One Call Away Episode 16


good morning ” I greeted the girl as I sat beside her.

” morning ” she said smiling.

” you ” I exclaimed on seeing her face.

” how is your head ” she asked smiling.

” well, I can’t even remember that I was hit ” I replied her as I dropped the stuffs in my hand on the desk.

” that’s good ” she said smiling.” it’s nice to finally meet you, wanted to apologize to you for the gateman’s act ” she said and it looked like she mean it.

” it’s okay and you ain’t the one who hit me with a club on my head and I was also kinda wrong so everything’s all settled ” I said to her.

” I’m David Gina ” she said introducing hereslf.

” and I’m Benjamin Salako but you can call me Ben ” I said to her smiling ” I’ll have a hell of note to copy ” I said as I picked the literature in English notebook and opened it. ” wow ” I exclaimed as I flipped the pages.

Someone had helped me updated the note and according to the date on the last topic, the person updated to last week Thursday and I was sure that’s gonna be the last class they had for literature before the one that’s currently going on.

” it’s the duty of the school to update the notes of new students to the last topic, it will be frigging hard and impossible to start writing the notes by yourself ” she said when she noticed how surprised I was on seeing the updated note.

” looking at it from another point of view, one can say Othello is more of an action man than intellectual man ” I heard Mr Dandy say and I knew they’re treating Othello.

I smiled as I checked through the literature texts I got from the locker and took out Othello written by William Shakespeare from it. Tho I was already through with all the literature texts from my previous school but revision ain’t a bad thing.
And he’s right, Othello is only capable of using his strength and not his brain.

” and we’ve come to the end of today teaching ” Mr Dandy said exactly at the dot of ten.

Two wall clocks was present inside the classroom and I noticed Mr Dandy gazing at one of the two wall clocks every seconds before he stopped the class. It looked like there’s a policy that curb going beyond the stipulated time for one’s period. Unlike my school in Badagry where some teachers can go to the extreme of using some of the time stipulated for breaktime and we students have nothing to do about this than curse inwardly for the teacher then curse him or her aloud when he or she leave.

I don’t normally go out for breaktime but I love been free inside the class during the time for break instead of one teacher using his or her veto power to steal out of the time meant for my own rest.

” how was the class ” Gina asked me smiling..

” it wasn’t boring and it’s cool ” I replied her.

” if you don’t find it wierd and not boring then you’re wierd ” Gina said smiling.

” I’m the weirdest creature you’ve come across on the planet ” I said to her smiling

” I know, because a normal person won’t run away from house because of a trivial matter and run into my apartment to get his head hit by a club ” she said laughing.

” you’re not serious ” I said smiling.

” hello guys ” a guy’s voice suddenly interrupted us. I raised my head up to see who it was.

” hello ” I said on seeing the guy.

” I’m Philip, the emir of this class ” he said smiling.

” and I’m Ben, one of your subject ” I retorted humorously.

” you two seem to know yourselves before ” Philip said referring to Gina and me.

” yeah ” Gina was swift to reply him” he’s one of the guys crushing on me ” she added smiling

” really ” Philip asked smiling.

” yes na, he even had the gut to run into my house to confess his feeling for me ” Gina replied. I was short of words as I stared at the two of them like they’re speaking in a different language which I don’t understand.

” is that true ” Philip asked me.

” she’s just joking ” I replied him.

” awn, and you’re even denying it ” Gina said smiling. ” ask him if he didn’t ran into my compound ” she said to Philip.

” did you run into her house truly ” Philip asked me smiling.

” yes I did but it was for another purpose not the one she’s claiming ” I protested.

” hello guys ” Philip said raising his voice and all eye turned towards our direction.

I was surprised to how he was able to get their attentions, something Mr Dandy and miss Tife wasn’t able to do.
He’s really the class emir, I concluded in my mind .

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” let us welcome another Gina’s crush to our midst ” he said aloud smiling and everyone except Happy and Gina started laughing . Gina was smiling while Happy was looking at me with a wierd expression.

I couldn’t be less embarrassed as I brought my head down.

Tho Gina was beautiful but I wasn’t crushing on her and having such influence on my first day ain’t good for my personality. Some of the guys stood up and started making loud whistling sound with their mouth.

” please ” I said aloud standing up and magically, everyone kept quiet as they all stared at me. ” firstly I’m Ben, and I’m also fun to be with ” I said smiling. ” and lastly, Gina is my friend in a complicated manner but I’m sure not crushing on her, her level is below the level of girls I date ” I had said it before my brain informed me that I had just savaged her.

” whooooooo ” the class all chorus in unison, some placing their hands on their head. I could see Happy smiling. Gina suddenly pulled me down and stood up.

” a self defense from him when I didn’t give him my number after several trials from him ” she said smiling.

” dry ” one of the guys said aloud and everyone bursted into laughter.

” and the winner of the savagery is Ben the crusher ” Philip said in a humorous manner and everyone bursted into laughter.

” you’re dead ” Gina said wrapping her arm around my neck.

My notion about private school with rich pampered kids was proved wrong by my classmates. I always thought them to be innocent and stupid unlike we the students of public school that got madness running through our vein, don’t know about other private schools or classes in the school, but my classmates seemed to be rich young thugs.

” I didn’t mean to do that ” I said smiling..

” If you want me to release you, tell the class that I’m your crush ” she said applying force to her arm.

” alright, I’ll do that ” I said feigning to be in severe pain from her act.

” good boy ” she said smiling as she released her arm.

” I was lying earlier ” I said standing up again.

” she seemed a bit qualified for the girls I date but please help me to beg her to stop threatening me to date her, I’m a priest for Christ sake ” I added smiling and the class was filled with another torrents of laughter.

” knockout ” Philip said in a humorous manner.

” you’re hereby evicted from my seat with immediate effect ” Gina said placing her legs on the chair so that I won’t be able to sit down.

” and as the emir of this class ” I revoke the order with immediate effect ” Philip said with a serious countenance.

” I’m not under your jurisdiction ” Gina said smiling.

” take your legs or we use you as our next barbecue discussion ” Philip said smiling and I could see the boys of the class grinning too.

” you can’t do that to me, I’ve gotten an alliance with the chef na ” Gina said frustratingly.

” that one doesn’t concern me oo ” Philip said stressing the ‘o’

” barbecue is delicious ” one of the boys in the class said licking his tongue.

With Gina’s reaction towards the barbecue discussion, I concluded in my mind that the barbecue is not something cool.

” we’ll soon impeach you ” Gina said as she took her legs away from the seat

” I’m here to stay love ” Philip said smiling.

” fool ” Gina said blinking her eyelash.

” who’s willing to switch position with me ” Gina asked standing up.

” me ” Happy said as she also stood up.

” me ” another pretty girl said standing up.

Every girls in the class was pretty and same goes to boys too, they all looked handsome and I would have asked for a change of class even if I was a bit ugly.

” forget it ” she said sitting down back.

” you’re yet to be admitted into this class, you still have the initiation process left ” Philip moved closer and whispered into my ear.

” initiation ” I muttered looking confused.

” don’t look like that big boy, it’s not a big matter, if you ain’t endorsed to be in this class, we’ll just send you out and you’ll be admitted into ss2 D or E which is also for Art students but trust me, none of those classes can be half fun as here ” he replied confusing me more.

” but why is no teacher coming in ” I asked myself inwardly looking confused.