In Ghana, Bishop Daniel Obinim of International Godsway Ministries has an expansive list of rituals which he uses in various cases.
In one incident, which was widely shared he was shown stepping on the abdomen of a woman, who was reportedly pregnant, to exorcise her from being possessed by evil spirits.
In another case in June, he is seen grabbing men’s crotches, saying this would heal their erectile dysfunction.
The men obediently stand in line, with their arms raised in their air, waiting for their turn to be touched by the preacher.
This seems to be the restrained version of his prayer said to cure men suffering from impotence.
In another video shared online last year he is seen praying over a man whose penis is exposed.
More recently, he was seen flogging a young woman and man during a service for allegedly having pre-marital sex.
One of the preacher’s aides is shown holding the woman as she attempts to run away.
The pastor is then seen lashing out at the woman repeatedly with a belt, while the church members remain seated.
Media reports say that a court in the capital Accra has issued a warrant of arrest for the pastor and two of his associates for allegedly “flogging the two teenagers in church”.