Ogechi And I Episode 34


​That’s all I spent the day doing. I was thinking about how to detach strings with Cynthia without hurting her feelings and breaking her heart. The kind of affection she had for me was too much that it frightened me. Was it even possible to leave her without creating enmity between us? As far as she was concerned, she had found herself the Nigerian man of her dreams. And no matter what ill displays of character I put up, she won’t consider them flaws.
 She had settled in her heart that heaven sent me to her to make her life complete. She over rated me, and that was a major problem which required the council of Ahithophel to deal with.
 In case you don’t know about Ahithophel, he was King David’s adviser whose council King David likened to THE WORD OF GOD. There came a time when Ahithophel joined in the coup to overthrow Kind David and crown his son Absalom as King of Israel that David broke down and prayed to God saying; OH LORD, TURN THE COUNCIL OF AHITHOPHEL INTO FOOLISHNESS. God’s answer to King David’s prayer was what saved the King from being a victim of such council.
 Now that was the kind of council I needed to handle Cynthia’s case. Too bad Ahithophel is long dead and gone, so I had to do what I’ve always done, which was consulting the brightest part of my brain for possible ways out. Perhaps I was the Ahithophel I needed.
I freshened up for that day by 7pm. I had been on bed since morning thinking of one person; Cynthia. After freshening up I went down to the bar of the hotel to cool off a little. All work without play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy. I considered those thoughts that played in my mind as work which I needed to rest from by relaxing in a bar where various activities would serve as a distraction from it for the time being.
 It was definitely coming back afterwards. But the bar proved not to be the best place to cool off, as what was served there was a little more than I had expected. I had Cynthia and Ogechi to deal with, and didn’t need another to add to them. So I quickly finished up my drink and returned to my room and thoughts. That was done for that day and before I knew it, it was morning. I brought out my new cell phone and called Cynthia.
“Hello” Cynthia greeted.
“Hi Cynthia”
“Hi, who’s on the line please?”
“You mean you’ve forgotten the sound of my voice already?” I said with a cold voice
“JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ!” Cynthia screamed. “Oh my goodness you got me worried. Where have you been? And why did it take you this long to call? And what the hell happened to your phone?”
“I’m sorry Cynthia. I lost my phone in a cinema where I went to entertain myself a little. You know how we do it right?”
“Yeahhh I do. But you should be more careful when out in such places. You got me worried sick that I almost cried my eyes out and blamed myself for letting you go out alone. That will never happen again”
“What? I’m a kid now huh? And why did you worry that much that you almost cried your eyes out? Because you didn’t get a call from me?
“Of course not. It all started when I called you and heard your phone ring from the pocket of a strange guy who took to his hills the moment he saw that he was discovered to be in possession of a cell phone that wasn’t his.”
“Wait a minute, you mean my cell phone found its way to Regina in just a matter of hours after I lost it? And in possession of a guy just close by you that you could even hear the phone ring from his pocket when you called? Are you sure you know what you are talking about?”
“Yes I am. I know what I’m talking about like the Pastor knows his word. He had your cell phone with him and absconded before I could confront him.” Cynthia affirmed.
“If what you’re saying is true, then someone is trying to play some prank on us. You may have to leave Regina for a while to avoid danger.” I said as though ignorant of what she’s saying.
“It didn’t happen in Regina.” She replied.
“Really?” Where did it happen?”
I exclaimed over exaggeratedly on hearing that. If Cynthia’s mind was not beclouded by L-O-V-E, she would have picked a thing or two from my exclamation that depicted more of an act than a reality. But she fell for it as usual and began telling me about her trip to, and encounter in Oklahoma. She told me why she went there, and also of her new acquaintance, Ogechi. Then she said she had good news for me but won’t break it to me on phone. I knew what she wanted to tell me; that same good news that almost brought about a scandal at Ogechi’s party. 
Nevertheless, I pretended not to know and promised to be home that same day. The kind of joy she expressed when I told her I was coming home made it seem like I had been away for years, and I wondered what she would do if she was Ogechi who had been away for years indeed. Our talk came to an end and she gave me a kiss on the phone. It was really going to be difficult ending things with Cynthia. Did I say difficult? IMPOSSIBLE!
I was in Regina before 6pm and found Cynthia already in the airport waiting to receive me as though I was a first timer at Regina. Smiles, smiles, and smiles took over her beautiful glowing face. I could see the joy in her heart finding expression through her smiles and actions. Indeed, if Ogechi had not found me in the VIP that night, I would have tied the nuts with Cynthia, not minding if she was five years older than me in age. After all, I never felt like I was with an older person during all my stay with her. Instead, she made me feel like a King whom she was working hard to deserve, despite the fact that she literally catered for my needs and exposed me to people that mattered. 
Breaking up with her was no way to repay her kind gesture. But my meeting with Ogechi and our little romance session wasn’t something I only wanted to make a memory of. Our bond was strong, and if we ended up with different partners, adultery would be the sin that would d–n our souls. I could never resist her, neither could she resist me. Clearly, Cynthia had to know about Ogechi, and I was going to tell her on our arrival at home.
While we were still on our way home, she began singing about the good news she had for me. She told me to guess, and I guessed the wrong things on purpose. For whatever reason, I believed that if I kept guessing the wrong things I would get her to forget about the subject and get to something else. That didn’t happen, as we kept playing the guess game until we got home. As soon as we got to the sitting room Cynthia sat me down and said; take a deep breath, which I did, and then she said; let it out, which I also did, after which she began her story.
I got a call from a guy I knew when I got to Regina newly. He was into music, but the music thing didn’t favor him, so he resorted to managing singers, and that fetched him quite a lot of money. He talked about hiring some models for a music video he wants to shoot for one of the singers he’s managing, and that made me embark on a trip to Oklahoma which is where he and the singer in question are based. 
We met and talked business, but then it happened to be that the said singer is Nigerian by name Ogechi, my fellow Igbo girl. Can you imagine that? She has been abroad for years now doing music and I didn’t even get to know. Well, I don’t blame myself for that since I’m not much of a music person. But the good news is that I talked to her about you and she’s willing to do a song with yoooouuuuuu. Isn’t that great!? We had a fair bargain on that. What’s left is for you to get ready to go over to Regina, this time not to try and recover from sleeping sickness that never existed but to get famous! Your time has come darling. There’s no stopping you now.
I’m sure by now you know how difficult the whole thing is going to be for Jesusboy. Yes you do. So what now? Well, I couldn’t break the news to Cynthia again the way I wanted to. I had to think of another way of breaking the news to her that won’t drive her nuts. Does such a way even exist? The next thing Cynthia wanted to do was to celebrate her so called good news by making love to me. D–n! Wahala don dey! Why would I do that to her when I was planning on leaving her for Ogechi? I had done a lot already by concealing some facts from her which had become a thing of concern to me, and was I going to add to that by making love to her before leaving? That would be a very wicked thing to do. But how do I get her to understand? And I dare not resist her this time, for that would spell out loud large question marks. As she was unto me with kisses and cuddles I paused her in-between them and said;
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“Cynthia, I need to talk to you about something.”
“Oh’ dearie, whatever it is can wait for later. I’m not in the mood to listen to anything now”
“It’s very important. You have to hear me out”
“oooOOh’ what’s the problem again? Why are you like this? I’ve told you, I don’t want to talk. All I want to do is to ease up my tension. I’m sure you need that too.”
“No I don’t” I replied gently. “I really need to tell you something”
“Well I’m not ready to listen to anything now” she retorted. “What’s up with you J?” Why do you get like this whenever I give myself to you?” Do you have a problem or something? C’mon J, if you do, you can talk to me about it. We’ll find a solution together. I’m sick of always trying to get you to do something it seems you don’t want to do. Or don’t you want to do it for real? Are you gay?”
“D–n it Cynthia!” I retorted. All I want to do is talk! If you don’t want to, fine! Just don’t call me names.”
“It didn’t call you gay to get at you J! But from the way things have gone between you and I all these while, I couldn’t help but think you are. If you really aren’t gay, then prove it!”
“Don’t push me Cynthia. You’re not going to like this.”
“Try me.” She challenged.
She left in anger after saying that, expecting that I was going to want to prove myself not to be gay by coming after her to screw her. I went to my room instead and freshened up. 
Cynthia’s maid came to my room and called me to come down for dinner. Cynthia was there eating already. I joined her but we said nothing to each other until we finished our meal. She stood up and went to watch TV in the sitting room while I went back to my room. It appeared to the maids as though we were holding grudges against each other, something that had never happened before.
 By that time I had three months left to be done with My Masters’ degree program. I went up to my room afterwards and called Ogechi. Her manager picked up again but this time I asked him to let me speak with Ogechi. Still, he refused. I had to lie to him that it was something about the models Ogechi needed for her video before he connected me to her. Even at that, I had to hang on for thirteen minutes before talking to Ogechi. Hmmm.
Ogechi finally came on the line and we got talking. I made her understand how displeased I get whenever that manager of hers tells me I can’t speak with her. I told her to make him know who I was in order for him not to prevent me from talking to her whenever I call. She just laughed and said okay to that. 
“How about Cynthia?” she asked. “Have you told her yet?” I explained what happened to her. She didn’t have to instigate me to act fast and get done with it quickly. Of course she knew she had my heart, so she didn’t have to contend with it anyone for it.
 We stopped talking Cynthia and began talking us. We confidently said all we used to be afraid to say to each other before. We soon got fed up with audio call and switched to Skype; that was her idea not mine.
She went into her room, shut the door, and we started talking. Our discussion was so enjoyable that I laughed out loud to her jokes. We were having such a good time; a kind we hadn’t had in years. Nothing in the world was going to come between us again. 
As soon as I was through with my program I was getting back with my Ogechi full time. Before then I must have found a way to deal with Cynthia; so I thought. I and Ogechi had been Skyping for nearly one hour and it felt like it was just ten minutes. 
Someone knocked on her door to inform her that she had a guest. She told the messenger she was coming and the messenger left. 
“This is where we end it for today” I said. But she objected, telling me she hadn’t had enough yet. 
“What about your visitor” I asked. 
I’m going to dismiss whoever it is soon enough and come back to you. There’s a lot to be talked about. There’s a lot to be watched too…..,. Don’t go anywhere. Stay on the line until I return. 
“Yes Ma” I replied. She grinned, gave me buzz and left. I was just smiling like those guys on the cabin biscuit packet after she left to attend to her visitor. Nawa o.
I was there waiting for her to return so that we could continue our chat but she spent a lot of time out there. The Skype call was still running. Thank God it wasn’t those days when I had to subscribe to MTN’s 200MB for N1,000. I definitely would have ended the call before my MB was exhausted over nothing. Thanks to the unlimited internet access in Cynthia’s house. I could afford to Skype for three days and three nights without having any fear of MB being exhausted. But when I waited fifteen minutes without Ogechi’s return, I decided to leave my reading table where I usually kept my laptop and lay on the bed to relax a little. I didn’t know when I dozed off. 
What woke me up was the loudest scream I had ever heard in my life. Even a dead man could be brought back to life by such a scream. The scream brought me back from dream land to the real world, and I saw that it was Cynthia who screamed with her both hands on her head and her eyes wide open in amazement. “Why was she screaming?” I noticed she had her eyes fixed on my laptop computer and I turned to see what freaked her out.
 Hell no! It was Ogechi on the other end. She was sleeping too. Obviously she had come back to continue the call only to see that I was sleeping. Instead of hanging up the call, she left it running and positioned the device she Skyped with such that she could be seen lying on her bed. She had rolled and rolled while sleeping that her nightie gave way to her killer body. That was what freaked Cynthia out.
“Cynthia” I called out with a shaky voice.
To be continued.