A Man’s Destiny Season 2 Episode 3


    Pemisire walked into the hospital, dressed in a simple brown gown and her pair of sandals. Her hair, though undone but was neatly packed, her face was a little oily and her legs too. She greeted the nurses at the reception and few Doctors before she checked the waiting room for Uche and Jay.
She smiled on seeing only Jay on seat and approached him. “Good morning.”
Jay  stood up and grinned. “Good morning, how was your night?” He asked.
Pemisire blinked. “Short. Thanks for yesterday, God bless you.”
“I should be the one prostrating and thanking you.” Jay grinned.
“I see.” She chuckled. “So what of Richard?” She asked.
“He’s fine, he’s been expecting your arrival to thank you for the support. But, he’s just been down in tears again because of his sister.” He replied.
“Really? It isn’t easy though, has he eaten?” She asked sitting down.
“He said he wasn’t going to eat.” Jay replied.
“I brought… food.” Pemisire drawled.
“See you!” Jay laughed. “I’m sure he is not going to eat it.” He concluded, still laughing.
“Who told you? I’m sure he will eat.” She smiled.
“Hmmn… if he takes the food from you, then I’ll have no choice than to call you the names I called yesterday.” He grinned.
“Call me even worst ones, they are okay by me.” She stood, smiling. “Can I see him?” She asked Jay.
“Sure, let me lead you.” Jay stood and led the way.
“Summon the two other guys, there’s going to be a meeting this afternoon concerning our move to Ibadan.” Lawrence told his guys.
“Alright boss, done already.” The guys chorused.
“The operation can’t be done in the night, it has to be in a broad day light.” He added.
“I have been thinking we are going to appear there as thieves and take away the attaché case, so, why the daylight, boss?”
“What if the attaché case is not inside the house? I think we have to all think together, that’s why I want every hand on desk.”
“No problem, done already.” The guys walked out.
“Hey, Rich.” Pemisire smiled in.
Richard turned his head to the direction and smiled faintly. Though he wasn’t crying, but his face was wet and it was glaring he just concluded a phase to mourning. Pemisire noticed immediately she entered and sighed.
Richard was happy to see her too. It was marvellous to have her by his side just like that. He had been thinking too that he shouldn’t die because he still had a lot to do on earth, after killing his parents, he then might die.
“Good morning the unknown.” He said.
“Now you’re greeting me and I’m sure you just finished crying. How are you?” She asked.
“I’m better. I really appreciate you for your help, God bless you.” He said.
“God?” Jay chimed in, wondering if he heard the correct thing. “Did you just mention God?” He asked.
Richard smiled. “Don’t mind me and that man.”
Pemisire and Jay laughed. “I told you not to call him that man again.” She cautioned.
“He is still that man until I know the reason why he made my sister go through that much pains and trials. Thanks for saving my life.” He added.
“Hmmn… do you know you can’t question him? By the way, your friends saved your life.”
“I thank you all. God still owe me a lot of explanations, a whole lot!”
“Foolish guy.” Jay chimed in again.
Pemisire laughed. “Anyways, I heard you haven’t eaten.” She said.
“He hasn’t laughed too until he saw you, I said it, you are cherubic.”
Pemisire smiled. “I am not, I don’t think I worth that word.” She told Jay and faced Richard back. “I brought you food because you must eat.” She said.
“Who… who are you?” Richard asked slowly, looking into her eyes.
“You forget things easily, I am the unknown.” Pemisire replied almost immediately and grinned.
Richard smiled too. “I don’t know the kind of person you are. I think God purposely sent you to me.” He said.
Jay cleared his throat to get their attentions. “Mr man, wetin you dey talk?”
Pemisire laughed. “Just sit and eat.” Pemisire replied.
“It is too early for food.” Doctor Martins smiled in.
“Good morning Doctor.” Pemisire bowed.