“Pills N Potions” season 1 episode 5


They then quickly rushed to the hospital together. Appiah upon seeing them was surprised. He was not surprised that Dede was with a different guy but this guy in question was his elder brother whom they really couldn’t get along.
Danny was not pleased upon seeing Appiah likewise Appiah.
“What are you doing with my woman, shouldn’t you be with your wife? Appiah asked Danny.
Dede got surprised from what Appiah said, however she gave a deaf ear to it. What even got her more surprised was the fact that Appiah knew Danny.
“Oh yes, very very well my love ” Appiah said.
He actually called Dede his love just to intimidate his brother.
Dede was more concerned about her sister.
“Where is Rapha? What really happened to her?” Dede asked Appiah
“Well, she came looking for you at the office. All of a sudden she started complaining of abdominal pains so i had to rush her here” Appiah lied.
” She is being attended to right now” he continued.
Dede looked worried upon hearing of her sister’s condition but what got her thinking more was that, if her sister was coming to her at her work place, she would have called. She knew her sister very well. Dede was smart enough to know that Appiah was actually lying. She knew he was hiding something from her and whatever that thing was, she was determined to find out eventually.
Danny didn’t like the presence of Appiah. He didn’t feel comfortable around him. For blood related brothers to be acting this way means there is an interesting history behind them.
Appiah and Danny grew up together. Right from their childhood, naturally, they never got along very well. Everything to them was a competition. One always wanted to be ahead of the other; either in class, home or even fun games.
They usually resulted into fighting when they don’t agree on something. Things got intense when back in high school, Danny met his first love.
Everything was perfect between Danny and his girlfriend until Appiah came along the way. No one knew the motive of Appiah’s actions but however, he succeeded in getting Danny’s girlfriend’s attention by making Danny look like an uncaring boyfriend.
It even got worse when Appiah started going out with this same girl. They hated each other right from that time.
Life good for Danny as he successfully completed his education, got a good job and eventually rose with the ranks to a top managerial position.
He never lacked anything. In no time, he found love and eventually got married.
Danny was however facing some challenges that no one knew of. It was as a result of the thoughts that made him knock Dede with his car.
Back at the hospital, Danny didn’t like Appiah’s presence. He called Dede aside, gave her his contact and left the hospital in a haste.
Dede felt comfortable around him and even as soon as he left, she felt something missing. For the first time, she didn’t like the idea of being left alone with Appiah.
Appiah decided to take advantage of this moment. He felt he needed to do something, especially when his brother was now getting close to Dede.
“Appiah, who is Danny? How do you know him” Dede asked.
“Is that really important, he is just an irresponsible man who doesn’t take care of his wife” Appiah asked.
” So he is married?” Dede asked.
” …so he didn’t tell you that? I see he wants to have his way with you like his other concubines” Appiah said.
“Appiah, is he married?” Dede asked again.
” Yes, my lady. He is, and with. a son now ” Appiah said.
To be continued tomorrow