Pills N Potions” Season 2 Episode 6


Helena took the phone while it was ringing. Lo and behold, the lady whom she had been looking was the one calling. The phone rang with Dede’s name popping up on the screen.
She didn’t hesitate to pick the phone call.
Dede: “Hello Danny.”
Helena: “It’s his wife.”
Dede: “Oh so sorry, Erm is Danny available now; I would like to talk to him.”
Helena: “He is not, I’m his wife, you can leave a message for him.”
Dede:”Thank you very much, just tell him to kindly call me back.”
Helena: “You sound uncomfortable, can you tell me what the problem is”
Dede: “It’s nothing I can involve you Madam”
Helena: “Look, Danny have told me all about you and how caring you have been with him and trust me on this, I really appreciate what you have done for me. Tell me what the problem is, I want to help.”
Dede: “Thank you very much for your kindness but I prefer I talk to your husband instead”
Helena: “Well, even if you talk to him, he will surely tell me, I insist ok.”
Dede: “Hmm, I guess I have no other option, this matter can’t be discussed on phone, we need to meet somewhere.”
Helena: “Am free anytime, show me your place, I will be there”
Dede: “Ok, will text the address to Danny’s phone as soon as we are done talking.”
Helena: “Fine by me, so is tonight ok?
Dede: “Yeah”
Helena: “Ok, I will be there.”
Exactly what Helena wanted, Dede had no idea and didn’t like the thought of involving her, especially being Danny’s wife. Helena was so persuasive Dede gave in and felt she could also use that opportunity to know the relationship between Danny and Appiah.
Since Helena was Danny’s wife, Dede was sure that she will have knowledge of the relationship existing between her husband and his brother Appiah.
Danny had also scheduled a meeting with Ama later that evening. The note which Ama passed on to him during her visit that morning had their meeting time and venue.
Back at the office, Joe the manager thought he had succeeded in separating Dede and Appiah. He now wanted to take advantage of that, but he needed Ama’s help to do that. He then invited her to his office for a talk.
“Ama there is something I need to discuss with you,” Joe said.
“Go on, sir” Ama replied.
“I know what is already going between you and Appiah and you know….” He said but got interrupted by Ama
“Sir, with all respect, our relationship here is quite professional but whatever goes on beyond these company walls are personal and have notging to do with this business” Ama said. Oh now she got it all wrong.
“Easy girl, you should have let me finish, that’s not what I meant” He said. “I saw the look you gave Appiah when we went to visit Dede, all am asking is for a big favor.” He continued.
“Favor? What favor sir?” Ama asked.
“I want you to be possessive of your man Appiah, be possessive enough for him to stay away from Dede” Joe said.
“Sir, Do you love Dede or something? Ama asked.
“That’s not your business, just do what I ask of you and you will be rewarded accordingly” Joe said.
Ama laughed about the issue and without confirming anything, she just left the office yet assured Joe that everything was under control.
Soon, night fell and work hours were over. Appiah got home and found out that the herbal medicine was not where he kept it. He had no idea of who could have come to his room yet he wasn’t much bothered.
He now got the reason to contact Dede after avoiding her the whole day. He tried reaching her on phone but Dede deliberately didn’t answer.
He then made up his mind to meet her the following morning before going to work.
Ama was patiently waiting for Danny at a restaurant.
She had got herself a cocktail and in no time Danny showed up and joined her at the table.
She ordered for an alcoholic beverage before they began talking.
“I really don’t want to take alcohol now, a soft drink will do “Danny said.
“You think so? Trust me, you will need it for what I’m about telling you” Ama said.
Indeed, this freaked Danny out completely.
Meanwhile, Dede was patiently waiting for Helena to arrive. She was close to 35 minutes late. Dede even doubted if she was actually going to make it because it was getting late. She began dozing off and all of a sudden she heard her doorbell ring.
“Finally, she is here” Dede said to herself and stood up from the couch which was seated on to open the door.
Her face was filled with shock as she saw Helena. It was her best friend from childhood. They had known each other over a decade and had only lost contact due to relocation.
They were not just best friends but they were very supportive to each other beyond imagination. On the contrary, Helena and Dede were even closer to each other than Dede was with her sister Rapha.
To Be Continued