One Call Away Episode 32


The journey back home was a silent one. It was already late, few minutes to seven pm, we both parked our rides inside the garage and didn’t utter a word to ourselves because of what happened at their stupid ritual.

We’re already on the way back to our room when dad and mom called us.

They’re sitting in the living room watching a program on the large TV which looked like it was built alongside the wall.

” good evening mom and dad ” I greeted the two of them likewise Happy.

” how was the party ” mom asked and I didn’t know if to reply her that something unspeakable happened there or lie to her.

” it was fine ma ” Happy replied because I was mute.

” did you two fight or darling am I the only one sensing that something is wrong ” dad asked my mom.

” the two of them looked unhappy ” mom said staring at me.

” nothing happened and I’m not eating dinner ” Happy said as she exited the scene.

” what happened Ben ” dad asked me.

” nothing, what’s up to eat ” I asked so that no question will fly around again and I was hungry, after going through what I went through in the party, I knew sleeping on an empty stomach might be a direct passage to hade.

” check the microwave and help yourself to anything you want ” mom said to me.

” so how’s the supermarket today ” I asked her as I head to the kitchen.

” it was fine ” she said but I was already inside the kitchen. Dad already got her a supermarket which I was yet to see because of school but I promised her that I would visit her on weekend.

I took a plate and took a wrap of semo and peeled it into the plate, I opted for egusi soup outta the different type of soup inside it and took a big fish. I took a sealed bottled water from inside the fridge and head to my room.

” so it’s only your mom’s work you’re after abi, not your dad’s own ” dad teased as I got back to the sitting room.

” I’m sorry sir but I’m sure your business is thriving well unlike my mom’s own where she’s a novice about the whole thing ” I replied and dad bursted into laughter.

” Oya go and return that food, I’m starving you this night ” mom said humorously.

” if she take the food from you, I’ll drive you to a nice restaurant to have a delicious meal ” dad retorted smiling.

” the two of you will sleep outside if you try it ” mom said.

” thank God there’re many hotels around ” dad retorted.

” must you always have a reply ” mom said with a frustrated countenance.

” I’m off ” I said and made attempt to leave the two love birds.

” Solomon called me today ” she said and I paused on my track.

” wow ” I exclaimed.

” give me his number ” I said as I reversed my steps.

” go and collect it from him in Badagry ” she said as she focused her gaze on the TV.

” I’ll take you to Badagry tomorrow after school ” dad said humorously.

” e they the two of you body ” mom said smiling as I head to my room.

I couldn’t get the event that happened at the ritual off my head.

After I was through with my meal, I returned the plate and returned to my room to think about what happened again.

When I found the thought trying to bore hole into my head, I decided to opt in for other means of distraction.
I switched on my game and started playing pro evolution soccer (pes).
It wasn’t working as computer was trashing me anyhow and I was sure if I continued like that, I might be relegated in master league.

I decided to opt in for chatting.
I took my phone and login to Fb and the first post I saw on my timeline was a shared short story from one of my friends written by Horluwap1 .
It was titled SHE WAS NAUGHTY. I decided to read it first before I go along with my main plan.

The story was said to be a short story but it was sort of bulky but I got the message passed across from it and I enjoyed it, tho I feel for the guy but he kinda deserved what he got.

After I was through with the story, I checked the list of my friends that’s online and I found my bestie among those online.

” hello my cute bestie ” I chatted Tope up.

As if she’s already been waiting for my message she replied at once.

” I’m fine my handsome ” she replied.

” how was school today ” I asked her.

” it was stressful as usual unlike you that you’re in one that felt like you’re at home ” she replied.

” I’m smelling jealousy in the air ” I teased her .

” I’m not jealous, just passing across what’s in my mind ” she replied. ” so what about Azeezah, did you finally kickstarted something with her” she asked. I told her about the hangout when I got back from the mall on Monday.

” yeah we did and we also put everything to an end today “I replied her.

” I can’t understand what you’re saying ” she texted.

I explained everything that happened to her and she was also pained about it but I made sure I excluded the part of the ritual, it’s not something I was proud of and to make it worse, I kinda enjoyed what happened.

After I started chatting with her, I was able to get the matter off my mind for that moment. I was still chatting with her when I heard a knock on my door and mom came in.

” brb ” I texted Tope before I quit the application.

” idunu mi ” mom said as she came to sit beside me.

She placed her hand on my head as she stared at me for some minutes before she pecked me on my forehead.

” I’m proud of you son ” she said as she held my hand.

” the party was alright and nothing happened ” I said to her because I knew what was coming next. Mom always try to play on the emotion key whenever she’s trying to get something I wasn’t ready to release from me.

” I knew it, you’re a bastard, the nurse must have mistakenly switch you during birth ” she said humorously.

” if not that I’ve come to love you more than anyone or anything in this world, I would have sued them and asked them to provide my real child ” she added on the same note she ended the first.

” I love you too ” I said smiling.

” but Ben why are you doing this to your mom, I know something happened at that party and I’ve been to Happy’s room but she’s claiming that nothing happened when it’s glaring that something happened, tell me na, you know I don’t like to be left curious ” she said with a sulking expression.

” mom ” I called her.” I’m serious, nothing happened, we’re just exhausted that’s all ” I added and made sure I sounded convincing.

” hmmm” she sighed deeply.” alright, I’ll trust you son ” she said giving up.” your dad said I should give you this ” she said putting the bike’s key I rode to the party into my hand.

” is this ” I asked not completing my sentence.

” yeah, it’s the bike tho I’m against him gifting it to you because of your safety but he always do what he want ” she said smiling.

” don’t worry mom, I’ll be careful when riding it and help me to appreciate him “I said smiling.

” and here ” she said handing me a paper.

” that’s Solomon number, he said you should call him soon because he has already missed you ” she said.

” alright I’ll do that ” I said dropping the paper on the table.

” okay, I should take my leave now so that you can sleep early, good night my treasure, I love you” she said before she exited my room.

I was very happy on obtaining the bike for myself, I’ll be able to train myself on how to ride it with full courage.

I decided to call brother Solomon the next day because I was sure our conversation would make me sleep late and I wished to have breakfast at home because I don’t want to go into the cafeteria for the time been.

My plan worked when I woke up exactly six thirty AM. I swiftly took my bath, dressed up for school before I head to the sitting room.

I met mom and susan inside the kitchen.

” good morning mom ” I greeted my mom and she looked surprised to see me waking up early.

” morning my jewel ” mom responded hiding her expression.

I winked at susan and she smiled at me.

” I’m having my breakfast at home ” I said to her.

” the dining table is set, your brother is already there ” mom said to me.

” susan please help me to put rice inside a plate or should I come and do it myself ” I asked staring at my mom.

” I’ll still go and sacrifice you Ahmadioha one day” I heard mom mumbled and Susan scoffed.

” hope that day come soon ” I said smiling as she brought out a cooler.

” jollof or white ” mom asked me.

” white ” I replied her.

She dished me white rice and fried stew which had different kind of small fishes and crayfish inside it apart from the egg I asked her to place on it instead of fish or meat.

I sat inside the kitchen and ate my food.

” once a village boy, always a village boy “mom teased me but I didn’t reply her as I ate my food in peace.

I head to join Happy and Chris inside the car because I was not quick enough with my food, especially with mom’s present, there was no way I will be fast to finish it.

That morning it was Mr Adamu behind the steering instead of dad.
I greeted him as I got into the car and the journey commenced .

I sat beside Happy but no word was exchanged between the two of us till we got to school.

Chris made sure to remind me of my promise before he head to his block .

I head to the locker room to get the books I needed for that morning but funnily, there was no subject, P.E was boldly written on the portion where the subjects should have been written.

I picked up Native son story book and head to class where I met some students already inside and Gina was also inside the classroom, smiling as she watched me moved closer to her.

” good morning ” I grudgingly greeted her as I sat down.

She had a smile on her lips as she gazed at me and I tried hard to pretend not to know she was staring at me.

” you can’t even appreciate me for that dance yesterday ” she said to break the silence that was reigning between the two of us.

” which dance ” I asked with a confused countenance.

She didn’t reply but smiled mischievously at me.

” you are that girl ” I exclaimed as I remembered about the anonymous girl that grind me at the party when I was trying to sober up.

” ya’ll sick in this class ” I said shaking my head.

” then welcome to the psychiatric ward ” she said smiling.

” but how could ya’ll do that to me ” I asked staring at her.

” do what ” she asked feigning ignorance.

” your stupid ritual ” I replied her.

” did we really do anything ” she asked smiling mischievously.