Gift Episode 41


If it were to be possible I would have just shot that Jef on his forehead, because he is handsome does not give him the license to pull all types of pa-nts and sizes? mbok! Today you will see him with one, tomorrow another and next tomorrow another for just one School oh. I really love that guy I swear, my heart bleeds anytime I see him frolicking the school compound with all those useless girls in our school.

One day I was busy copying note in the class when Clara came in breathing heavily.

Me: babe, which lion dey pursue you?

Clara: you no hear?

Me: hear wetin?

Clara: Jef, get HIV.

Me: commot there, you sabi lie oh!

Clara: I don lie for you before, the guy get that Virus wey dey chop human being like mad.

Me: ewooohhh!

Clara: no tell me say you don go fu-ck am?

Me: we don fu-ck na.

Clara: Gift! chaii… That guy don give you HIV.

Me: clean your mouth, we use condom. I felt like I won’t die again, if not of the doctor warning where I for dey? Life carry on according to Tupac, that black with black mamba.

As the news made headlines in the School, see the way girls avoid Jef like say em be plague, even those girls wey don cross HIV enter AIDS dey avoid their junior colleague Jef wey get HIV. Wetin come happen wey pepper me well well na when Jef come meet me apologise, say em dey sorry, blablabla..

That he loved me, he was just playing hard to get mbok! are you girl? he started talking thrash like he wanted to know that am not loving him for his looks but for his character, I still dey wonder which trait or character I go love in him, abi na the womanizer character. I just gave him red-card straight and got lost right away. Matcheeww..!! nothing person no go see for this world.

During Christmas holiday we didn’t go to the Village, Mama is no more and the whole thing is pointed at me. Clara didn’t stop coming to our house to yansh our gateman. One day my step-mom called me to her room one night like that.

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Step-mom: ehnn.. Gift, that your friend why em dey always come here everyday?

Me: to visit me na

Step-mom: you nodey go their house, everytime na she dey come.

Me: my papa nodey gree my commot from house.

Step-mom: that kind friend no good for you, nodey allow am come here.

Me: na the only friend I get.

Step-mom: make new friend.

Me: why you no like Clara?

Step-mom: ehnn… just forget, go sleep.

Surely, the answer came one night when my dad called me and asked if my Step-mom is home and I answered affirmatively, He asked me to check why she isn’t picking his calls. I went to her room and knocked nobody reply, I opened the door and find it open. Wetin enter my mind na to go check the gate-man house, as I reach there I heard our gateman shouting and my step-mom urging him to scatter her puna with his kulikuli.

I just clapped for them and went back inside, called my father that she is very busy in the toilet that she will call back. I no tell am, it is needless. After I clocked sixteen years, guys no come dey toast me again. No matter how I dress to kill, them no even dey call me for road, I even go check myself for mirror to check if I don worwor or wetin? why the sudden stop from Toasters Association, abi them don anchor with ASUU?

Clara na told me that the new trend was 2go. That is how my online madness started.