One Call Away Episode 33


” forget it ” I said not wanting to drag the issue with her again.

” why are we not having any subject this morning ” I asked her.

” because today is for sport ” she replied me.

” you mean we’re going to use the whole day for sport instead of learning ” I asked her with a perplexed expression.

” yeah, only our ss3 and js3 won’t be out for sport ” she replied mae.

” fantabulous ” I muttered, mesmerised by the length at which the school valued comfort.

I picked the native son I brought and started reading it. That should be the fifth time I was rereading it since I’ve been a senior student. I really love the story not minding how bulky it was. Wright really did a great job in it, unveiling the phobia the white instilled into the black then, tho it’s still happening like the case of a black man who was murdered last year by a policeman, without the guy doing anything, the white policeman choked him to death with his knee on his neck.

Bit by bit, I got lost into the story that I lost track of things happening around me.

I was already in page fifty six when I drafted back to earth and found out that the class was already filled with students, but Gina wasn’t by my side again.

I brought my face down as I wasn’t ready to look anyone in the face after what happened at their so called ritual.

I returned the book back to my face to continue reading but nothing was entering my head again.

I tried hard to shut my ears against the chittering of the class but it wasn’t working. Not knowing what to do again, I placed my head on the locker and shut my eye.

Maybe it was because it was my first time partaking in it but all of them looked like all that happened yesterday was normal.

I was saved from my plight when the speaker inside the class made an announcement that it was time for sport.

” hello wife snatcher ” Philip said smiling as he walked closer to me.

” are you talking to me ” I asked as I stood up from my seat.

” who else is the wife snatcher in this class if not you ” he asked me with an expression that depicted that he was just been typical Philip.

” but guy which kind soap you they use ” he asked me.

” soap ” I said with a perplexed expression.

” I suppose pursue you comot from this class before you carry belle give all the girls right under my nose ” he said in pidgin English.

” where is the sport taking place ” I asked to change the topic.

” are you not going to change before you go for sport or are you going to do sport in your school uniform ” he asked me as my plan worked perfectly.

” but I wasn’t given a sportswear ” I said to him.

” have you been to the dressing room and not see your mini wardrobe there ” he asked me.

” wardrobe ” I said with a perplexed countenance.

” looks like ya lost, follow me ” he said as we exited the class, the class was almost empty by this time.

” so what sport are you going to register for ” he asked me as we head to the dressing room .

” which ones does the school have to offer ” I asked him.

” every sports ” he replied smiling.

” then I’ll be opting in for swimming, running and football ” I said to him.

” wait ” he said as he suddenly stopped. ” you can play football ” he asked me.

” I think I’ve got some skills ” I replied him smiling.

” finally ” he said excitedly as he threw his fist into the air.” our saviour is here ” he added still looking excited.

” if I were you, I won’t get my hopes up ” I said smiling as we continued with our journey.

” your present in our class football team will still make a different because all of us are quack at it, only Azeez was good and always liberate us but since he has left, the way we’re chopping cane back to back, our name should have been changed to canaan ” he said smiling.

” canaan ” I repeated as it sounded funny to me.

” but don’t be jealous when I show you who’s the boss in the other two sports you are opting for because I’m the best in the two ” he said.” no one come close to me when it comes to running and swimming in this school and I’ve gotten many awards for the school ” he said proudly.

” well it will be an honor to learn from a pro like you ” I said teasingly but he thought I was serious. If only he had seen me run or swim, he would be more cautious of his position. If I had not been an introvert type in my former school in Badagry , I would have won many awards for it. But I was keen to do things right now with the second chance I got.

” here we are ” he said as he opened a door which had the inscription male dressing room at its top.

Guys were busy walking up and down only in boxer. The dressing room was for all ss2 guys. Few inches away from the entrance were many lockers arranged on a file but they’re more bigger than the ones which our books are taking nap.

Philip walked ahead without checking any of the lockers and stopped at a point .

” what’s your locker number ” he asked me.

” it’s number ten” I replied him.

” then that should be assigned to locker seventeen ” he muttered and I wondered what he meant.

” ss2c students locker’s number start from thirteen and stopped on eighteen ” he added when he noticed I was confused.

I solved the puzzle at once, every student’s locker was there and there are twelve students in every classes with six boys, ss2a own it from one to six, b from seven to twelve while my class which was ss2c falls on thirteen to eighteen portion.

He opened the number thirteen locker and took out just a boxer from inside it, there was other clothes inside it but he only picked the boxer and shut the locker.

” why did you take only that ” I asked him.

” because swimming trunk is suitable for swimming and running without a need to change ” he replied me.

” so it was a swimming trunk not a boxer ” I said in my mind.” so I’ll advice you to also go for this option ” he added.

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” what about football ” I asked him.

” the school football team only train every Thursday at closing time so that students on the team can have chance to try out for other sports today ” he replied me.

We were in front of my locker and unlike the one for books, it has no password frame attached to it.

I opened it and also picked the swimming trunk inside it.

We moved farther from the locker and there was a demarcation for all classes with plywood more in a big cubicle form. It was just three and everyone had its inscription on it.
Science, Art and Commercial.

Philip opened the door and I saw all the guys in my class inside it with some strange faces.

” emir ” the guys started hailing Philip as he had swift shaking of hand with everyone inside the room. I only nodded my head and sat down on one of the benches inside it.

Some were already through with changing and they left .

It was kinda odd to me because I rarely change in front of anyone but I wade the odd feelings off as I started unbuttoning my shirt .

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After wearing the swimming trunk which clung tightly to my thigh, I felt like everyone was seeing my d–k because it made a huge bump inside the trunk.

” are you set ” Philip asked me when he was through .

” yeah ” I replied as I stood up from the bench and used my hand to cover my down part .

” you’re funny ” he said when he noticed I was covering my d–k.

” I feel like I’m kinda naked ” I told him and everyone remaining inside the dressing room bursted into laughter.

” you’ll get use to it ” Philip said also laughing.

We returned our school uniform into our locker.

We departed from our block and head to another block which had the inscription

” SPORT COMPLEX ” on it.

We entered and it was unlike anything I’ve seen before.

A table tennis court was visible at an angle, bowling court at another angle and different types of other sport courts was seen as we ascended different floors. The swimming pool was situated at the first floor.

I’ve only seen such kind of swimming pool on NTA where they’re always fond of showing recap of Olympic sports. The water was blue due to its background and was well segmented with thick ropes that had some marble looking stuffs attached to it in order for each swimmers to know their spots

There was a man who was wearing joggers and a green polo and had a note in his hand talking to students that were standing in front of him.
Both girls and boys, and with the different in size, it looked like both the junior and senior were all together.

” good morning instructor ” Philip greeted the man as we joined the students.

” I’ll select only the best to represent us at the state all sports competition that’s coming soon, so try to give your all ” the instructor rounded up his speech on that note before he dismissed everyone.

” instructor ” Philip called as he walked over to where the instructor was standing.

” how are you Philip ” the instructor said referring to Philip.

” I’m fine sir ” Philip replied smiling.

” don’t get too overconfident and give your all today, you know I’ll be picking only two students to represent the senior category and it will be a loss for us if you aren’t among the chosen ” he said to Philip.

” I know sir and I think I have the second person that’s going to the competition with me ” Philip said referring to me.

” good morning sir ” I greeted him.

” good morning and who are you ” the instructor asked me.

” I’m Benjamin, a new student ” I replied him.

” good, do you have any experience about swimming or you’ve been to any competition? ” he asked me.

” I’ve not been to any competition but I know how to swim ” I said and the man scoffed.

” you see son ” he said placing his hand on my shoulder.” swimming isn’t about going to play inside a river with your peers or having fun inside a swimming pool , or have you gotten an instructor to tutor you before ” he asked me.

” no but ”

” I’m afraid you won’t be able to participate in the competition, maybe next time after I’ve groomed you properly ” he said interrupting me.

” please give him a chance to prove himself sir” Philip said coming in for me.

” are you sure Philip ” he asked Philip.

” yes sir ” Philip replied.” he looked like someone who got potential ” Philip said staring at me.

” alright, but he’s gonna compete with the seniors now without any grooming from me, if he’s able to be among top two, then it’s a go for me ” the instructor said as he left us.

” thank you ” I appreciated Philip.

” appreciate me by making sure you don’t lose ” Philip said smiling.” and you’re my bro and I’ll always come in for you anytime “he added smiling and I was sure that he won my heart at that moment.

” let’s go get our swimming glasses ” he said as we head to a board which was hung on a wall and different type of eyeglasses was hung on it.

” the senior boys should gather here ” the instructor said standing beside the pool.

All the senior boys gathered around him. Some jumping up, some stretching and there was me staring at everyone of them not knowing what to do.

” You can’t compete at once, our pool can’t accommodate fourteen students at once, it will be seven at a time and only four students will qualify at a round and the last eight will compete for the final two spots ” he instructed us before he grouped us into two.

Philip was in another group different from mine and my group was asked to go first.

I made sure my glasses was firmly placed on my eye as we all took our positions.

” on your spot ” the coach screamed and I had to copy what my opponents was doing in order not to make a mistake.

” get set ” he screamed and everyone stretched their hands forward and I also did the same.

The whistle I didn’t know was in his hand went off and everyone jumped into the water. I was the last to jump in as i started swimming with all the speed I could muster. I was the first person to get to the latter end and stopped, thinking I had won but to my utmost surprise, when the rest got there, they made an amazing turn and used their legs to touch the end and started heading back to where we began.

” f–k ” I muttered as I returned to swimming but everyone was already in my front.

I thought my arm was going to dislocate from my shoulder with the way I was slamming it in the water in order to increase my speed but it was a campaign after election because I took the fifth position. It was almost a tie between me and the student that took the fourth position but his hand got out first.

I got out of the water with disappointment written all over my face.

” you tried, but maybe your real talent is getting girls like you got the perfect girl at the ritual ” Philip said teasingly and the event that occurred at the ritual filled my head again.

I remembered Azeezah and the thought how she must be fairing after what I did at the ritual filled my head.

” I wasn’t proud of that ” I screamed at Philip.