Road to Destiny



In today’s episode, 
Aldoniaz brings the good news to Marissa that thanks to all the charges proven against Luis she doesn’t have to stay married to him anymore and that all she has to do is to sign the divorce documents to stay free forever and Marissa looks so happy and he added another news that Luis was sentenced to 10yrs imprisonment for robbing the bank and even if the judge decides to open the case, it could even end him with life imprisonment.
Luis tells the gang leader that he was the lawyer who handled his case and ended him up in prison but the truth is he is innocent of the crime and he can help him to get out of the place. The guy believes him and he gives him back his necklace in exchange for his supposed freedom.
Carlos asks his mum to fall in love again but she thinks upon all what Luis did to her, she is afraid of loving again and Carlos thinks flaws or mistakes are bound to happen on the road to destiny but in all one should say NEVER because NEVER will only break you down but if one says HE WILL, he can definitely get there to achieve his dreams no matter what and Marisa looks so pleased.
Margarida intentionally organizes a fake birthday party for Havier just to see him happy with the coming over of his friends and Havier though it wasn’t her birthday but he becomes so happy with the idea and they celebrate the day. 
Carlos asks Fernanda to allow them to marry quickly but Fernanda says she can’t whiles her friends are in trouble but after she helps to find them, she promises to marry him immediately because she doesn’t even want a big wedding but just want all her love ones around and without Camila and Lucero her happiness wouldn’t be complete.
Pedro goes to go pay Amelia a visit but the Foreman wants him to get his car away from there and he tries explaining things but the guy wouldn’t allow him to even express himself but only underestimating him. Pedro then left the car and went inside to pick Amelia and reaching out she addresses Pedro as my Love and the Foreman becomes so speechless and now speaks with Pedro in a polite way and Amelia warns him to be careful the way he treats people.
Mariana reads through the newspapers and she spots that Diego is wanted for crime and looks so depressed that she never saved that girl Lucero from his hands.
Carolina asks Isabella to accept the fact that Carlos is now with Fernanda and he won’t return ever to her again so it’s high time she carries on with her life and stop being childish and go to work to train her new models.
In the same vein, Isabella’s assistant was also training the model students and Margarida was also part of them but seriously finds it difficult modeling in heels. Isabella arrives and seeing that she wasn’t part of their class since she looked so shabby, she wants her out but Margarida tells her she won’t because she has paid for her tuition and Isabella thinks even if she pays billions she will still not have her in her school but Margarida challenges her that though she might be Miss Universe but she wouldn’t let her have her way with her and if she tries she is going to face her because she won’t leave as she came there to be miss Universe and that she wants to fulfill and without that, she won’t back out. She then goes back to hit the coaches chest to come and continue his teaching and not waste time and Isabella left in anger.
Amelia proposes marriage to Pedro and he accepts and she looks so happy.
The police and Lucero’s love ones set off on their way to look for Lucero and that moment, Diego spots them from a distance and he tells himself that he is not going to let them rescue Lucero or any of his wives and that moment, Fernanda sees him and she goes after him and with her determination, she actually goes after him to see him at the point of taking Lucero out of the cage and she becomes shocked.
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