One Call Away Episode 18


I smiled as I stared at her.

” we’re good now since you’ve taken your revenge ” I said still smiling.

” yeah but that doesn’t mean I won’t smoke you in the future again ” she said smiling.

” and as the emir of this class, I pronounce you two husband and wife ” I heard someone say, I was sure the voice was that of Philip but I didn’t not know who he was referring to because I was staring at Gina when he said so. The class suddenly started clapping as I raised my head up and saw that he’s pointing at the two of us.

” what ” I asked looking perplexed but Gina only placed her head on the desk and shut her eye.

” Bengin 2021 ” one of the guy said aloud to contradict the issue.

” I love that ” Philip said smiling.

” place your head on the desk or else you’ll keep giving them inspiration to keep talking ” Gina whispered to me opening her eye.

I smiled as I placed my head on the desk.

” Is that the reason you placed your head on the desk ” I asked her in a whisper.

” yeah, if you had placed your head on the desk when I placed mine on it, that idiot wouldn’t have thought of Bengin 2021 ” she replied me also in a whisper .

” you’re really funny in this class ” I whispered. ” is every days always like this ” I asked her.

” you can say that, but class was more interesting than this when Azeez was still in school ” she replied me.

” oh, Azeez is the name of the guy I’m replacing in this class? ” I asked her.

” yeah and he’s my ex, we broke up few days before he dropped out of school and now there’s no chance of us getting back because it’s late ” she said I knew she’s emotional about it because of the change in her tone.

” sorry ” I said when I couldn’t find the right word to comfort her.

” you’re funny ” she said smiling. ” are you the one behind our breakup ” she asked still smiling.

” I’m not ” I replied like a nerdy guy ” but don’t worry, now that I’m here, you won’t miss him again ” I said confidently.

” is that a proposal ” she asked raising her head up from the desk.

” no, no, I, I didn’t mean it that way ” I stuttered as I also took my head off the desk.

” then how do you mean it ” she asked and I began to feel nervous.

” I was just joking ” she said smiling when she noticed my reaction.

” good ” I muttered and heaved a sigh of relief.

” are you not a guy, why are you feeling nervous over such a trivial joke ” she asked me.

” I don’t want to look like a pervert on my first day in school ” I replied her.

” you’re right, first impression matters a lot to me ” she said smiling.

I suddenly noticed the class was awkwardly silent unlike when we first raised our heads up.

In a slow motion manner, I turned my head to look at everyone and I was surprised to see everyone staring at Gina and I.

” this guys ” I said smiling.

” Look at the cute young couples, I go love o ” Philip sitting partner said smiling.

” what’s cute about them ” Happy suddenly tilted her head backward to ask the girl.

” don’t mind them my love ” Philip said to her smiling. Happy only blinked her eye rapidly at the girl before she sat properly.

” hello class ” a young lady said as she entered the class with a textbook and a higher education note in her hand.

” good morning ma ” I greeted standing up and all the class suddenly turned their gaze towards me, that was when I noticed that I was the only one that replied her greeting and to downgrade myself more, I stood up.

I knew the lady was also shocked as she stood transfixed to the position she was standing. Shamefully, I sat down back.

” we don’t do that here ” Gina said smiling.

” are you a new student ” the teacher asked as she dropped the stuffs in her hand on the large desk in front of the class.

” yes ” I replied her.

” are you the student with the proprietor this morning ” she asked me.

” yes ” I replied her.

” what’s your name ” she asked me.

” I’m Benjamin Salako ” I replied her.

” I’m Mrs Adegoke Adenike, your government teacher ” she introduced herself to me ” and please make sure to always inform me when you don’t understand whatever I teach you and if I in anyway mistakenly discomfort you, please don’t hesitate to tell me so that I can rectify my mistake ” she said to me and I knew Mr Popoola must have said something, or she might have overhead his discussion with the principals earlier in front of the staff office .

” okay ” I replied her.

” alright ” she said as she started flipping the pages of the notebook she brought.

She took one of the board markers on the desk and wrote Government on the upper section of the white board.

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” our topic for today is public administration and under it, we’ll be taking Civil service ” she was talking and writing on the board at once.

” not bad ” I whispered.

” what’s that ” Gina asked me.

” nothing ” I replied smiling.
The reason I whispered ” not bad ” was because I thought with the way they’re teaching sessions was awkward, they should also be lagging behind in their syllabus but they’re still on point with their syllabus.
We treated Civil service under Public administration on my last day in my school and according to our government teacher there and the syllabus he gave us at the beginning of the term, we’re supposed to continue with public administration on Friday which I wasn’t chanced to continue with them because I dropped out of the school and here I am in another school to have the revision of what I did on Wednesday before proceeding to the continuation segment.

I flipped open the government note and it was the same as the literature note.

I still find it hard to believe even tho I had the visual concept in front of me.
I remembered when I joined my former school in jss3, I was asked to complete the note for the term I missed, if not for my mom’s help, my fingers might have been paralyzed by those wicked people.

The teaching wasn’t bad and it was lively. Maybe all government class are cursed to be lively not minding the teacher or school it’s been taught.
Exactly eleven thirty, the teacher brought the class to an end. No bell was rung to dissolve the class like it was in my former school.

Some teachers might even be aware that they’re way above the time stipulated for their period for teaching but without the jingling of the bell, they’ll keep on teaching till Jesus touch their heart and plead on our behalf, especially our mathematics teacher, Mr Adisa. That man doesn’t mind using four periods at a go.

” I’m coming ” Gina said to me as she stood up and exited the class.

I focused my gaze on Happy expecting her to turn her head backward to look at me but she didn’t.

” wad up bro ” one of the guy in the class said and sat at Gina’s portion of the seat without asking for my permission.

” I’m good, you ” I asked him.

” same here ” he replied.

” I’m Oscar ” he said offering a handshake.

“I’m Ben ” I said receiving the handshake.

” I know ” he said kinda rudely as he seemed to be observant of his area.
He suddenly moved closer to me amd deepened his hand into his pocket and brought out a phone and placed it inside my desk.

” what’s that ” I asked as I placed my hand inside the desk to bring the phone out but he suddenly held my hand.

” don’t bring it out ” he said in a whisper.

” why ” I asked looking petrified.

” because it’s Philip phone, I stole it to teach him a lesson, let it be with you till closing time, no one will suspect that you’ve got it with you, and trust me, I’ll give you your share when I sell it ” he said and I could tell that he was anxious and scared as he kept glancing around his surrounding every time.

” no, I don’t want in on this act, take it away and I’ll forget ever hearing you say what you just said ” I said in a whisper

” please help me bro, this is my only chance of payback for what Philip did to me ” he said in a pleading tone.

” please, I don’t want to know whatever it is that transpired between the two of you but please count me out of this ” I said as I took the phone out and discreetly return it into his pocket.

” okay, but please promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this ” he said staring at me.

” I promise you ” I said and he stood up and went outside.

Gina took long before she return and during the time she’s out, I took my Othello book and started rereading it.

She came in few minutes to twelve.
I didn’t notice that a speaker was inside the class until an alarm tone blared out from it and after the tone, a voice said ” lunch period ” before the speaker went silent.

” it’s time to eat “Gina said smiling..

” attention please ” Philip said as he walked to the front of the class. ” I just noticed now that my phone has been stolen or someone without my permission had helped me to keep it and I’m sure the person is inside this class, so if y’all don’t mind, I’m going to check everyone’s desk and every guy’s pocket and no one is permitted to leave the class until I’m through.

No one protested against his decision. I swiftly located the guy that performed the deed with my eye and I saw that he was inside the class, sweating, even tho the class temperature was been regulated by the air condition inside it.

He checked every desk, even mine and didn’t find it.

” since it’s not inside the desk, I’m sure y’all know that we’ve got to make a brief stop in our locker room before anyone will be allowed to go to the cafeteria ” he said after he’s futile with his effort of locating it inside the desk and our pocket.

Like a cattle been ushered by a fulani, we all marched down to our locker room.

He started calling everyone from number one to open their locker.
I was surprised when the guy that stole the phone opened his locker and the phone wasn’t there.

When he got to number ten which was my locker, he didn’t bother to call me as he jumped to number eleven and twelve.

” looks like the person is very smart, he or she didn’t hide it here ” he said disappointedly when he couldn’t find the phone.

” but I promise the person that unless he or she doesn’t use the phone, that’s how I’m not gonna catch him or her, but if you dare use it, then you’re gone ” he said with a threaten remark in his tone .

” why did you leave out the new comer’s locker, he could be the thief ” one of the girl said accusingly and I felt like slapping her.

” keep your stinking mouth shut, Ben isn’t a thief ” Gina lambasted the girl in my defense.

” okay, okay ” Philip said to settle the uprising dispute.

” I know Ben can’t or didn’t steal my phone but to kill off any agent of doubt growing in anyone’s stomach, I’ll also check his locker ” he said staring at me.

” Ben, come here and insert your pin ” he said to me and I did as he said.

” 4,3,2,1 ” I inserted my pin on the small monitor on my locker and open it. And magically, a phone which I was sure I didn’t put there was on my book having a nice time there .

” f–k ” I muttered loudly.