Passion and Power – Thursday(24-11-16)



In today’s episode,
Daniela bumps into Julia in the same Salon and she rains all the insult in the world on her for destroying her family but Julia warns her to stop being disrespectful towards her but she continues to say, Julia is a husband snatcher and Julia becomes so anxious since all eyes were on her but she clears things to the people that she has nothing to do with Arturo. Julia again turns to Daniela to remind her that, she is now the image of her husband’s company with a contract and asks her if she is sure that her husband will like how she is disgracing her in public but Daniela doesn’t care. 
Caridad asks Eladio to give her some money to give Marintia but he asks her to tell her not to try blackmailing him with her child if not she will have him to contend with. Caridad then tries making Eladio to reason that life is only giving him a chance to make amends for rejecting Franco when she got pregnant and wanted him dead but she still kept it so he is not to pray for the death of Marintia’s child because he also carries his blood and the child shouldn’t pay for the wrongs of their parents. Eladio thinks they are not to pay for but in some circumstances they do pay because that is life for you. He then agrees to support Marintia.
Since the divorce requests that Arturo divides his assets equal, he prefers to put some of the properties in someone’s name to make sure that the left over will be the one to be divided and he counts on Augustin for his support as he wants him to be that someone he will transfer the shares into his name and the second person is in Miguel’s name.
Consuelo goes to tell Erick that she doesn’t want it that his mum is the one making the decisions about her child’s baptism without her concern but Erick thinks since she doesn’t allow his mum to even bring the child home to spend time with her, that is how things are going to be because his words are final so she has to deal with it.
Arturo tries asking Regina to listen to him so he can explain things about the kissing of Julia but she refuses to give her father the chance due to anger.
Franco tells Gabby that he doesn’t just want part of Eladio’s inheritance but everything belonging to Eladio. Gabby then thinks he is trying to be greedy and with this he states that he only said that out of impulse because he isn’t capable of doing something like that.
Erick takes a security guard to Consuelo’s apartment to watch her every moment and also to not allow Miguel to enter and Consuelo doesn’t need it but Erick thinks his decisions are final.
Daniela comes home to tell Nina about bumping into Julia at the Salon and putting her in her place which Nina thinks was a good effort. Daniela then added that the bad side is Julia threatened to tell Eladio about that to cancel her modeling contract and Nina says she wouldn’t allow Julia to destroy her career.
Julia tells her father that he has never advised her to value herself thus to be herself as a simple and sincere Julia ever in her life because he always prefers using her to his good convenience and compelling her to marry people of his choices without considering her happiness but Humberto thinks he did only the right thing as a father will do.
Nina goes to see Eladio and she tells him that Julia has threatened Daniela about cancelation of her contract due to her attack on her at a salon and after Eladio hearing everything; he tells Nina that if indeed Daniela did that then indeed he has to listen to his wife to fire Daniela if that is her wish but if Julia wishes that he maintains her then he will do so. 
Again, Eladio thinks since she is going to receive half of Arturo’s shares then he is appealing to her that she sells some of the shares to him and with that she will earn lots of income from it as she doesn’t know anything about business but Nina thinks she wouldn’t give him any ammunition to destroy Arturo. She then suggests to Eladio that they both do not grant their partners the divorce they need so Arturo can’t be with Julia but Eladio makes her to understand that, Julia stopped loving Arturo long time ago and also he is not even divorcing Julia even though they have a problem at hand but he will still win her back.
Arturo after putting the shares in Augustin and Miguel’s name, he suggests to Augustin that, he wants to set up a different work that will be different from the construction which will prevent him from having to compete with Eladio again in business to seize the habit of having to fight with Eladio because right after the divorce he hopes to have Julia back but Augustin thinks Julia will never come back to him.
David gives Regina back an old ring to continue to think about their love and see if she can still give him a chance again since she was the one who caused their separation.
Nina bumps into Julia while coming out from Eladio’s office and she attacks Nina as to why she came to see her husband but Nina tells her that Eladio is indeed a charming man and if she doesn’t go back to him early, she will lose him to another woman and Julia becomes nervous. She left her to see Eladio and he asks her about Daniela’s case and Eladio asks if she wants him to fire her but Julia says NO.
Franco goes to see Eladio to ask why he agreed to support Marintia behind his back but Eladio says he needs not to consult him over a child he doesn’t want as a son and Franco says all he wants is for him to give him his last name if not the child will grow up with the stigma of being the grandson of a murderer when he is actually a Gomez Luna.
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