One Call Away Episode 38


Ben’s p.o.v

I returned to class and it was empty.
I sat down to contemplate why I felt like a cheat who was caught by my partner in action.

I couldn’t get a tangible reason for it so I stood up and head to the dressing room. I met some of my classmates inside there and I was sure they had come to also get change.

I changed into my school uniform and returned to class and this time it already had some students inside it, just three girls.

I sat down on my seat, checked the time and it was some minutes past eleven which means breaktime was already knocking on the door.

I reminisced on my achievements for the day and I was contented with myself. Truly, I would have done my former school great by running for them, I understood why the coach hated me because of my act. He must have been excited when he first saw me run and thought of me as a great asset which he can develop into something great, but it ain’t my fault that I didn’t want to be sociable, falling from grace to grass wasn’t an easy feat. And funnily, with my elevation back into grace, it felt like I’ve been in grass from the start, it was like I had no record of living in grace before in my memory.

I distracted myself into different kinda thought and was subconscious with my surrounding. I knew students were coming in but it was a little part of me that was conscious of this.

Someone even sat beside me and it was like I didn’t see who the person was.

” what are you thinking about ” someone said to me pushing me away from the abyss of subconsciousness I compressed myself into.

” nothing ” I lied on seeing Gina. She was the one who sat beside me. The class was almost filled, only few spaces were missing their owners.

” maybe you’re thinking you’re lucky to have me crushing on you ” she said smiling.

” me ” I pricked out like some who was slightly pierced with a pin then a subtle smile from my lip followed.” why will I be lucky to have you crushing on me ” I asked her still smiling.

” because you can’t see a hot girl as beautiful and talented like me anywhere ” she replied and I snickered.

” well I think I’m the one who fitted in what you just said, or where can you also see a cute guy like me who’s also a good sportsman and smart to crush on ” I said humorously.

” don’t be full of yourself, there are many guys who are more cuter and good in sport than you ” she protested.

” but do they possess my speed ” I asked laughing.

” you’re not as fast as Usain Bolt ” she countered.

” and Usain Bolt isn’t as cute as me ” I said to her with a weird smile gracing my lip.

” are you always like this ” she asked frustratingly.

” how ” I asked.

” annoying ” she replied.

” I just took up that trait last week and I seemed to be enjoying it ” I said to her grinning making sure my teeth was slightly in view.

” keep up with it and we’ll soon start dating because I love annoying guys, I like to be troubled by my guy, it makes the relationship lively ” she said winking at me.

” Hello guys ” Philip said smiling as he entered the class and stood in front of the white board behind the big desk for teachers teaching.

Even Happy was already in the class but I didn’t notice when she entered, I was already engrossed with Gina to notice anyone.

Philip sure know how to gain everyone’s attention inside the class.

” your emir has gotten a great news he want to share with you ” he said smiling like someone who just won a bilion dollar lotto.

” after many sacrifice and plea to the gods of our class, they’ve finally touch your queen’s heart and she’s ready to be my one and only ” he said smiling and everyone looked surprised including me.

I knew who he was referring to as the class queen, it’s Happy but what did he really meant that she’s ready to be his one and only, a rhetorical question I wished he would help me answer without me directing it to him.

” Happy and I have started dating officially starting from today ” he said fulfilling my request.

” she has finally given me the favourable reply I’ve been demanding for, so let everyone in this kingdom know that anyone that go closer to her will be castrated and turned into an eunuch ,and to mark this good news, I’m hosting a party for my queen and I on Saturday, time will be text to ya’ll and my guy Benjamin, I feel you ” he said smiling leaving me in confused state before he stopped talking.

What did he mean by he feel me, another riddle to solve but why did Happy agreed to date him after he’s tried for a lot of times and she rejected him. I felt she did it because of me, to show me that the kiss and the foreplay meant nothing to her.

If that’s the reason, I’ll be mad at her because she’s trying to prove her claim by playing on Philip’s feelings or maybe she loved him all along and was trying to prove strong head first.
Any reason it might be, I felt it will be respectful of me not to interfere but I felt like knowing if it was because of me or not.

” why do you look like someone whose girl was snatched by another guy ” Gina asked me teasingly.

” my girl was just snatched from me by another guy who happened to be her father ” I replied her smiling.

” you good with words and reply you know ” she said also smiling.

” it’s a talent ” I said to her.

The alarm for breaktime suddenly went off.

” finally ” Gina said excitedly.” let go and eat ” she said standing up.

” I’m not hungry ” I said to her.

” how can you not be hungry after sport ” she asked with a surprised countenance.

” because it’s nothing ” I replied her.

” then I’m insisting that you eat or better, escort me to the cafeteria, you can sit beside me and watch me eat ” she said staring at me.

” I’m not going joor, I’ve got somewhere I’m going sef, so I can’t escort you ” I said to her.

” where are you going ” she asked with a curious expression as she sat down back.

I saw Philip and Happy walking out of the class as they both held hands.

” I’m going to js3 block ” I replied her.

” to do what ” she asked.

” must you know everything ” I said as I winked at her in a funny manner.

” stop that, it doesn’t fit you ” she said with a sulking expression.

” don’t tell me you’ve seen a girl you’re planning on making your girlfriend in js3 ” she said shocking me.

” what ” I exclaimed.” you’re beautifully sick ” I added laughing.

” thanks for the compliment ” she said laughing.

” you’re welcome ” I said to her.

” since you’re not hungry, I’ll leave you so that you can go visit your girlfriend ” she said as she stood up again and made to leave.

” or should I help you get snack when I’m coming back ” she suddenly stopped to ask me.

” I wouldn’t mind ” I said to her.

She smiled as she continued with her journey.

I stood up and head to the js3 block.
I met Chris inside his class. He skipped going to the cafeteria because of me. He introduced me to his friends still remaining inside the class, and after a brief conversation between the two of us, I left the block and returned to class.

On getting back to class , I met only Reuben and Geraldine at their usual spot eating from a big wafer in front of them as they’re intimately close.

Not paying attention to them, I head to my seat, took my native son and started reading from where I stopped.

I so much love the story that whenever I’m reading it, I always find myself at every scene watching the unfolding of the event live, reason why I always lose conscious of my surrounding whenever I’m reading it.

” is this your first time reading that ” someone suddenly asked beside me.

” what ” I said slightly startled by the unannounced presence of the person who happened to be Gina.

” nope, this should be my fifth or sixth time of reading it ” I replied her.

” then how can you be so engrossed in it that you failed to notice my presence ” she asked me.

” because you’ve got light feet ” I replied her teasingly.

” asking you question should be crossed out of my to do list ” she said making a funny face.

” and here ” she said handing me a white polythene bag.

I unloaded the content inside it and saw a meatpie, doughnut and bottled water.

” you’re a darling ” I said appreciating her as I started munching on the meatpie.

” which club will you be joining for the co-curricular activity ” she asked me.

” when is that ” I asked her.

” after breaktime ” she replied me.

” didn’t know that it’s been held today but I’ll join literary and debating ” I replied her.

” why join that boring club ” she asked me as she seemed unpleasant with my decision.

” because I love it and that was where I was in my former school ” I replied her.

” you don’t fit there, you’ve got moves and you can perfect it by joining the Art chapel ” she said to me.

” what’s that ” I asked looking surprised.

” it’s a club for artists, singers and dancers and you can dance, so you fit perfectly there ” she replied me.

” have you ever read any creative write-up written by me before ” I asked her.

” no ” she replied.

” if you had done that , you’ll know that I fit more in literary and debating ” I said to her.

” you’ll soon come running to Art chapel after today ” she said to me boastfully.

” what if I don’t ” I asked her.

” then I owe you a French kiss ” she replied.” it’s a win win for me ” she said smiling.

As the talkative I’ve suddenly grown to become, we talked till the break was over and time for co-curricular activities was announced.

Another building was built for the co-curricular activities.

Gina was my guide to the literary and debate room, tho I would still have located it by myself because every rooms had an inscription of the club it was meant for but it would have not been easy for me to locate it.

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On getting into the room, I was disappointed with the population, only few students was inside and none of my classmates was in. Most of the students inside were juniors. I could easily tell this because of their uniform.

” maybe they’re yet to find their way here ” I assured myself as I find a perfect spot to sit down.

The room looked like a classroom with the whiteboard which I knew was necessary in front of it and a podium stationed in front of the whiteboard.

I sat down patiently as I await the arrival of more students and the coordinators.

The door was open and students were coming in but none of my classmates came in. To quench my disappointment, many students were already inside but few seniors. But it was still better than having the scanty students I met when I got in.

My neck wouldn’t stop tilting to the door direction whenever it was opened.

A teacher finally entered and it was Miss Tife. She had a book in her hand which she dropped on the podium.

The door opened again and this time it was one of my classmates who also had her apartment in front of mine at home. Yeah, you guessed right, it was Happy.

I swiftly averted my gaze from her direction to the board and met with miss Tife’s gaze. She smiled at me as she noticed me and I smiled back at her.

Happy came towards my direction and was about to sit on the chair closer to mine but as she saw me, she changed her direction to go sit at another place .

This got me perplexed because she’s doing the exact opposite to what she threatened to do.

” hello students ” Miss Tife greeted, but none responded and I was also lucky not to have responded.

” Mr Prosper isn’t around so I’ll be the only person to take charge of the club today ” she said as she started opening the book she placed on the podium.

” I want us to work on this piece of works today ” she said bringing out many A4 papers from inside the book.

She shared it to all of us before she returned to the podium and gave out the instructions.

in everyone’s hand, is different papers which is only of two pairs, the papers consist of dramas from some reputable authors which I drafted out some of the scenes in their works which only consisted of two casts.

I numbered everything and the ones with same scene has the same number, so number one will be with two students to the last number I shared. Beside the number is the name of the cast you’re casting for.

In every scene, I want us to pinpoint the feelings of the cast we’re playing its role, the emotion that flow and after that, I’ll ask us questions about the themes and subject matter of the scene after we’re done playing the role .

So practice it for just three minutes before we get at it.

I was with number one to play a role of the cast named Robert, I swiftly went through it, took note of what the scene is about and the emotion content of both casts.

It was about love and romance between two lovers but a taboo type because they’re of the same blood from distant relative.

” time up, let’s have our two number one up here ” she said and I stood up likewise Happy.

” a coincidence in a million ” I said in my mind smiling as I made my way to the podium.

We both stared at ourselves for few seconds before I cleared my throat and started.

” I can’t continue this with thee, my man will behead me when he find out ” I said staring at Happy who was temporarily Margaret per the drama.

” oh my sweet love ” she said moving closer to me and placed her hand on my cheek.

” thy fear not my uncle, I can’t shy away from what I feel towards thee, we’ll walk to him and tell him about our love ” she added staring into my eye.

” I can’t do it, he will develop stroke and pass away ” I said turning my back against her.

” don’t you feel what I feel ” she said as she hugged me from behind.

” I do but we hath made a foolish mistake of having such feeling ” I said dropping her hand away from my body.

” thou hath talk like a coward, our love must be fought for in order for it to stand ” she said as she walked to my front.

” feel this ” she said placing my hand on her chest, directly on her left side boob.

” that’s my heart fluttering for you ” she said.

” our heart will only bring us nothing but doom ” I said as I withdrew my hand from her chest and feebly pushed her back ” and turned my back against her.

” this is the end ” I said as I made to leave and she started sobbing.

” that’s not in the drama ” I said in my mind as I checked the paper to confirm. She’s not supposed to sob.

” then should I pluck out my heart that can’t do without you ” she asked still sobbing.

” I can’t do without you ” she added and I turned to look at her. I was surprised to see tears on her eye.
I moved closer to her and wiped the tears from her eye with my hand.

” I’m sorry, I was a coward ” I said staring at her.

” I’ll fight for our love now ” I said as I placed my hands on both side of her neck and kissed her.

” that wasn’t inside the script ” I heard miss Tife mumbled this time.