One Call Away Episode 39


” what was that” Miss Tife asked with a surprised expression after we were through with our short drama.

” what was written in the script ” I replied smiling .

” but I don’t think the last act the two of you performed was in the script ” she whispered to me.

” that’s what you call great acting, we perfected the work for the author ” I replied her.

” I’ll get back to you two later “she said in a low tone.

” you can return to your seat, let’s give them a round of applause” she said aloud and we returned to our seat before she called on the next two number two.

Unlike what Gina claimed that the club is boring and I’ll change my mind on my first trial , I felt great throughout. It was really fun and lively as every students wore the coat of another personality.

After the acting was over, Miss Tife asked every numbers to give out the mood, themes and some literary keys of the scene each and everyone of acted.

She made contribution to where it was needed and before bringing the activity to an end, she made reference to the scene Happy and I undertook and named it the best act for the day.
She said we’re genuine with our feeling when we acted it and made it seemed so real and she almost forgot that we were acting a script she handed over to us.

” Ben, make sure to see me before going home ” she said to me before dismissing the club.

” hello ” I swiftly walked up to Happy as I saw her trying to leave.

” hi ” she said not stopping but I swiftly held her hand and pulled her from the way so that we wouldn’t be disturbing anyone from leaving.

” what’s happening ” I asked her.

” like what ” she asked.

” it seems you’re trying to avoid me ” I replied her.

” you’re the one doing that and I don’t want to disturb you ” she said to me.

” but you said that you’ll keep disturbing me till I see nothing wrong with what happened yesterday ” I said staring at her.

” and do you feel nothing is wrong with it, or you really love the feeling of me chasing after you every time when you just get angry on baseless fact, what do you take me for ” she said flaring up.

” do you think I’m a pushover who doesn’t have anything good to think about than you ” she added and now she looked like she’s mad at me, I’ve never seen her like that before.

” firstly I don’t think you’re a pushover and me kissing you right in front of every students few minutes ago was to tell you that I don’t see anything wrong with what happened at the party again ” I said to her and I was honest about it.

” what ” she asked looking surprised.

” I don’t see anything wrong with what happened yesterday and I’ll also love to have you as my bestfriend than having you as my half sister ” I replied her.

” it’s too late ” she muttered as she looked calm.

” I can’t have you as my bestfriend, I’m already over that phase, been my half sibling is nice, so keep that position ” she said as she made attempt to leave.

” did I hurt her that much or why does she looked so emotional ” my mind wouldn’t stop asking different questions as I watched her leave. The class was already empty at that time.

” one more thing ” I said aloud and she paused.

” why did you accept to date Philip ” I asked her.

” I don’t think I owe you an explanation for that ” she replied coldly before she exited the class.

” good for me ” I muttered as I also left the class.

” Ben ” I heard Gina called out my name as I was heading to class, I paused to wait for her to catch up with me.

” how was your boring club ” she asked me smiling mischievously as she got to where I was standing.

” it’s the best thing after pounded yam and egusi soup ” I replied her smiling.

” you’re weird ” she said and hissed as she walked faster and left me behind.
I knew I disappointed her with my reply. She was expecting me to say that it was boring.

” my man ” I heard Philip screamed from behind.

I turned to looked at him and I felt like hating him tho I didn’t know why but I couldn’t bring myself to hate him. He’s too cool to be hated.

” wad up bro ” I greeted him as he got to where I was standing.

” I’m fine and thanks for today, didn’t know you could do it that faster, ya really the guy ” he said as we head to class .I was perplexed by all he was uttering as none made sense.

” what do you mean ” I managed to ask him after he finally kept quiet.

” Happy’s stuff na, I knew you’re the one who helped me to talk to her after I asked you to help your brother ” he said grinning excitedly.

” ohh ” I muttered as I was short of words.

I didn’t know if I should come out clean and tell him that I had nothing to do with the decision Happy made or just keep mute, not accepting that I did it nor also denying it.

” I think I should follow the two of you home when we close ” he said shocking me.

” why ” I asked looking surprised.

” the swimming na, or have you forgotten that I offered to tutor you for swimming ” he replied reminding me that we’re supposed to meet at home.

” but why will you follow us when your driver was supposed to pick you ” I said to him.

” I can easily call him and ask him not to bother himself ” he retorted.

” nope, go home first, change and you can come meet me at home or don’t you know your way there ” I asked him.

” I know my way there and point of correction, I’m not coming down there for only you again, I now have a beautiful rose in there that I’ve got to nurture ” he replied me smiling mischievously.” see you later bro” he said as we got to the entrance of our class.

” what’s up bae ” I said smiling at Gina who was sitting down and had her leg occupying my portion of the seat as she had a novel in her hand which she feigned to be reading.

” my sugar baloney ” I teased her when she didn’t reply me but she still kept mute.

” I’ll start kissing your legs if you don’t move them ” I threatened her smiling and she snickered.

” will you keep this hot asset standing up ” I asked her as she was unyielding.

” stop disturbing me na, already told you that I don’t sleep with guys with small pimpim ” she suddenly said loudly getting the attention of everyone inside the class and the mumu me was squatting beside her and looked like someone who was really begging her for something.

Everyone suddenly bursted into laughter.

I felt a little bit ashamed with the way she shaded me. I was kinda angry at first but suppressed it as I stood up smiling.

She sat down properly smiling like someone whose crush commented and reacted love on a picture she uploaded on social media .

I humbly sat down on my seat as I thought of a revenge plan.

” are you angry ” she asked me when she noticed my expression but I didn’t reply her .

” it’s just a joke na, why are you taking it personal ” she asked me but I kept mute. I could have had my revenge by also forming a sentence against her but I thought it to be old fashioned. My revenge will be more civilised than just mere shading.

” what are you doing later in the day ” she asked me.

I took a long stare at her before I finally replied her.

” I’ve got a lot to do at home ” I replied her.

” maybe I can even come over to your place and assist you ” she offered.

” do you know how to swim ” I asked her.

” no, why are you asking ” she asked.

” I’ll be training how to swim and since you don’t know how to swim, then your presence will yield nothing ” I replied her.

” what ” she asked looking surprised.” did you just insulted me tushly ” she asked smiling .

” don’t know about that ” l replied smiling.

” whatever you like you say, I’m coming over there and don’t think it’s for you only, I’m just in the mood to cause chaos today ” she said and stood up.” so be expecting me ” she said as she pecked me before she exited the class.

” what did she mean by chaos ” I asked myself as I watched her swaying her butt as she left the class.

I took the the native son from under my desk and started reading it from where I stopped but I wasn’t even able to cover two pages before the alarm for closing went of.

I stood up at once as if I was expecting it and head to the car park with the novel in my hand.

I was the first to get to the car this time, Chris later joined as we waited for Happy.

I later saw her with Philip. They paused when they were about to get to the car, he hugged her before he head for his own ride.

We both sat beside each other without uttering a word to ourselves till we got home.

As usual, Mr Adamu stopped in front of the house, we got down and entered the house .

Like a stranger, we both slammed our door on each other.

I dropped the novel in my hand and picked my phone as I entered.

I sat on my bed as I powered it to life.

I was welcomed with two messages in my notification panel. One from Azeezah and the other from my bank.

I decided to check my bank’s own first before going for Azeezah’s own because I knew it wouldn’t be pleasant.

” what ” I exclaimed as I saw the message from my bank as my phone fell from my hand.

” no, I’m dreaming ” I said as I picked it and counted the numbers of zero in it.

My head started turning on its own as I tried to contain the news to myself without crying for help.

” who could have done this ” I asked myself as I checked the message again to confirm that my account was credited with five million naira.

A call suddenly appeared on my phone from an international number.

With fright I picked it.

” hello son did you got my package ” the person asked and I frozed where I was sitted as I tried to picked the person who own the voice because it sounded familiar.