One Call Away Episode 47


Mr Tokunbo’s p.o.v

After I took the package of the watch which had the details needed to track her and Ben, I assured Precious that I’ll come back home with them before I head to the police station. It was hard asking her to stay home but I was able to convince her that’s it’s not safe for her to follow me.

After taking the package to the police station and handed it to the officer in charge , the serial number and stuff they needed from it was jotted down, the ICT team was contacted immediately and before I knew what was happening, three vans was already loaded with armed police men.

I followed them in my Lexus with the hope that I get my kids back.

The GPS led to a lone road in the midst of trees. It got to a point we had to get off the vehicles and continued the hunt on foot through the forest.

After trekking for almost an hour, we got to a place where two buildings were situated inside the forest.

One was a big mansion with a big gate with little lights on it while the second was just an abandoned uncompleted building.

The one leading the force made some signs to others, they grouped themselves into two, the first group stationed themselves outside while the second group trooped inside the uncompleted building.

I followed them from behind and when they got to the room where the kids were supposed to be, it was only a guy that was unconscious that was found inside.

Loosed ropes and the wristwatch was on the floor.

The guy woke up as one of the force tapped him. He wanted to run away as he saw us but he was quickly detained and was taken outside.

We were already ready to storm the mansion when We suddenly heard the sounds of gunshot, and it was coming from deep inside the forest.

Ben’s p.o.v

It was growling as it made to advance towards us, not knowing what to do, I pointed the gun at it as I prayed in my mind that it will suddenly develop a knowledge of what I was pointing at and run for its life.

But instead of it to run away, it was moving more closer to us not in a frenzy manner, I aimed the gun at it and when it left me with no choice, I pulled the gun’s trigger and off goes a loud deafening bang sound.

Happy screeched out loudly holding onto me tightly. My hand was shaking as the gun fell down. I couldn’t hear anything as all I could hear was a loud high pitch tone which I was sure was caused by the gunshot.

The wolf was already dead as the bullet hit it on its head.

After few minutes, I was able to get hold of myself as my body system returned to it normal self.

Happy finally freed me as she stared at me.

” are you alright ” she asked me as my gaze was fixed on the dead wolf in front of me.

” I’m okay, we’ve got to leave now, I’m sure they’re already coming for us ” I said as I picked the gun and stood up, I tucked it into my trouser’s band.

I also helped her up, I wrapped my hand around her waist in order to assist her movement.

We’ve not taken up to twenty steps when I suddenly heard someone screaming Happy’s name including mine from far distance, more like an echo. It sounded more like dad’s voice.

” did you hear that ” I asked her.

” yes ” she replied.

” I think your wristwatch has finally led them here ” I said smiling as we change our direction and started heading towards the direction we were coming from.

” yes ” Happy said smiling.

The voice was getting more louder as we now walked back towards where it was sounding from.

” where are you going kids ” someone suddenly said coming out of the dark.

Happy and I startling turned towards the direction the voice came from.

It was the guy that was addressing us earlier when we were still tied up, with a gun pointed at us.

” come over here or else I’ll shoot the two of you ” he threatened us making sure he didn’t raise his voice.

I knew we were closer to dad and I felt like screaming for help but I was sure I would have been dead alongside Happy before they arrive.

” are you deaf ” he said as he moved closer to us and tried to drag Happy by her arm.

Like I’ve watched in movies, I swiftly pulled the gun out and shot him probably on his arm because I wasn’t able to target where I wanted him to be hit by the bullet.

Happy embraced me tightly as she sobbed.

In the blink of an eye, the place was suddenly filled with armed men pointing guns at us.

” Ben, Happy ” daddy screamed excitedly as he scampered towards us and embraced us.

One of the police vans escorted us back to the police station where our statement was documented before we were taken to the hospital.

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Happy and I was admitted into different VIP wards.

Tho I was protesting that I didn’t need to be at the hospital except Happy but dad insisted that I was admitted.

I was asked to change my clothes into the hospital clothes. I was injected by the doctor and drip was fixed to my wrist. I was also given some tablets to use.

I slept off before the doctor was through.

I woke up later to find myself alone inside the ward. Everywhere was lit up but I could still tell that the day was yet to break.

I stood up and detached the drip from my wrist, head to Happy’s ward which was directly next to mine.

I opened it and entered. She was sleeping peacefully on the hospital. Cast had already been placed on her leg which she injured.

She was looking neat and cute with the hospital clothes on her body. Her hair was neatly packed and tied into a ponytail.

I sat beside her on the bed staring at her as she slept peacefully.

I saw some sparks of her hair on her face and I did her the honor of taking it away. I couldn’t recall the memory we had together when we were young but our little escapade with the kidnappers thought me something, I would do anything to ascertain her safety.

Even tho it’s kinda weird, I loved her not as a sister but as a lady, the few days I’ve started living with her, no one had made me happy like her and even tho I always try to deny it, she had slowly crept into my heart without me knowing it.

I was still staring at her when she slowly started opening her eye.

” Ben ” she mumbled as she saw me.

” hi ” I said to her smiling.

” what are you doing here, you should be resting ” she said staring at me.

” I’m making sure you’re okay, don’t want you to be kidnapped from my side again ” I said with a scoff.

” how’s your leg ” I asked her as I diverted my gaze to the cast on her leg.

” it was scanned yesterday and the doctor said it’s a small issue, I should be able to walk perfectly in two days time ” she replied.

” that’s a good news, thought you’ve dislocated one of your bones ” I said.

” I’m stronger than that ” she said smiling.

” stronger ” I scoffed .

” that’s why you were trembling when the wolf appeared abi ” I added adding a little spice of mockery to my tone.

” I thought it was a dog ” she retorted.

” I’ve got a dog PTSD after a dog bit me when I was younger ” she added.

” where did it bit you ” I asked.

” You don’t wanna know there ” she replied smiling.

” I want to know ” I said sounding more compelling.

” promise me you won’t laugh ” she said.

” I promised ” I said to her.

” right here on my buttock ” she said and I bosted into laughter.

” you promised not to laugh na ” she said with a sulking expression.

” my bad, i’m sorry ” I said trying hard to hold my laughter.

” how did it happen ” I asked her.

” not telling you, dohh ” she said smiling.

It was really great to see her smile again, she’s extremely beautiful with her smile, I felt like planting my lips on hers but I was scared someone might walked in on us plus the CCTV inside the ward. But f**k them, I couldn’t hold the feeling again as I started lowering my head to hers.

Her eye widened in shock as she bit her lower lip staring at me as I made attempt to kiss her.

When my face was few inches away from hers, she shut her eye and I took it as a go ahead for me as I planted my lips on hers.