Passion and Power – Tuesday(15/11/16)



In today’s episode,
Eladio asks Franco to go find Marintia and come into an agreement with her if not he is going to lose Gabby like it is happening to him with Julia. He again tells him that he will look for the one who gave Julia that news and swears that person will regret doing that to him.  
Humberto calls Arturo to let him know how disappointed Julia feels for Eladio and so he is asking him to just come into the scene as a comforter but before he has to accept David if not Julia will have nothing to do with him (Arturo) and he accepts to do exactly what he says.
Eladio goes to tell Julia that if she wants them to be happy again, he can ask Caridad and Franco to move out of their lives and then they can have a new marriage life again but Julia says she will never trust him ever again.
Franco tells Caridad that he is going to make Eladio pay for all the harm he’s caused him for not recognizing him as his son and Caridad advises him to stop but Franco still insists on taking the revenge.
Julia wants Gabby to be managing the foundation from now onwards because she can’t stand working in Eladio’s foundation and Gabby pleads with her not to be too hard on herself and also she has to accept to speak with Franco because now he is her husband but Julia thinks she needs time to reason and know how to meet Franco as she used to see him since now the mere thought of seeing him only reminds her of the pain Eladio caused her though Franco isn’t to be blamed.
Clara tells Consuelo about giving Justino a chance in her life and Consuelo looks so happy for them.
Franco goes to see David and he tells him that he is glad to have a father and hopes that he and his mother understand that he is not be blame for anything but David makes him to understand that he can’t just accept him like that as his brother but he says that is impossible. Franco then asks him to forgive his dad because Julia also cheated on him with Arturo but David got angry and kicked him out of the room for disrespecting his mum as his mum is a decent woman who will not do that. Franco then tells him that he is going to find evidence to make David swallow his words about his mum.
Daniela goes to ask Consuelo if she chose Ashmo as the godfather of her child and she answers her that she rather chose Augustin. Daniela then got furious and left. Clara then entered to ask why Daniela looks so angry and she tells her that its hard time she puts her foot on the ground if not Erick’s family will make things difficult for her concerning everything about her son.
Humberto asks Julia to forget about Eladio because forgiving him doesn’t guarantee that Eladio will not commit that sin again.
Consuelo has been discharged and she goes with the child to say goodbye to him and fortunately, Erick opens his eyes and Consuelo becomes nervous but so happy and she goes to call a doctor for him. Quickly, the doctor arrives to check on him.
Julia packs her things to leave but Eladio fails to agree with her decision and says he can’t live without her therefore she should stay but Julia can’t stand the sight of seeing him closer to her again and so she left and Eladio looks so dejected and says she’s taking his life away.
Humberto calls Arturo to inform him that Julia is now out of the house and going to David’s apartment and he warns him to be very careful when going there. Immediately, Nina also arrives to tell him that Erick has come out of Coma.
Consuelo tells Erick that she still wants him to give her a divorce but Erick says “NO” because he doesn’t want her to go with Miguel and since Consuelo still insists, Erick becomes so agitated.
Julia goes to David’s apartment and together with Regina, David welcome her home. David then tells his mum about staying with Regina and Julia says if he really loves Regina there is nothing that can break them apart.
Clara calls Miguel to inform him that Erick is now out of coma but still refuses to give Consuelo the divorce and Miguel says if Augustin fails to speed up the process, then he is going to hire as many lawyers as he can to help Consuelo divorce Erick.
Nina and Arturo go to check on Erick and quickly the police arrive to tell them that now that Erick is awake they want to continue the investigation of Montserrat’s death.
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