Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 88


The day was getting dark and the street was quiet. Cars and motorist weren’t seen passing this route to town due to the dense forest that lay on both side of the road. However this fateful evening, a truck was driving by at a high speed.

“Have you seen anyone yet?” Froshberry asked through the earpiece Raphael had on. He was the one driving the truck. Froshberry had uploaded the information about another crystal being transferred to Flex Empire. He knew for sure that either Farouk or Natasha will get the information first so he had to set up Lex, Lisa and Captain spoonz at the back of the truck where the supposed crystal should be.

“No, none” Raphael said to Froshberry still driving the truck.

“Keep your eyes on the look out, they are there in the shadows” Froshberry said.

“Copy that” Raphael said and went off. He switched on the light inside the truck and also the headlights of the truck.

“I see the truck coming in” Natasha said. They were on top of two different trees that were by the side of the road. The trees had grown so big that the tall branches were making a bridge at the top of the road. Konami and Idris were at the left side while Natasha and Jummy at the right.

“I see the truck too” Idris said. “It appears they have just one driver with them”

“That looks like the guy we fought the other day” Jummy said.

“Quiet everyone. We jumped in three…two…one!!” Idris called out as they all jumped and landed on the truck.

Raphael had been careful as he was driving towards the huge trees that formed a bridge over the road, and just then, a loud thud was heard on top of the truck. He quickly drifted the truck to a stop and came down.

As soon as the truck stopped, Konami was waiting for the driver to get down, as Raphael was stepping down, He quickly gave Raphael a kick and they all jumped down from the truck.

“You again” Raphael said not afraid “I can see you aren’t afraid to die”

“Let’s get the crystal from the back of the truck, then we finish him off” Idris said as they all moved to the back of the truck leaving Jummy behind. As soon as they opened the back cover. Lex, Lisa and Captain spoons gave them a surprise attack.

“It’s a trap” Idris shouted, jummy wanted to look back but Raphael gave her a sweep kick and she fell down.

“Fear not guys, we will win this” Idris said bravely. Captain spoonz sensed he was their leader and quickly attacked him while Lex attacked Konami.

“Wait, I hope you are Natasha” Lisa asked the girl before her.

“Yes and so?”

“Get ready to meet your uncle and father” Lisa just made a mistake by getting Natasha mad. Natasha rushed her with a spear attack which got her sprawling on the floor. Sitting on her stomach, Natasha started launching heavy blows at her. Lisa managed to push Natasha off her. She had blood coming down from her mouth and nose, she rushed at Natasha but Natasha held her by the neck, raised her till her legs weren’t touching the ground and threw her against the truck. Lisa was very surprise. Natasha was now fully trained, she had underestimated Natasha from the start.

“Now you know what it takes to get me furious” she said walking towards Lisa.

Lex was trying to hit Konami but Konami was good at evading his moves. Konami quickly gave him a spinning kick and Lex moved back a bit, before he knew what was going on, Konami gave him a blow and a kick and quickly attached a grenade to his body.

“Booooom” it blasted Lex, sending him backwards.

“Little little girl” Raphael said walking towards Jummy on the floor. Jummy smiled, gave him a kick to his d!ck with her hard boot and flipped to her feet.

“Now let’s see who is little” Jummy said as she gave him three punches to the face and a drop kick. Raphael tried standing up but felt her strong boot again sending him to the floor.

Idris threw a double backflip and landed on his knees. Captain spoonz tried hitting him but Idris was faster, dodging all his attacks with amazing stunts. Soon Captain spoonz got tired and was about to change strategy when Idris rushed at him with a knock out punch that sent him backwards.

“Nice work guys” he said as his team was wining the fight.

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“We have played with them enough” Captain spoonz said with a rough voice. “Let’s show them who’s boss”

Lisa gave Natasha a boot to her stomach and raised her up till her legs were not touching the ground anymore. She sent Natasha to the floor with such a force that Natasha couldn’t get up any longer. She lay down like someone who was ran by a truck. Lisa quickly followed her up, raining blows on her. She took Natasha up again and this time around gave her finishing move, *three punch combination*. Natasha stood for a while, coughed out blood and fell down straight like a piece of dried wood.

Raphael held Jummy’s legs and gave her a kick directly to her stomach with his knee, Jummy moved back a little but a strong punch sent her to the floor. She tried standing up but a front flip spinning kick took her back again to the floor. Blood came down from her mouth and nose, she looked up but her vision got blurred as she received his finishing move, *Paradise kick* which sent her sprawling on the floor.

Lex smiled as Konami’s bomb were not having an effect on him. He dashed towards Konami with his finishing move, *spear* and Konami ribs got broken. He started launching several blows at Konami as Konami started bleeding and was loosing consciousness.

A loud thud was heard from behind. Captain spoonz threw Idris as Idris struck his body against the truck Raphael had brought with him. Captain Spoonz had broken Idris’s right leg. With Idris leg injured, he wasn’t fast enough to elude captain’s attack and had hell beaten out of him.

“Natasha, Jummy, Konami, now” Idris shouted and they brought out the gamma bullets and fired at the made men. The bullets quickly activated their cancer cells and they instantly got weak.

“Retreat” Idris shouted and they wanted to run when captain spoonz held him.

“Idris” Natasha shouted weakly. The made men were still lying weakly on the ground and captain spoonz held unto Idris tightly to prevent him from escaping.

“Go” Idris shouted at them.

“Not without you” Konami said “Natasha and Jummy go, we will be right back”

Natasha and Jummy ran inside the bush instantly while Konami came back to the rescue of Idris. If Idris was going down, he will be the one to take him down, not another person.

Konami quickly ran and gave Captain spoonz a drop kick and he instantly let go of Idris. He wanted to strike again but captain spoonz removed something from his pocket and attached it to Konami’s body.

“What the hell…” Konami hadn’t finish speaking when captain spoonz pressed a button and the gadget generated electricity shocking Konami till he was unconscious.

“Noooo!!” Idris shouted, he stood up angrily with his injured legs and gave captain spoonz his finishing move, *Arm sword*. Captain spoonz fell down and passed out.

“Konami, Konami” Idris tried waking him up. He shook Konami vigorously but Konami was still, like a lifeless object.

“Arggh” the made men groaned as they were now waking up one by one.

“Konami you have got to stand up, we need to leave” Idris said but Konami didn’t wake up. He tried raising Konami up but it was of no use. By now, the made men were already getting up. Idris groaned, shook his head and ran into the bush.

Natasha and Jummy stood close to their helicopter very worried. Natasha was more concerned about Idris while Jummy was more concerned about Konami.

“Oh God, please bring them back” They said to themselves. Soon, the bushes around started shaking and they got alerted.

“Who is there?” Natasha asked.

“Who are you? Konami is that you?” Jummy asked.

Idris came out of the bush looking worried. Natasha and Jummy ran towards him as they helped him into the helicopter.

Jummy looked around but couldn’t see Konami. She didn’t want to harbour any negative thought. She stood behind Idris waiting for Konami to come.

“Idris” Natasha said with a shaky voice “why didn’t you come with Konami?”

“Where…. Where is Konami” Jummy asked again with a shaky voice.

“I tried” Idris began “But wasn’t strong enough”

“No, no no” Jummy said wanting to run into the bush but Natasha held her.

“No!!!” Jummy shouted with tears coming out of her eyes.

“It’s okay Jummy” Natasha said “we will rescue Konami”. Natasha was able to put Jummy in the helicopter as they flew away.

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