One Call Away Episode 48


I detached my lips from hers after few seconds and we both stares at ourselves.

” what was that about ” she asked me with a soft smile on her lip.

” this is my real reply to what you talked to me about in the garage ” I replied her.

” I love you and I don’t think I can bear the thought of losing you ” I added.

She stared at me with a blank expression that I couldn’t help but wondered what’s going through her mind.

She suddenly detached the drip syringe attached to her wrist, she stretched her hands towards me so that I could helped her up and I did.
She sat down facing me now smiling.

” do you mean what you just said or you love me as a sister ” she asked me and I could tell that she was anxious.

” Happiness ” I called out tenderly holding her hand.

” I love you as a lady ” I said and she pulled me closer to her as she kissed me deeply.

” what about your engagement with Gina ” she asked as she abruptly stopped kissing me.

” what engagement ” I repeated as I was kinda perplexed at the question.

” you thought I didn’t know you gave her the ring so that you could have sex with her day before yesterday ” she said confusing me more.

” wait ” I said as I suddenly got hint of what she’s driving at.

” you thought we had sex day before yesterday and then I later proposed to her ” I asked her.

” tho you didn’t get the order right but that’s what I thought and think is right ” she replied.

” you’re funny ” I said cackling out loud.” that was why you were giving me the silent treatment yesterday ” I said still laughing.

” why are you laughing ” she asked slightly frowning her face.

” because your mind is dirty unlike your innocent face ” I replied her still laughing.

” and for your information, I didn’t have sex with Gina and i didn’t get engaged with her, Susan’s pendant that looked like a ring must have gotten down from her chain when she came to clean my room, Gina saw it and manipulated me to put it in her finger to know how it feel for a guy to propose to someone, she made video of it and uploaded it, that’s all ” I explicated to her.

” so that’s what happened ” she asked as she scoffed.

” yeah ” I replied her smiling.

” typical Gina act ” she muttered

” what about what you said inside the garage ” she asked.

” what’s that ” I asked as I couldn’t remember what she was talking about .

” about our parents been in love, so we shouldn’t be ” she replied me.

” hmmm ” I sighed deeply.

” I think we should tell them about our feelings, my mom will understand ” I said to her.

” and what will happen after that ” she asked me.

” I don’t know, maybe she’ll allow us to continued dating and since they’re not legally married, our relationship can’t be seen as incest ” I said to her.

” but how are you sure they won’t get married sooner or later in the future or if they’re already planning to do so and because of that your mom oppose our relationship and forbid it” she asked me and trust me, I was already getting strangled by the questions.

” what do you suggest we do ” I asked her.

” that we don’t tell them and you’ll talk to your mom that you don’t want any legal declaration of the two of them been together, that you’re cool with how they are and I’ll also tell my dad that too and with that, the case will be settled ” she replied me.

” what if they’re able to detect that we like each other by doing that ” I asked her.

” trust me, they won’t because they already expect us to have a condition on the coming together of the two of them ” she replied me.

” since when have you been planning this ” I asked her.

” since the day dad told me that you and your mom will be staying with us because he love her ” she replied me.

” you’re an intelligent little devil ” I said smiling.

I was about to kiss her when the door of the ward suddenly opened.

I swiftly composed myself and Happy swiftly laid down on the bed.

Mom and Mr Tokunbo entered with Chris beside them entered.

” brother Ben ” Chris said as he came to meet me.

” we’ve been to your ward and since you’re nowhere to be found, we thought you’ll be here to check on your sister ” dad said as they got closer to us.

” my kids ” mom said as she put the two of us into a warm embrace.” I was very worried about the two of you as I thought that I’ve lost you ” she said as a tear escaped her eye but she was swift to take it away.

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” it’s alright mom, you don’t have to be worried again ” I said to her.

” yes, my jewel ” mom said smiling as she freed us. Barely looking at her, I knew she had went through a lot amidst the few hours we were kidnapped. She looked blank and lifeless.

” what about Mr Adamu ” I asked remembering he was shot.

” he’s alright, he’s also here receiving treatment ” Mr Tokunbo replied me.

” good ” I said heaving a sigh of relief.

” what about the kidnappers, did the police capture them ” I asked.

” seemed one of them betrayed them and shot them, we’re only able to get two of them, one was unconscious in the uncompleted building you were kept but the second was shot and receiving treatment” Mr Tokunbo replied.

” the one I shot ” I asked.

” what, you shot someone ” my mom asked raising her voice.

” it was for survival mom, if I hadn’t shot him, you won’t be seeing me here now ” I said to her.

” calm down, our son is a hero ” dad said smiling as he placed his hand on mom’s shoulder.

” and son, it’s not the guy you shot, how do you expect him to survive a bullet to his neck ” dad asked smiling.

” neck ” I exclaimed.” thought it was on his arm ” I said.

” that’s because it’s dark but here’s the picture of the guy captured alive ” dad said as he operated his phone and handed it to me .

I showed Happy the picture at once seeing that it was our helper.

” dad you’ve to help this guy ” Happy said.

” why ” Mr Tokunbo asked.

” do you remember when I was in Js2 when one of our gateman approached you and asked you to help his sick mom ” I asked my mom.

” yes, that I gave him like three or four hundred thousand naira, I can’t really remember ” Mom replied.

” it was four hundred thousand naira mom ” I said.

” and he’s the one who helped us out and killed his other gang members just to ascertain our safety ” I added and everyone suddenly lose the knack for words as we all stared at ourselves.

” but we would still have saved you if he didn’t save you guys, he even made it worse for you ” Mr Tokunbo said.

” and I would have been raped furiously by the guy you met unconscious inside the building before your safety arrive ” Happy said slightly raising her voice.

” what ” Mr Tokunbo exclaimed” you mean that goat in police custody tried to rape you ” Mr Tokunbo asked now getting angry.

” yes dad, but that guy saved me, so dad please try to get him out of this ” Happy pleaded.

” this is already out of my hand, the police won’t release him even if I ask” Mr Tokunbo said now calming down .

” what if we testify that he’s not part of the gang, that he came to save us ” I asked.

” hmmm ” Mr Tokunbo sighed deeply.

” that could work but I’ve got to do something first, will be back soon ” Mr Tokunbo said as he exited the ward.

Mr Tokunbo’s p.o.v

I’m a business man, and a business man must know when to capitalize on advantage and disadvantage.

I head to the ward the guy was admitted. Two policemen were stationed in front of it but because they recognized me and after squeezing twenty thousand naira into their hands, they allowed me inside.

The bullet that had lodge into his arm had been withdrawn successfully and he’s already conscious.

I moved closer to his bed found out that he was handcuff to the bed but his eye was opened.

” do you know me ” I asked him making sure my voice was less audible to the officers stationed outside.

He shook his head to affirm positive to the question.

” then you must know that I’m the father of the kids you and your gang kidnapped ” I said to him and he shook his head again.

” good, the kids told me about how you helped them and in the course, even got shot and they wanted me to make sure you escape the wrath of law ” I said to him.

” but I’ll only do this, even offer you a job that you’ll be earning up to two hundred thousand naira per month if you answer my question ” I added the job opportunity to entice him tho I’ll have to revise his profile first to know if he’s worth it.

” who was your informant among those closer to me, because I’m sure you didn’t pull it off by yourself ” I asked him.

” your driver ” he mumbled without thinking about it.

” Adamu ” I muttered with a surprise expression.

” yes ” he mumbled.

” how is that possible ” I asked with a surprised countenance.