"Pills N Potions" season 1 episode 2


He was caught right in a middle of sex with Rapha, Dede’s biological sister.
Dede stood still until Appiah and Rapha noticed her presence. Instantly, Appiah got up and as naked as he was, knelt right in front of Dede begging.
Rapha got half dressed and immediately left the scene, avoiding any further confrontation.
Dede was choked with words as she didn’t even know what to say or do.
She just shed tears as Appiah knelt right before her.
Her instincts told her to tear the appointment paper apart and throw it to his face, but what good will that do?
She just handed the letter to him while he was kneeling down. As Appiah begun to read, she left without saying a word or doing anything.
Appiah was filled with joy and guilt at the same time upon reading the letter. He tried going after Dede after she had left but it was too late. She was far gone.
As Dede reached home still with tears in her eyes, she saw Rapha sitting at the porch.
She seemed to have been waiting for Dede to show up. She quickly stood up and went towards Dede as she was coming towards the porch.
“Dede, can we talk? please” Rapha asked.
“Are you going to apologize for your actions or what?” Dede who was still hurt asked.
“Dede, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what came over me. One thing led to the other and things got to that extreme without even realizing it” said Rapha.
“I can’t believe you’re telling me this, that’s enough ok” Dede said and walked out on her.
Appiah tried calling Dede for days without any answer. He knew that he would get to see her on his first day at work so he waited patiently.
Rapha, Dede’s sister was just feeling guilty for what had happened. She wanted to make things right between herself and her sister, however, Dede had being avoiding her.
Due to this, she decided to see Appiah again and confront him over the issue. She got to Appiah’s place when he was getting ready for his first day at work.
Appiah was surprised upon seeing her. He never expected her to, especially with what had happened.
“Rapha, I wasn’t expecting you? Appiah said.
” Well,I am here. We need to end this Appiah. I can’t keep hurting my sister this way,” said Rapha.
“Come in and sit down for us to talk. I still have more time to get to work” Appiah said, inviting her in to his room.
“You didn’t tell me you have gotten a job? Rapha asked.
“Well, it was a sudden news. I have a job as an accountant ” Appiah disclosed.
“I’m so happy for you Appiah” Rapha said.” …….anyway, we need to end this, and find a way to make amends. Dede is really hurt. She has been avoiding me ever since the incident occurred” she continued.
“Same here, she doesn’t pick my calls” Appiah said.
“Appiah, there is something else you should know” Rapha said.
“What is it?” asked Appiah.
“I’m two months pregnant for you” Rapha disclosed.
“What!” Appiah exclaimed.
Meanwhile, Dede had already reported to work very early and was at the Resource Manager’s office.
“Sir, thank you so much for giving Appiah this chance” said Dede.
” I must say your boyfriend is really lucky”, said the Resource Manager.
“Sir, can we put behind whatever happened. I beg of you.” Dede said.
Before he could answer, a knock came from the door. It was one of the secretaries.
“Sir, the new employee is here” said the secretary.
” That must be your guy?” said the Resource Manager
“I’m sure. Sir, let me take leave of you” Dede said and left.
The Resource Manager requested the secretary to ask Appiah to see him at his office immediately.
In no time, Appiah showed up.
“Good Morning sir” Appiah greeted
“Good Morning, you may sit down” said the Resource Manager.
“You are welcome to your new work, and i must say you need to thank your girlfriend for the extreme sacrifice she had to make just to see you get this job,” said the Manager.
“Thank you very much sir. I will also work hard to yield a productive result” said Appiah.
“Mind you, your work here is under strict conditions. That was not stated in your appointment letter” said the Manager.
“Sir please, what conditions? Appiah asked.
” Good question. Your girlfriend and I have gone a very long way so if you want to keep your job, then you must keep your distance,” the manager said.
” Sir, i don’t understand” Appiah said.
“It’s as simple as that. I’m sure you’re matured enough to read between the lines. What were you thinking when i said she made extreme sacrifices. Young man, you either keep your distance or you forget about the job” the manager said.
To be continued at 8pm

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