POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 14


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
For 2months, Stella and I didn’t talk to each other. She cooked her own meals differently while I cooked mine differently too. In fact, we did everything differently including some of the things we used to do together
before. Whether I was right or wrong wasn’t my concern, my happiness was that I said my mind the way I deemed necessary.
Nonetheless, the incident strained my relationship with Dennis and I demanded an explanation from him. Dennis explained that he had met Stella some years back and had fallen in love with her and everything had gone well between them till he discovered that Stella was an “ashawo girl” and quit the relationship.
He further explained that they had lost contact since then till that morning when they met in my presence. Dennis’ explanation left me with goose pimples all over my body. “If only he knew I was an ashawo girl too,” I thought to myself smiling. My beef with my roommate continued nonetheless.
I had gone to see a friend and was coming
back when I saw policemen surrounding
our hostel and talking in low tones.
“She’s the one!” my roommate exclaimed as soon as I entered the compound.
“What?” I asked nearly taking to my heels.
“You’re under arrest for conniving with cult- boys to snatch your roommate’s car,” the leader of the policemen said flashing his ID card. “You have the right to remain silent or whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law.”
That I didn’t faint that moment was by the Grace of God. How on earth was it possible that Stella’s car had been found? The guys that did the job had assured me that the operation went smoothly and hitch-free. How come the new development? We soon got to the station and true to their words, Stella’s car was there.
“Please I wish to make a call,” I begged one of the policemen.
“Is making a call a new thing?” He snapped back looking away.
I dialled Hon Clifford’s number and luckily for me, he answered immediatelly and I explained everything to him. All he did was ask me to hand over the phone
to the DPO which I did and before I knew what was happening, the case was closed and I became a free girl instantly much to the chagrin of my roommate. I didn’t feel comfortable living with Stella anymore after that incident so I relocated to a new hostel.
I had cashed the cheque of five thousand cedis so I had enough money to furnish my new room. Hon Clifford was of great help too.
My new lodge was far from my former lodge about an hour’s trek  so my chances of seeing Stella ever-again was very slim.
My strained relationship with Dennis was still ongoing but I ignored it and focused on other issues.
I sent five hundred cedis to my mum to her uttermost shock and surprise.
“How did you come about this huge amount of money?” She had asked sounding angry.
“Mummy I now work with a computer firm,” I replied smiling.
My mum didn’t sound satisfied with my
answer but she doused her feelings superbly.
“Thank u so much my daughter,” she said and ended the call before I could say, “you’re welcome.” It was obvious that she wasn’t very happy.
Major1, the lecturer who thought he could
play me, finally gave me my “A” so my beef with him ended. I remained in touch with Hon clifford and called him every once in two days. The hotels whose business didn’t work out, I deleted them from my diary and focused on the ones that had better business to offer. All
these was part of gaining experience.
My relocation also moved me far from my
former roommate and removed the envy I felt each time I saw her. The speed with which I was released from police custody had irritated her but due to reasons best known to her, she kept cool and quietly took back her car.
I had come back from lectures and was
relaxing one evening in my new room when a call came to my phone. I glanced at the caller and it was from the receptionist of Bazuka hotel – the hotel where I had spent the night with Hon clifford. “There was probably a new business on board” I thought to myself but I had to pick to be sure.
“Hello,” I said after pressing the green button and placing the phone next to my ear.
“Hello, this is the receptionist of Bazuka hotel, am I speaking with Rosy?”
“Yes you are,” I replied.
“A guest of ours would be needing your
services tonight. Nana Adu, he’s a multi-millionaire and CEO of Decums group of companies. Are you in for the job?”
“Yes I am,” I replied straight away without even thinking. “How much would the job yield?”
“Nothing less than five thousand cedis.” The receptionist replied.
“Wow,” I murmured. “I would be in your hotel at 7pm on the dot.”
“Alright see you then.” The receptionist said.
“Ok,” I replied and hung up. My first business in my new lodge promised to be a mouth- watering one.
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