Ogechi And I Episode 35


​Cynthia stood still like a dead tree with her hands on her head as though she was surrendering to the cops, and her eyes wide open in utter amazement. She studied the image on my laptop very well to be sure if it was really a live image or a wallpaper. Her doubt was cleared when she saw a girl breathing in and out noticeably. She was shocked! She looked at me as though trying to figure out if it was really me or someone else, for she hadn’t expected me to be of such behavior, neither had she observed or noticed anything pointing to the fact that I was capable of doing what she thought I was doing. I, on the other hand had already wore the guilty look on my face, and that confirmed her suspicion, though her suspicion was wrong. She turned to me and screamed;
“Seriously?! You’re flirting with a prostitute on the internet!? Jesusboy is this what you do!? Wait a minute, is this really happening? Are you really flirting with a prostitute on the internet? All these while I thought of you to be the most noble and respectable man I’ve ever seen in my life and have held you in high regard, only to discover otherwise today? Answer me you b—–d! So you prefer a prostitute on the internet to me!? Oh MY GOSH! How pathetic! You are a b—–d! You b—–d! You coward! Son of a biitch! You are a p—–t! Bloody a-s-whole! I have had it up to my neck this time. I can take anything from you but not this unimaginable crap” Cynthia said, pointing at my laptop. “How did you even fool me into believing you’re more than the dung you really are?”” I wish the earth would just open up and swallow this corpse you call a body.” “Why won’t God just withdraw his breath from you and d–n you dark soul? You devil’s incarnate!”
Cynthia screamed various unwholesome names at me, accusing me of flirting with a prostitute on the internet. Apparently, she didn’t recognize the Image on the other end or perhaps was too outraged to take a careful look. She was unto me with slaps, hits and punches. She threw whatever she found on me; pillow, hanger, creams and anything she laid hands on. 
That wasn’t enough. She held onto the collar of my pajamas in tears and bitterness. If there was a gun close by, she would have shot me to death. As she jumped on me, I fell on the bed with her on top of me, punching and attacking me by all means possible. The kind of strength she exhibited that night baffled me. I never knew she was that strong. She didn’t even look that strong. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t that strong. But I guess the beast in her was awoken by the night’s incident.
I didn’t do much to defend myself because I wanted her to display all her anger on me until she cooled off. But instead of her rage diminishing, it was increasing by every passing moment. She even pressed my head against the bed with a pillow as though she wanted to kill me. That was when I knew she was out of control and pushed her off me. I got up from the bed and she continued her attack on me. 
Her maids heard the sound of falling items in my room and rushed upstairs to see what was really happening. Cynthia’s eyes were blood cold. She looked like a serial killer who was bent on taking my life away in the cruelest way ever. She never stopped coming after me to hurt me. Her maids intervened by holding fast to her to prevent her from continuing with the havoc. I voiced out sorry words as they held onto her but it wasn’t getting into her head. She had gone GAGA, and the only thing that could calm her down was perhaps my death.
Eventually her anger subsided, and she began to pay attention to my plea. I begged Cynthia with tears in my eyes to forgive all I had caused her. I told her I didn’t know it was going to get to that.
“It is not in my nature to hurt people my dear Cynthia” I said. “If I had known the future will play out this way, I would have prevented the emotions that aroused love between us. If there is any wonderful woman in this whole world, that is you Cynthia. You are the epitome of beauty that princesses envy. Kings will gladly share their kingdoms with you without fear of anything. And the young girls’ desire is to be like none other but you. I was also of the school of thoughts that angels only dwell in heaven with God and never come down to earth except on assignment, but changed those believes when I got to know you. Even at that, calling you an angel would be an understatement because angels are messengers. You, my dear Cynthia, are more than a messenger. You are a queen in many kingdoms, and it will be to the honor of any man who is able to secure himself a place in your heart. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would, and undo all the wrongs I’ve done to you. Breaking your heart is one thing I would never do, even with a gun pointed to my head. But I’m afraid the situation on ground outweighs the dread of gun point.
I said a whole lot of stuff that was way beyond mere apology for flirting with a girl on the internet, and she got confused. As I kept confessing nonstop, Cynthia screamed at me to STOP! It was obvious to her that there was more to my words than mere apologies, and she wanted to be sure what it was. So she screamed “STOP!” and that finally woke Ogechi up on the other end since the call was still on while all these were happening. 
During my little wrestle with Cynthia, things had scattered in the room and we ended up at the edge of the room where Cynthia’s maids held her as I apologized. When Ogechi heard Cynthia’s scream and woke up, she looked to her device and saw that the call was still on. She could hear voices but couldn’t see anyone, as our location in the room was away from the laptop’s cam. Out of curiosity she called out to me while I was still trying to explain things to Cynthia.
 Cynthia had thought all the while that she was a prostitute. Ogechi’s voice halted our conversation. Everyone paused and turned to the laptop to see who was calling on me. Ogechi had called my name three times without any response from me, so she decided to switch from calling me by my default name to a name that might perhaps win her a response from me.
By this time Cynthia had ordered her maids to let go off her. She walked slowly confusingly towards the computer, probably to unleash the same hell on the supposed prostitute. Just then Ogechi’s voice echoed from the other end saying; “ARE YOU THERE SWETIEE?” Cynthia increased her pace towards the computer on hearing that to do whatever she had in mind to do only to discover that the girl she saw wasn’t a prostitute after all; she was Ogechi.
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There was a great shock on both ends. Cynthia couldn’t believe her eyes, and Ogechi could say a word. Immediately, tears began flowing freely from Cynthia’s eyes. She didn’t understand what was really happening. As far as she knew, I was the guy who had been living with her for over two years now, and Ogechi was the girl she met barely two nights ago at Oklahoma. How come we were now calling each other and she was even referring to me as “swetiee?” In a voice as that of a child pleading to be spared from strokes of cane, Cynthia said to me,
 “J, what’s going on? I beg you to tell me what’s going on please.” She drew near to me, held me by the hand tenderly and begged me to tell her what was going on. I could read from the tone of her voice and the countenance on her face that she wouldn’t mind whatever it was, as long as all it required was her forgiveness and the continuation of our relationship. Yes, it indeed required her forgiveness, but not our relationship anymore.
There and then, I broke the whole news to Cynthia with tears in my eyes. Even Ogechi was also shedding tears. When Cynthia heard that I and Ogechi were in a relationship, she retreated from holding me. She stared at me in utter amazement, then turned and looked at Ogechi from the computer. She repeated that a couple of times, and then she asked;
“Over five years now” I replied.
On hearing that, Cynthia lost stamina and fell on the floor. She fainted. Hell no! Ogechi screamed from the other end and wished she could jump in from the laptop to help out, but that was impossible. Hurry! Let’s take her to the hospital, I said to her maids. Ogechi wept profusely from the other end and I quickly bade her goodbye and proceeded to take Cynthia to a hospital. There was so much tension in the air. Cynthia’s maids couldn’t help but weep as I drove us to the hospital. At a point, the maid who carried Cynthia at the back seat of the car started screaming; “She’s not breathing anymore! Please drive faster, she’s stopped breathing.” I nearly ran over another car when I heard her say that. I quickly rebuked her, telling her not to make use of such negative words. “But she’s not breathing anymore” the maid kept saying.
We finally got to the hospital and were attended to immediately. Cynthia was taken in to be checked on while I and her maids waited at the reception. Those girls were soaked in their own tears. I tried to calm them down, assuring them that it was nothing serious. They shook their heads and sat still. But I was very afraid, not because Cynthia fainted, but because of what one of the maids said about her not breathing again. She seemed to very sure of what she was saying. And I didn’t have the time to confirm that before Cynthia was taken inside because of the quick response of the nurses who came to get her on noticing it was a case of emergency. I was really bothered about what that maid said and had to fight that thought off my mind.
Several minutes later, the doctor who attended to her came out in search of those who brought her. The maids jumped up immediately from their seats as soon as they saw the doctor. I also went after them to meet the doctor.
“Are you the ones who brought in that young lady?” The doctor asked, pointing to the direction Cynthia was taken to.
“Yes,” the maids replied anxiously.
“Are you her sisters or something? “The doctor asked again.
“No, we are her maids.”
“What about you Mister? Are you her fiancé?”
“I’m a friend” I replied. “Is everything alright doctor?” I asked.
The doctor stared at me without saying a word for some moments, so I asked him again;
“Doc, is everything alright?”
The doctor moved towards me again with an apparent sad look on his face as he put his hand on my shoulder and said;
“Call upon all your strength, for what I’m about to say to you will hit you hard.”
To be continued.