Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 132


Maureen: she need no soothe-sayer to tell her something was actually wrong. She waited until he dropped the line before asking her question. Whats wrong?
Me: it’s just a few mix up in our company, am sorry but i have to leave now.
Maureen: that’s fine.
Me: uhmm how about i drop you off.
Maureen: that would be lovely but my car is out there, just go ahead.
Me: i left the restaurant, drove back to the hotel. I knew this was gonna happen but i never thought it will be this soon, just then a voice popped up in my head and what would you have done?
I ignored the question as i swiftly walked into the hotel, to our room. Sophia was still on her laptop.
Sophia: hey you are back she said with a smile. So how did your date go?
Me: good and then bad
Sophia: tell me the good part first.
Me: Keith is very much single.
Sophia: and how’s that??
Me: Maureen said after suffering 2 failed married, he only wants a contract marriage.
Sophia: i guess that’s good news she said with a smile, do you think he’s still be in love with mum??
Me: we’d never know, either way we have to leave tomorrow.
Sophia: why?
Me: dad has been arrested.
Sophia: whoa! Why?
Me: remember the document i saw in mum’s bag?
Sophia: yeah and you said you’re gonna explain everything to me when you come back but you never did.
Me: it was a deal signed by dad, after a brief search, i found out mum had some man working for her in MJ.
Sophia: ok?? She said a bit confused.
Me: i think somehow they got more shares and now he has taken over dad’s office.
Sophia: now that sound really serious.
Me: i left to MJ that day to have a chat with him. And then he told me, that document if exposed would definitely land dad in jail.
Sophia: he told you that??
Me: yup i nodded.
Sophia: why did you choose to travel rather than clearing things up.
Me: i had no idea it was gonna happen this soon, that’s why i came in search of Keith first.
Sophia: but why would mum do that to dad? At least i know she doesn’t like him but i think there’s more to it.
Me: mum and dad had a really messed up relationship.
Sophia: ok this is the second time you are saying that, could you at least be more detailed?
Me: alright fine!! You deserve to know too.
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I went ahead to explain everything in details, how she was mentally ill because of what dad did to her, how i was raised by a psycho mum, before dad showed up, to the point where i found her and how we got to know she was my twin sister. When i was done i could see tears gathering up in her eyes as she hugged me.
Sophia: and that’s why you wanted to find Keith so desperately.
Me: nodding. She buried her face in my chest for a while.
Sophia: she wiped her eyes, dad did something really bad, he has to suffer for it too, but right now i think mum is better of moving on, than dwelling in past memories.
Me: that’s what i think too Sophia, but trust me, you wouldn’t want to talk to her about forgiveness. You might not like what you will see.
Sophia: i wasn’t going to Luke, how about we try something different on Mr Keith tomorrow she said with a smile.
Me: and whats that.
Sophia: it just a way of finding out if he’s still in love with mum.
Me: am a bit lost.
Sophia: you ain’t the only one who comes up with a genius idea around here she said with a smile.
Me: ok??
Sophia: i think mum is not gonna stop, no matter what we say, all she wants is to destroy dad like he did to her.
Me: so whats the plan.
Sophia: the plan is we have to focus our energies on helping mum let go of the past, rather than trying to help dad, which would definitely make things worst.
Me: hmmm i think you are right, if her Keith shows up after many years! I said trying to picture the looks on her face.
Sophia: exactly what am saying, dad wont matter anymore!
Me: hmmm you are a genius i said smiling. Am going to bed now.
To be continued…