One Call Away Episode 31


When I was in Badagry, I don’t associate with many people but my neighbours were out of the equation. Tho we all ain’t on frequent speaking term but we still converse and outta my neighbours, there was a guy I got acquainted with, he’s a bachelor in the house, should be between twenty five and twenty seven years of age.

He was a plumber and tiler but you might even argue with him if you don’t see him in action that he’s a plumber when he tell you that was what he was doing . A handsome and cute guy with a great sense of dressing. Always neat and clean every time.

Tho apart from being a plumber and tiler, he’s got a side hustle which always take most of his night (IYKWIM) but he doesn’t allow this midnight job to tamper with his day job and his day job also serve as a perfect cover for his midnight job because no one can get suspicious of him except anyone he allowed to get a wiff of it like me.

His name is Solomon but I usually refer to him as brother Solomon because he’s older than me. He always gift me some of his clothes that are already rebelling against his size.
I always follow him to a football pitch located in one of the government owned nursery and primary school in the area in some evening where we always bet on football and the winner win the money but most time we always play set where the loser have to withdraw from the game while another team replace them .

The reason I got along well with brother Solomon was because of his age and he’s nice, tho he tried many time to inculcate me into his night hustle but I always tell him that it wasn’t the right time for me to join him, if I had stayed a year more in Badagry, I was sure to have join him because I’ve never for once see anything wrong in it and he’s not the lazy type who based all his life on it. He even promised to get me a phone when I start.

He also have Ps3 which I play in his room when nepa give us light and when he switch on his generator.

Brother Solomon is someone who’s got a knack for flexing, except if he’s got a contract which he had to use his Sunday for, he’s always nowhere to be found at home on Sunday.

He’s got many spots he always go but his favourite spot is Marina. He always tag me along most time. My mom liked him because he’s the gentle type, respectful and never found in the company of the bad boys in the neighbourhood and most importantly, he’s got a moderate job he’s doing, so mom never find any reason not to allow me in his company.

He was the one who thought me how to swim and forged me into a great swimmer. I didn’t train how to swim inside a pool or small river, I did it inside the ocean and I was sure I could challenge even a veteran swimmer to a swimming competition because of the confidence I built from been inside the large ocean, tho I might lose when it come to the displaying of skills, brother Solomon didn’t teach me that because he also forgot to learn it but I can still swim with my face facing the sky.

When going to Marina, brother Solomon is always in the company of one of his three girlfriends and on many occasions, I’ve gotten drunk on the smirnoff or Snapp I always order if he didn’t order wine but beer.

And when this happen, brother Solomon would either make us trek from marina in Badagry to Ajara Topa where our house is situated and before we get home, my eye would already be cleared but we always do this when we leave the venue early in the evening but if it’s already late, the next prescription from brother Solomon would be the ordering of a very pepperish pepper soup not minding how many I’ve already had when we got there and after taking the pepper soup, he would asked me to join the peeps dancing and since I’m already high, I always dance like it was a competition where the best dancer would win one million naira.

Brother Solomon was sure to always record me on his phone and we would laugh about it when I’m sober. His two prescription always work and by the time I get home after licking tomtom, mom wouldn’t be able to find out I took anything alcoholic. Brother Solomon always make sure I get home sober because he doesn’t want to look like a bad influence and he liked my company because I’m a coded guy according to him. It pained that I couldn’t bid him bye when I left Badagry because he was out of the state for one of his work during that time.

I’ve been drunk many times to know when I’m off limit. But what was surprising was that I’ve built my immunity against alcoholic substance to a stage where two cups of whatever alcoholic drink was served should not have hit me at that velocity. I always consume more than seven bottles of smirnoff or Snapp and some time take from the gin brother Solomon brought before my eye always start turning on its own.

I paused on my track as I tried to steady my gaze and get a hold of myself. I knew what I needed was to sweat everything out but I need a pepperish substance to enhance the sweating. I decided to settle for dancing with the absence of a pepperish substance. It was at that same time dj Oscar hit a hot party mixtape, I jumped up as I mingled more into the students and started dancing like someone who was set ablaze.

I even felt a lady’s ass on my d–k, grinding me, I was too lost in the dance to do something about it and with the way the room was dark and my eye half shut, I didn’t know who the girl was and I left her to do her thing since we’re in the mood of party.

After dancing for over fifteen minutes, the song’s volume was reduced and we all stopped dancing, the girl disappeared at once and I couldn’t see who she was but she was a great dancer and knew the real usage of her waist and ass.

” hello guys ” Philip started talking as the volume of the song was at an echo range. He was standing beside the dj as a spotlight suddenly shone on him.

” as ya’ll know that the party was organised because of Azeezah, one of our very own by I the emir of ss2 and my classmates in order to honour her time among us because today was her last day in school, if it had been glass cups in your hands, I would have asked us to clink to her but since we can’t do that, I want an ovation for her as she drop her last speech ” he said and everyone started clapping as Philip handed her the microphone in his hand.

The spotlight was now on her and I could see her clearly. I could tell that I was already sober and any attempt at disgracing my village people was already off.

She was wearing a fitted armless red gown, which was barely below her thigh, her hair had been remake , she was wearing a high heel shoe and she was d–n hot and extremely beautiful.

I missed out on almost all her speech as I was focused more on her body than what she’s uttering.

” I know I’m not the type of girl who’s sociable with everyone but thank ya’ll for been here to bid me bye and I’ll miss ya’ll especially my classmates and my reputable emir, and I also want to thank someone who made me know the real pleasure associated to love and also made me know what true love mean in just a day, he’s stood up for me, fought for me and made me happy, I’m sure everyone already know who I’m talking about because I’m sure my picture trend beyond my class, he’s been here since but wouldn’t show his face but I’m sure he would be hearing me now, so Ben you can come out of your hiding now ” she said smiling.

” thank ya’ll for this, hope we all meet in future in one piece ” she rounded her speech on that note before handing the microphone back to Philip.

” the party will come to an end on the dot of five and please make sure you don’t leave condoms on the floor of the rooms you used or else I will be left with no option than to shut those six room’s door, keep the booze going and once again, don’t take over a cup and my sincerest apology for the lack of minced meat, I ordered it but I didn’t know what went wrong, so let’s just manage the drink like that and ss2c, don’t be in rush to leave when it’s five, dj Oscar, please hit that dial” he said and the music went back on.

” hello pretty ” I greeted Azeezah as I got to where she was standing.

She wrapped her arm around my neck and kissed me deeply at once, I pulled her closer to me by her waist as I wrapped my arm around it as we continued kissing deeply.

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” wow ” she exclaimed as we disengaged the kiss.” been anticipating for that since ” she said smiling

” you’re beautiful ” I complemented her.

” I looked beautiful for you only ” she said smiling.

” thank you my love ” I said also smiling.

” so where have you been hiding since ” she asked me staring into my eye.

” I was dancing after I mistakenly got high on whatever was put inside those red cups shared ” I replied her.

” wait, you got high on just a sip of Philip’s special ” she said laughing.

” I gulped down two cups at once ” I retorted.

” what ” Azeezah exclaimed. ” and you’re not misbehaving now ” she said looking surprised.

” I’ve handled worse ” I said smiling.” but what the hell is inside that drink ” I asked her.

” no one know except Philip, that’s why it’s called Philip’s special and everyone knows well to sip it bit by bit till you’re through with it ” she replied me. ” enough of the talking ” she added as she held my hand.” let’s go ” she said as she led the way.

We took the staircase to the first floor, we got to a room and she unlocked the room with a key I didn’t know was in her hand.

” this is Philip brother’s room and he allowed us to use it” she said as we entered the room.

The room looked more likely like mine except for the Fc Barcelona wallpaper and some musician’s wallpaper pasted on the wall.

She took off her shoe as we entered the room and she locked the door.

” what are we doing here ” I asked her feigning not to know the reason we’re there.

” shhh” she whispered as she placed her index finger on my lip. She withdrew her finger as she replaced it with her lip.

She placed my hands on her butt as she kissed me more ferociously this time.

I was trying to object but I got to know then that kissing was my weak point.
The more she explored my mouth, lest I could find strength to resist her as i lifted her up and without disengaging the kiss, I took her to the king size bed inside the room and gently dropped her on it.

I laid on her as we continued kissing and she wrapped her legs on my back to pin me more to her.

We disengaged the kiss and we both stared into each other’s eye with lust written all over it for some seconds before she pulled my ash polo and I stretched my hands forward to make it easy taking it off and she did the same to my white singlet.

I lowered my head down as I started kissing her neck, she started letting out a soft moan as she shut her eye.
Her breath started becoming irregular, I traced ny hand to her back and slightly pulled down the zip on her clothes which made the cloth loose.

I pulled it down a bit to reveal her bra, she was wearing a pink bra.
Without taking it off, I kissed her cleavage before I returned back to kissing her neck.

” do you really want this ” I whispered into her ear.

” yeah ” she moaned out.

” let’s stop for a while ” I said as I got down from her body and sat beside her. She opened her eye and saw her cloth loose, her first instinct swing into action as she swiftly got the clothes to cover her exposed bra.

She’s a virgin, probably not seen naked by any guy, what I presumed she would do if she find herself naked beside a guy for the first time was to first try to cover herself up and she did it.

I knew it wasn’t the solution to the problem, she loved me and I was sure it was just her first instinct that caused it but she love me, she’s gonna get comfortable and wouldn’t even mind me seeing below her pant.

” you’re not ready you see ” I kickstarted the next part of the plan.

” I am ” she retorted.

” then why did you cover yourself up when you opened your eye and saw that your clothes is off your body ” I asked staring at her and she let the cloth drop from her hand so that her bra is visible again.

” I did that because it was the first time I’m naked in front of a guy ” she replied me as she placed her hand on my chest.

” I know ” I said as I scoffed.” but you’re still not ready ” I added.

” why ” she asked.

” firstly, the main reason we’re doing this is wrong, it’s just because of your personal vendetta with your dad, don’t get me wrong, I know you love me enough to allow me have sex with you if I ask you for it but the motive for it now is wrong and I’m sure a part of you is screaming at you that this is wrong and you shouldn’t push through with it but you’re suppressing that voice because you wanted to think what you are doing is right ” I explicated and she was silent.

” I love you so much to defy or take advantage of you because of what’s happening to you and even in the future,you might be lucky not to marry Mohammed and find someone who you’ll love more than you do to me and you’ll happily have him take you without a voice screaming at you that it’s wrong, and then you’ll remember today and will offer a silent prayer for me ” I said smiling.

” what if I later end up with Mohammed ” she asked.

” then you can come to me and I promise you, even if I’m married, I’ll take you to bed and make love to you with all the love I’ve gotten for you in my heart ” I said and at that moment, I meant what I said but a part of me was sure that she wasn’t going to end up with Mohammed.

” Azeezah ” I called out as I held her two hands, tears was already strolling down from her face.

” please stop crying ” I said as I used my hand to clean her face. If she had been the type that use makeup, her face would have been messed up.

” please promise me that you won’t be coerced to make a decision against your will because of the way your dad is treating you ” I said staring into her eye.

” one, you’re right about the voice but me wanting to have sex with you might have to do with my dad but a part of my heart still support it because I love you and want you to be the one taking my virginity but I’m promising you that I wouldn’t make any negative decision because I want to get back at my dad again and I love you ” she said as she kissed me.

” I will be the most luckiest person on earth if I later end up with you, a guy like you is scarce, you’re one in a million, I don’t think any guy will see this kinda opportunity and miss it ” she said smiling.

” maybe I’m impotent ” I said humorously.

” then you must have a placed a big hard stick in your trouser ” she retorted smiling.

” you might be right ” I said laughing

I helped her to zip up her dress before we started cuddling and kissing again till it was few minutes past five before we finally exited the room.

By the time we got down, the party was already down and almost all the students had gone. All the faces I was seeing was that of my classmates. The music was playing at a low volume and Oscar wasn’t at his position again.
Everyone was sitting down.

” we’ve been waiting for the two of you since ” Philip said as we got closer to them.

” why ” I asked with a confused countenance.

” so that we can start our ritual ” he said smiling mischievously.

” ritual biti bawo ” I didn’t know when that escaped my lip in my local dialect.

To be continued…