Passion and Power – Tuesday(14-02-2017)



In today’s episode,
Arturo goes to see Julia to tell her that it will be better they put a stop to their relationship and Julia accepts. Arturo wants her to forgive him for saying that because he has to put his life in order as he’s realized that he has made many mistakes but that doesn’t mean that his feeling for her has changed but now his children needs him now that is why he has to make that decision.
Nina looks so depressed with the situation and even refuses to come out of bed to eat or drink anything.
Franco tries convincing David to sell off his shares since now people are buying them with huge sum of money but David has no intention of doing so and that annoys Franco very much.
Miguel goes to check on Nina and she tells him that she now realized how lonely Miguel felt after the loss of his mum but in all she did nothing to draw him closer to herself and she wants to take the opportunity to ask him to forgive him and Miguel says it’s never too late to have mother and son relationship. Suddenly, Erick enters to say this was exactly what he least expected thus for Miguel to take his place but Nina says Miguel is only looking after a relationship that he Erick took for granted. 
Erick starts to yell at Nina and Miguel confronts him to stop but it almost ends up to a fight and Nina has to stop Erick and asked him to leave Miguel alone because Miguel has been more of a son to her than him. Erick feeling so hurt tells his mum that, it is why Danny decided to die and Nina slaps him for stating nonsense.
Nina asks Arturo where she went wrong to experience this problem in the family and Arturo tells her that is a question the two of them will have to leave with unanswered all their lives. But they have to learn to forgive one another but Nina says he can’t but wants to die without having to go through it.
Eladio goes to see Julia and she tells him that she is no longer dating Arturo and Eladio states that, if that is so he is willing to still have her back because he still loves her. Julia says he can’t do that because she just made that decision and Eladio wants to know if she feels confused as to who to be with and she says No but she has decided to stay away from everyone to be independent so she’s decided to leave the house to a different apartment. So she goes to pack her luggage and left and Eladio watching her becomes so hurt.
Erick goes to the hospital to take his child back but Augustin shows him the documents that prove that the court has given Consuelo an emergency custody of the child.
Humberto calls Arturo quickly to inform him that Julia has left and he gives him the specific location asking him to go after her and not give up on her though he is mourning his daughter and Arturo says he will speak to Julia to return. He then goes to see Julia and he tells her that he only came there to tell her that he’s changed his mind on his decision because he actually can’t stop being away from her and so he can’t stay there but deserves a place better but Julia says she is fine there. 
Franco goes to the foundation and bumping into Augustin there, he confronts him as to why he is always near his wife and Augustin says he has no explanation to give him. He wants Gabby to explain but she also has no explanation to give him and asked him to leave.
Arturo tells Julia that nothing will make him more proud and happy than for them to be together.
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