Passion and Power – Monday (16-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
Eladio goes to speak with Nina in Arturo’s house that he wants to let Daniela resign so she can have time for her therapy and suddenly, Julia also arrives to see Daniela but she spots them and she becomes nervous and she approaches them to tell Eladio that she can see that he doesn’t delay at all to run after women but Nina asks what her problem is because if she thinks she and Arturo can be together, then nothing prevents her from being with Eladio but the fact is, in their case, their conscience is clear since she is already divorced and no marriage is being destroyed.
Daniela comes out and Julia wants them to go somewhere so they can talk but Nina tells her that her daughter can’t leave with her but can speak with her in the house whiles she and Eladio goes to have a private chat. They then left Julia and she becomes really hurt but in all she speaks with Daniela and tells to stop working and concentrate on her treatment so she can get cured faster and she accepts.
Justino tells Clara that he can tell Franco and Marcus are up to something since he overheard them talking about the buying of Gomez Luna shares but Franco warned him to not dare tell anyone and Clara tells him to try and figure out what those two are up to since Franco is known to be a bad person so that he can give any hint to Eladio.
Arturo brings a specialist to check on Erick to know what exactly is wrong with him as a second opinion and after they checked on him, they tell Arturo that Erick’s condition is not as serious as it’s been diagnosed earlier on but Erick tells the specialist that it can’t be because that was his diagnosis. Arturo then asks Erick’s doctor why his diagnosis seems different from that of the specialists and he looks so nervous but the specialist answered it could be that he only diagnosed in that manner due to the freshness of the wounds but he thinks Erick can be discharge the next day.
Regina goes to see Erick at the hospital ones again but he and Daniela kick her out for always pretending to love him when she doesn’t because he knows she was the one who told their father to bring that specialist to reveal the truth just to cause the release of Miguel and this indeed hurt Regina so much.
Julia asks Eladio to tell her the truth because she actually knows he is running after Nina since she caught them in Arturo’s house and Eladio asks what is wrong with her but she left and Eladio becomes more confused as to why Julia is reacting that way.
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