A Man’s Destiny Season 2 Episode 6


“So, Doctor, when will he be discharged?” Jay asked Doctor Martins.
“He should be discharged on Wednesday. He is now really better, just want to watch him till then.” He replied.
“I hope this is not a type that he will keep sitting on the wheelchair till everything would be fine.” Uche chimed in, stroking his beard.
Doctor laughed. “I can’t say for now, he might be discharged tomorrow or Wednesday. But, all I can say is that he must not engage in anything stressful for a month, he should take his drugs regularly, eat and relax.” He told them.
“Alright sir.” The guys looked at each other and echoed.
Jay and Uche were heading to Richard’s ward when they saw Pemisire approaching. “Hey.” Jay waved first, smiling.
“Hey Jay. Uche, it took you years to get the clothes yesterday, isn’t it?” She asked, trying to be familiar with the guys.
Uche sniggered. “You! You’re alo accusing me? I got stucked in the traffic.” He replied.
“Traffic? On Sunday?” She laughed.
“So, how are you?” Jay asked.
“How’s Richard?” She asked her own question.
“We are heading there.” Uche said.
“I hope he has stopped crying. Anyways, I’ll see for myself.” She said, turning back to lead the way.
It was in the afternoon, the lunch time of Uche and Jay. It was an opportunity seized by them to quickly check on Richard. “What do you do for a living?” Jay asked her as they walked on.
“You should have asked your friend.” She said, dismissing the question with a wave of left hand.
“Rich!” Pemisire smiled as she approached the bed.
“Hmmn…lustrous, glowing, shinning, flickering set of teeth.” Richard smiled.
“King of wheedlers!” Pemisire chuckled and sat down.
“Foolish guy, have you ever qualified me that way?” Jay bustled in.
“Ha! I’m still looking forward to seeing the bright sun of that day.” Richard smiled.
“Which day? What is your friend talking about?” Uche asked.
“You know he’s been lying down for long, who knows?” He laughed.
“Looking forward to seeing the day you guys would be sensible. If you had white teeth, I’d have told you, but you have nothing better than what you have there.”
Pemisire was impressed. She never knew she’d meet Richard in that cheerful mood. She wanted to ask how he was when she glanced at her phone and rushed up to another side. “It is the useless phone you bought, not my fault.” She told Helen on the call.
“I said I didn’t! It was the work of the useless phone. Only God knows where you got the thing from.” She laughed as she replied Helen.
“Greet your students, bye.” She said and walked back to Richard’s place.
“Can you see our friend has turned his back at us because of you?” Jay said, contorting his mouth.
“What’s my own business?” She smiled.
“Take care of our Richard, we have to leave.” Uche said as he stretched his hand forward to get Jay’s attention. “We have to leave, we suppose dey go now.
“Yeah, we will be back soon.” Jay said as he waved at them.
Lawrence and his guys just got to Ibadan in his Nisaan Jeep, trying to trace where Omolayo Estate was.
It was Tuesday morning, Pemisire just finished dressing up when Helen was ready to leave for school too. She smiled as she waved at her, picking up her handkerchief. Just then, Helen walked back in, smiling and winking at Pemisire as she picked up her call. “Michael.” She said softly as she conversed with the guy on phone.
Pemisire cleared her throat and leaned against the wall as Helen made her call. It was after some minutes she concluded the call and grinned up to Pemisire. “He said he’d be here very soon.” She said.
Pemisire hissed dryly. “Honestly, I have forgotten you made a call the other day, didn’t he tell you the actual day he would be here?” She asked.
“He asked after you and said he’d be here very soon.” She replied.
“Honestly, I think we are in danger.” She said.
Helen snorted as she smiled. “You think so? Do you think it is a lie?”
“I know this a lie! See Helen, I think we should leave this house as soon as possible.”
“What is Pemisire saying? You’ve taken this issue serious, why?” Helen hissed, frowning.
Pemisire scratched her head. “This is serious, honestly. I have something in me telling me we are in danger. You’ve leaked the secret.”
“I didn’t! I only told him you’ve been here, that’s all.”
“Didn’t I tell you not to tell anyone?”
“Anyhow.” She hissed and waved her hand.
“Anyways, I have to go and see Richie.” Pemisire picked up her bag.
“Richard’s wife.” Helen pulled out her tongue and laughed.
“But, give me his mobile number.” Pemisire brought out her phone.
Helen handed her the phone and flicked her hand to check what the time was. “I’m running late.” She said.
“I’m through too.” She gave her the phone back and both walked out.