Just For Laughs – Lawyers


*Lawyers will always complicate simple matters?*?

*Who is a Lawyer?* A lawyer is a person who writes a 10,000 word document and calls it a brief.

A Professor stepped into a law class and threw an orange ? at one of his students and said “Give it as a gift to any of your friends now”.

The boy said to one of his friends: “Tee, I give this orange to you as a gift”.

The Professor gave him a stern look and said: “Give it to him like a lawyer!!!”.

Immediately, the boy straightened up, cleared his throat and began:

*”I, Stanley Okereke, adult, male of 16, Umuahia Street, hereby with all intent and purposes, willfully give unto you, Mr Okey Nwokedi, of Ariaria Street, this citrus with its skin, seeds, segments, juice and supple innings that you may exercise actual and proprietary rights thereon, to hold unto same as a gift, a bequest, an endowment validly so transferred, given out, bequeathed, alienated, assigned, that you may eat, lick, devour, suck, make juice out of, munch or grant, give out, devolve, alienate in your rightful capacity as the owner either in actual, virtual or constructive capacity of an agent or attorney as may be chosen by you, that the said citrus may be treated in the aforementioned ways or other ways not so listed but not as a weapon to be thrown at persons or animals with malicious intent to hurt, inflict pain or serve as an incendiary action to incite unrest of any kind, but that the said citrus may be used in such beneficial capacity or simply be destroyed in such exercise of legal and equitable ownership as may be fit by the beneficiary of this bequest

Just to give an orange ? to someone??


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