This is beautiful,” I exclaimed feeling the seats with my hand. “This is very beautiful.”
“I’m happy you like it,” the MP said smiling.
“I surely do like it,” I replied smiling back.
Hon Clifford’s driver drove me back to my hostel in the brand new highlander with me sitting at the back. The necessity of going for some driving lessons flashed through my mind as we drove back. My friends at the hostel were so dumbfounded when they saw me.
“Its my new car,” I announced smiling.
“Wow!” They exclaimed with eyes ogling.
I threw a party later that night in the hostel and everybody drank and drank till they were satisfied. I soon started feeling tipsy and danced freely. One guy slipped his hands into my skirt as we danced but I didn’t mind. I was high on alcohol so nothing else mattered.
Around 11pm, an unfamiliar set of guys
entered our hostel. Next thing, they drew out guns and started demanding for our phones and everywhere became noisy.
In the chaos, I quickly ran into my room and locked the door.
“Please don’t do this to me,” I heard a female occupant of our hostel screaming downstairs.
“My friend open your legs well!” A harsh masculine voice countered.
The significance of what was happening was clear to everyone. The poor girl was being raped downstairs.
The next morning I came downstairs to
inspect my car and luckily for me it was still in good condition. There was no scratch anywhere nor bullet marks.
After that, I went over to the room of the girl whom I had heard screaming that night. The poor girl lay on her bed crying profusely. She had been unlucky that night and had the guys raping her in turns(gala).I consoled her to the best of my ability and went back to my room.
As I got close to my room, a call came to my phone and I looked to check who it was and saw the name Dennis, my boyfriend, calling.
“You’ve been avoiding my calls,” he complained as soon as I picked.
“I’m no longer interested in this relationship,” I replied shocking him.
He kept silent for sometime before the line went dead. Another call came in almost immediately. This time it was from Bazuka hotel.
“A very important MP would be needing
your services this night,” the receptionist
informed. “Will you be available?”
“Yes I will,” I replied without thinking.
“Alright see you then,” he said and dropped the call.
Initially I was happy for the new job till the significance of Bazuka hotel and the thought of Ray flashed into my mind. My instinct told me that it was possible that they must have discovered Ray’s lifeless body and wanted to use the job to draw me out. I was right. I decided at that moment that I won’t show up for the job; definitely not in a hotel where I was still a fugitive.
The expected time for me to show up soon
came and when I didn’t show up, the
receptionist started calling my number but I refused to pick. He gave me over fifty missed calls but still I didn’t pick.
At the end, he gave up and let me be…
watchout for episode 18