Broken Seal ~Episode 41


Ella wasn’t with me after the party, she had to go home and the only time i’d be seeing her again would be in the church. I just can’t wait for that! Believe me when i say seconds turn to decades at that moment. I laid on my bed, my eyes monitoring every tick of the clock hand. Sleep? Hell no! I wasn’t sleepy, my anxiety got the best of me. I kept feeling the bed, imagining Ella was there with me. Hmmmm hallucination isn’t good anyway. I didn’t know when i slept off but am pretty sure its was between 2 to 3am. Samuel’s gentle tap woke me up, the time was 6:30am sh!t why wake up late on my day? I quickly took my bath, today is my day, am not to dress myself right? Someone was paid to dress the latest groom in town. Ooops i meant groom to be. After minutes of makeup and all. I got clad in white designer tux, black trouser and nice pair of Italian shoe. My hair was something to die for, it was emanating sweet scent, thanks to my hair spray. Oh my cologne was outta this world. I walked majestically to the convoy waiting for me. Then hopped into the most decorated of all convoy team. Sam and Mark also joined. We drove steadily and gently, the fastest snail could overtake us. The cars were all beautifully decorated, each having the inscription “my wedding day” 
? ? ? ? 
Ella still can’t believe she’s getting married today! Its just unbelieveable. Her mum, Kate was doing the makeups for her, just then hot tears rallied her pretty face.
 Kate: are you crying? 
Ella: no….no mother. 
Kate: you can’t hide it from me, you know that. Tell me, whats the problem? You don’t wanna get married yet?
 Ella: I was thinking of dad again. I wish he was here to witness the best day of my life.
 Kate: its fine.  i mean we’ar here for you. Don’t ruin your makeup okay? 
Ella: okay mum.
 Kate: thats my daughter, you have a beautiful smile you know. Can i see that perfect smile once more? 
Ella: (forcing a smile smile). I think thats enough makeup already, am not going for miss Asia contest.
 Kate: (smiled) get going already you shouldn’t be running late. Ella left the room with her best friend who was holding the tail to her long white gown. She wasn’t surprised to see a convoy team waiting for them. She knew the Guidottis are stickingly rich and she’d be living in a realm of luxury henceforth. Angelina who works for Rodelio was in the car with Ella. When the convoy was about to start off, she sent Rodelio a text message. “approaching Ginvaldarez street. Convoy of black SUVs target in the 4th car, regardless of how you count. Make it quick, seems we’ar in a haste.” 
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? ? ? ?
 The wedding is to start proper at about 9am, which means the bride and her entourage are to be in the church atmost 8:50am. Its 9:20am yet they aren’t here . This got me worried, were they stucked in traffic jam? Or… no i shouldn’t entertain evil thoughts. I saw dad from afar, he was busing pacing around. I walked briskly to him. 
Me: dad 
dad: son. 
*we spoke at the same time* 
he motioned to speak. 
Me: dad, i don’t get it, whats taking them so long?
 Dad: uhm….i tried reaching some of the drivers but none of them picked their call.
 Me: what do we……
 *phone rings* 
Me: excuse me dad…its ma’am kate. *on the phone* 
Me: what!!!!!……impossible…….i’m on my way. 
? ? To be continued ? ?