Passion and Power – Monday (28-11-16)



In today’s episode,
Franco goes to see Eladio to ask why he agreed to support Marintia behind his back but Eladio says he needs not to consult him over a child he doesn’t want as a son and Franco says all he wants is for him to give him his last name if not the child will grow up with the stigma of being the grandson of a murderer when he is actually a Gomez Luna. Eladio thinks he can’t use the child to blackmail him and Franco says if that is so then Marintia should give the child up for adoption and the problem would be solved yet Eladio says he thinks so childishly. 
Funny thinks Nina should think about Eladio’s proposal to do business with her yet Nina doesn’t trust him very well but in case she accepts, she will tell it straight to Arturo’s face that Eladio was the one who helped her with the business.
Arturo arrives home and he greets but neither Nina nor Erick nor Daniela responds so he tells them that, that house belongs to him and so he demands that everyone respect him but Daniela thinks it will be of no use talking to her since the only problem on board is to ask if the divorce is done so he can be with Julia but Arturo says he at least needs to be respected since he is still her father.
Daniela continues to hang out with her new flavour; Ashmo and he insists on making her drink to the fullest stating that, he will give her some magic powder to drain all the alcohol from her body on their way to drop her home and due to this, Daniela’s nose witness some bleeding after Samanta woke her up and she becomes very afraid.
Regina and David are done with the project for the Fiesta Americana Hotel and the director thinks they have done a great job. David and Regina then kiss to tell themselves that all hope isn’t lost for their love and Regina promises to think things over to see if they can be together again.
Arturo comes to tell Miguel that he put some shares in his name and Miguel says he understands him perfectly well and will continue to support him.
Eladio confronts Daniela to stop accusing Julia for being the cause of her parents divorce because the problem is her father and not his wife and if she does that again, she will have him to face. He takes the opportunity to advise her to take her work serious to be a better person and Daniela wished that her father was like Eladio. 
Regina and David have to leave to Mexico City but at the airport, Jorge also arrives with his luggage and David gets pissed off but Regina clears things that, Jorge is also going to Mexico City because he is going  to work there. Regina then gives David his ring back due to his jealousy. David takes the ring and walks away and Jorge says there is no doubt that David truly loves her looking at how absurd he looks seeing him (Jorge) around her.
Arturo meets with Humberto and as usual, tries to convince him to let him get Julia. Unfortunately, Julia arrives from nowhere to ask why they are together and Arturo says he only met with him to tell him that he is doing everything to divorce Nina and Humberto says of course because he once told him to stay away from her since she is still married so he only met him to discuss that to see how far his divorce is going. Julia then tells him that even if he divorces she will not accept him even if by that time she has also divorced Eladio because she can’t stand to ruin their children’s happiness but Arturo says, David and Regina will have to understand since they are still too young and can have different partners of their choice. Julia then tells him that even if he does, she can’t because his children will never stop pestering her especially Daniela because she attacked her in public and there is no doubt that his other children will do same so he should stay away from her.
Erick warns Miguel to stay away from his wife if not he is going to kill him and Miguel says it’s no news because he hasn’t forgotten the fact that he killed Montserrat.
Gabby looks so hurt that Julia refuses to accept Franco and Caridad when they are now her family 
Arturo asks Erick to try convincing his mum to leave the management of her shares into his (Arturo) hands in case she asks him (Erick) to manage them for her for the sake of the Montenegro group. Erick thinks his mum wouldn’t ask him but Arturo is sure she is going to do so. 
Julia goes to see her therapist and she tells him that when she ended up things with Arturo, she was never able to forget him and she doesn’t want that same thing to happen to her after she divorces Eladio and that is what she wants to avoid. The therapist asks if she is afraid that she can’t forget about Eladio or has not forgotten about Arturo 
Erick goes to tell his mum about what Arturo asked him to do and Nina thinks Arturo isn’t serious. Immediately, Nina’s lawyer arrives to show her the documents about all of her husband’s assets and Nina thinks they are not complete. The lawyer then insinuates that, if that is so, then it means Arturo has put some of his properties in someone’s name and if that is so, then the only assets they have to share between them are the ones on the paper and Nina never thought Arturo will go this far and now he can say that all they had has actually ended.
Eladio goes to inform Julia that David is back in Mexico and Julia says he has to be telling her that on phone next time and Eladio says he could have done that but he purposely came to see her because he misses her.
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