Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 4 18+


grabbing the back of her neck, I pulled her face closer to mine. Then leaned in closely and kissed her on the lips. Now, this was totally against all my rules. For one, I don’t kiss girls on the first date. Really, I think it gives a bad first impression. Like the conji over-hold you or something. But here I was kissing this girl and on my way to having s*x with her in a public place. …now, that wasn’t my thing. but I wasn’t thinking.
It is not every day this kain fine girl dey make pass on person abeg. Slowly, I nibbled on her lower lip. Then bit it gently and used my hand to move the hair covering the left side of her neck.
Moving in slowly I kissed a spot on her neck and she moaned. Oh, I thought, she is one of the neck-ish girls. Girls that like their necks to be kissed. Oya na. I dropped another kiss and she threw back her head and grabbed the back of my head with one hand and started reaching out for my Zippers with the other one.
By now lil Jack the ripper behind the trouser was starting to want to tear comot for trousers. That was when my idiat mind decided to knock.
“Guy”. My mind voice called out. “You well at all?” Shhh, I mentally silenced the voice; I’m busy. My mind voice sighed. Fool, where is thy condom. Leave it like that, I told the voice, I go like give this girl belle. Our children go fine. Dude, the voice said again, STD., I thought, sharap…
But even when I was sharapping the voice my head was rebooting. Clara reached into my trouser and clutched Jack the ripper. I sighed. Reached for her hand and pulled it away. Then, gently, I heaved her off me. How I go take explain wetin I just do now.
“What is it”. And from the sound of her voice she was surprised like mad. She obviously doesn’t get this type of behavior from guys alot.
“I can’t” I told her. “Not yet” She no reply. She just eased back into her seat really slowly and bone me like this eh. We watched the movie to the end and although we were acting polite and stuff, that fire we been get just die die anyhow.
The movie ended and we entered awkward question time: how was the movie, did you like it. That sort of question. As if we even watched the d–n thing. Outside, I got her in a taxi and paid the driver. She mumbled something that sounded like goodbye and got in. The taxi drove off and like that like that. We no talk again for like two weeks. Even on BBM, we just went really d–n cold on each other mehn.
Then one day she put on this dp of a guy who, let me say the truth and shame the devil, was finer than me like mad man. That was how jealousy knacked me. And no, I don’t get jealous easily. Really. But mehn, this is a Juliet Ibrahim kinda girl we are talking about here. And I had hurt her pride. Vam, I started typing…
“Your boyfriend is fine tho”. Piam, I sent. That was how she left my message un- opened from 4.20 pm till like 8pm. When she finally opened it she sent.
“I know” I shake head. Roadblock mehn.
“How i’ve you been”. I tried again.
“Cool”. Double road block. I looked at the reply. Like Nna, what again can somebody ask now kwanu. She is just kancking all my moves down.
“How are you”.
“Alright”. I typed.
“I’m trying to make a conversation here and you are not helping”. I sent
“I don’t really think I owe it to you to make a conversation”. She replied. Okay, I thought, that was  a full sentence. We are getting somewhere. I typed another one or two things and she typed another one or two things and we both realized how much we’ve missed our chats and started chatting like old times. Somewhere down the line she told me about this party she was attending. Then invited me over. Me, i’m not a party person but d–n, I’ve missed this babe. so I agreed. But when I got to the party I realized I should never have agreed to come.
To Be Continued