POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 15


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
By 6 : 50 pm on the dot, I was at Bazuka hotel – 10minutes earlier to the time I proposed. The receptionist at once knew I was serious with the job.
“Good evening,” I greeted on entering.
The receptionist, a young looking man of about 26yrs looked up and flashed his professional smile at me.
“Rosy right?” He asked.
“Yes Rosy,” I replied.
“Nana hasn’t arrived,” he informed. “But I believe he would soon be here.”
“Maybe I will sit around and wait for him,” I suggested.
“Alright no problem,” the receptionist replied.
I went over to the left corner of the reception and sat on the well cushioned seats. As I waited for Nana Adu  to arrive, a familiar face of one of my old clients walked into the hotel in the company of Stella, my former roommate. I instantly brought out my phone and pretended to be chatting with someone hiding my face in the process. I didn’t want my roommate to see me for any reason nor my client.
They had a brief chit-chat with the
receptionist and as they walked down towards their newly booked room, I glanced at them and discovered that the old client of mine in question, was Dr Evans. A wave of annoyance swept through me and I felt like confronting him for what he did to me but on second thought, I sat back. I didn’t want to ruin my evening with Nana Adu all because of an old forgotten client so I let sleeping dogs lie.
Nana arrived around 9pm and I walked up to him and introduced myself. The receptionist completed the remainder of
the introduction and handed me the key to our room and we stepped in… Like every other client of mine, Nana tore off my clothes as soon as we were inside, parted my legs and drove into me with his
fat dick. He rode me for like fifteen minutes before he released his semen in me.
“You’re very sweet dear,” he complimented breathing heavily.
“Thank you Nana,” I replied smiling.
An sms message came into my phone that
moment but I ignored it in order not to disrupt my rump with Nana. Nana did three more rounds before he became exhausted and slept off. I then used the opportunity to check my phone and to my surprise it was a bank alert. Bazuka hotel had transferred five  thousand cedis to my account. The bank alert gladdened my heart and I smiled happily to myself.
Then I lay back on the bed and slept off.
The next morning I woke up to discover that Nana was already awake and dressing up. He had taken his bath while I was asleep. He glanced at me and smiled on noticing that I was awake.
“I have a very important meeting to attend with my board of directors,” he announced adjusting his cap.
“Ok sir,” I replied sitting up on the bed.
“Hope you got your payment alert?”
“Yes I did,” I replied.
“Ok, here’s additional cheque of five hundred cedis. You deserve more he
complimented handing the cheque to me.
I didn’t know how to express the joy I felt at that moment.
“Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!” was what escaped from my mouth as tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. For the first time since I ventured into the “ashawo” business , I have been rewarded with extra money.
I felt on top of the world and while I laid on the bed rejoicing, Nana bade me goodbye and left for his meeting.
Later that morning as I was leaving Bazuka hotel, I got a call from Fiesta hotel about a Major General in the army who would be needing my services that evening. The name Fiesta sent a peculiar chill down my spine and reminded me of my past experience in the hotel.
My experience with Fiesta hotel hadn’t
been good so I informed them before hand of my “pay before service” policy.
Surprisingly, they agreed to it. I had expected them to argue and haggle over
it but they didn’t.
I first went to the bank to cash the cheque I got from Nana before heading back to my hostel to prepare for the evening job. I paid the money into my account and headed to my hostel. My phone rang while I was still inside the taxi
and I reached for it to glance at the caller who was no other person than Dennis. I sighed, put the phone on silent and dropped it back into my bag. I wasn’t ready for Dennis and any of his wahala.
What occupied my mind was business and
money. I needed to get to my hostel, relax and prepare for the evening job ahead. Not discussing silly issues with a silly boyfriend.
6pm on the dot, I was at fiesta hotel. The general had already arrived and was waiting for me in his room. First time I was arriving later than a client. I introduced myself to the receptionist and
reminded him of my pay before service policy. The receptionist smiled and clicked some buttons on his desktop computer. Instantly, an alert came into my phone of two hundred and fifty thousand cedis.
“The balance of a hundred thousand would be sent to you after the job,” the
receptionist informed still smiling. “Depending on how satisfied our customer is.”
I thanked him and headed to the Major
general’s room. I got to the room and knocked gently on the door.
“Come in,” a deep masculine voice responded.
I swung the lock open and entered. The general lay naked on the bed scratching
his chin.
“You came late dear,” he murmured staring at me.
“Sorry I was held in a traffic jam,” I lied.
“No problem dear. Join me in the bed,” he
I took off my clothes and hopped into the bed with the general. The usual thing happened the usual way and before 2 in the morning, the general lay totally exhausted on the bed snoring heavily like a drunkard who just finished seven gallons of undiluted palm wine…
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