One Call Away Episode 17


Happy’s p.o.v

I couldn’t eat normally inside the cafeteria as my mind was somewhere else.

Taking my breakfast in school every monday had became a tradition which must be observed by Chris and I. Susan was granted off day every Sundays and she doesn’t return before we’re off to school on Monday.
Tho Mrs Salako prepared breakfast for us but I didn’t know she’s gonna prepare it and I woke up late like I always do every Monday. Only Chris had his breakfast that morning.

” what’s wrong with you ” Oluchi my eating partner and also my best friend asked me when she noticed how I was shaming the noodles and egg I had in front of me with the fork in my hand .

” nothing ” I replied her but I was waiting for Ben.

I was expectant to see him inside the cafeteria because I was certain that he didn’t eat breakfast too before we set for school but it’s already forty minutes past eight and he’s nowhere to be found. could it be that he’s return home with dad or he’s not offered admission in the school but I don’t think that it’s possible because dad’s a close friend with our proprietor and I’m sure all the strings would have been pulled. He might not even write any entrance exam.

The alarm bell jingled from the speaker inside the cafeteria to depict the end of the breakfast period and I was yet too be through with my meal.

” why is your face pale ” Oluchi asked me as we return to class.

” nothing, I’m alright ” I replied her trying hard to feign a smile

” you’re not alright, are you sick ” she asked me.

” No, I’m hundred percent alright ” I replied her.

” what’s wrong with my first lady ” Philip joked as he saw me entered the class.

I swiftly glanced around the class to see if he’s already in the class but my heart sank more as he’s no where to be found.

” nothing ” I shrugged as I sat down.

” what’s wrong with her ” I heard Philip asked Oluchi his sitting partner and their chair and desk was directly behind mine.

Philip is the glory of the ss2 class, tall, handsome, has a great sense of humor, best footballer, swimmer and runner in the school, and he’s also brilliant to crown all the abilities.
He’s every girl’s crush except me because I already had someone who can’t be replaced in my heart.

It was sure that he’s the next senior prefect of the school because no one come close to him, even among the science students in the school.
Philip already informed me about his feelings for me but I declined it in a manner which I was sure wouldn’t break his heart and temper with our friendship .

” I don’t know, she’s been moody since we’ve been in the cafeteria and I’ve asked her more than a hundred time what’s wrong with her but her reply to the hundred times was that nothing is wrong with her ” Oluchi replied her.

” Happy, Happy ” Samuel, my sitting partner teased as he entered the class.
I saw him in the cafeteria with some of his friends from another class.

” hi ” I greeted him absent mindedly.

” who drank her tea ” Samuel turned to ask Oluchi and Philip.

” it seems she woke up on the wrong side of the bed ” Philip replied smiling.

” maybe her husband don divorce her ” Oluchi said laughing.

” the husband you married her to abi ” Philip retorted with a hiss.

” good morning class ” Mr Dandy our literature in English teacher said loudly to announce his presence as he entered the class.

My eye was stationed on the doorway throughout the teaching. I knew I was embarking on the same journey I embarked on, on Friday which made me gain nothing throughout all the classes

I heaved a sigh of relief as a smile graced my lip as Miss Tife, our youngest hot principal and my prince in shining armor, standing behind her entered the class.

The introduction was short and Ben was finally in my class.

My mood changed at once and my face received its lost color.

” so how are you doing ” I asked Samuel.

” looks like one knot have gotten off from your brain this morning ” Samuel said staring at me weirdly.

But my happiness was cut short when I glanced at Ben and saw that he’s engaged himself in discussion with Gina.

Gina used to be my bestfriend since I started the school in jss1. We do things together, even go home together because our house was closer to each other.

But things suddenly change when we got to ss1 because I did better than her in the qualifying examination.
Our ability was the same and our percentage in every exam is always the same or just a bit different, but in the qualifying examination, dad promised to take me and Chris on a tour to any European country of our choice if I do beyond extraordinary in the qualifying examination and I’ve been wanting to go to Israel for a long time but dad wouldn’t let me. So I saw that as a chance to finally make my dream come through.

I studied hard, even had to sacrifice some of my night and my hard work yield when the result was out. I had A1 all round while she had just five A’s, three B and one C.

She started backbiting me, even revealing some of the secrets I had with her and our friendship finally got fully murdered when we had a hair pulling fight inside the class.

Philip was always with the highest percentage in class and the second highest percentage has always been a war to fight for between Gina and I, and to be honest, it was a battle of the same power because we always end up with the same percentage no matter how hard I try.

Seeing the one who had captured my whole heart been frenzy with my stack enemy made me angry. They talked as if they’ve known themselves before.

When I knew Ben would be coming to my school, I knew there’s higher percentage that he’ll be in my class because of the fresh exit of Azeez, Gina’s sitting partner.

I tried to pull some string so that Samuel will start sitting with her but Samuel was unwilling to change his seat and Gina was also not ready for any sitting partner

” could it be ” I said aloud on remembering that Ben’s head was injured in her house. Dad told me when Ben was returned to the house that he was found in Mr David’s house.

” could it be what ” Samuel asked staring at me ridiculously.

” nothing ” I replied him.

” hmmm ” Samuel sighed shaking his head.

” but she’s supposed to be in school on that day ” I said to myself. ” was Gina in school the day I was absent from school ” I asked Samuel.

” are you asking me ” he asked staring at me weirdly.

” no, I’m asking your twin brother behind you ” I said with a stern face.

” I can’t really remember but I think she was not in school because we were all teasing her that day that maybe the two of you had gone to WWE to settle the beef between the two of you inside the ring ” he replied smiling.

” idiot ” I muttered softly.

Philip must have noticed how I was staring at Ben because Mr Dandy was barely out of the class before he’s with him and Gina .

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Ben’s p.o.v

” why is no teacher coming in ” I asked Philip.

” because we’re resting and getting our brain ready for the next subject whose teacher will be here at ten thirty ” he replied me.

” wow ” I exclaimed. ” so you mean, you rest for thirty minutes after every teacher leave your class ” I asked him.

” no, we only rest in the morning because that’s the only time we’ve got two subjects, just a subject in the afternoon and we’re done ” he added like it was something normal.

” this is strange ” I said not hiding the fact that I was surprised at weird teaching technique the school is using. I wondered how easy it will be for them to complete their syllabus because in my former school where we treat at least five subjects a day, some teachers always find it hard to complete their syllabus.

” what’s strange about it ” he asked staring at me.

” nothing ” I said smiling before I embarrass myself.

” alright, your initiation will come soon, gat to go now, and if you need anything, either a buddy to hangout with or wanna ask about something confusing you about the school, you’re free to call on your emir ” he said smiling.

” Gina the new wife ” he said teasing Gina

” better leave me now ” Gina said frowning her face.

” you know I can’t leave you na, I was created to create troubles for you ” Philip said smiling.

” and I was created to end you ” Gina said smiling.

” I don’t have your time now ” Philip said before he left us.

” Gina ” I called her name smiling but she didn’t respond . ” are you angry with me ” I asked her pulling her arm.

” stop disturbing me, I can’t borrow you twenty naira, I don’t go around carrying such useless currency with me ” she said loudly and everyone suddenly had their gaze fixed on us.

” mad oo ” I heard Philip murmured before everyone bursted into laughter and I buried my head down in shame .

” welcome to the craziest class in Valley ” she whispered to me smiling.