Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 84


“Woooow” they all exclaimed. “You look handsome”
“Thanks” Konami said. He had a Gucci sweats on, pants and Gucci shoes too. “Gucci all the way”
Konami walked to Jummy and held her hand as he flashed his white set of teeth at her.
“Oh my, oh myy” Jummy said blushing as Konami led her inside the car.
“Who’s driving?” Konami asked.
“I am behind the wheels” Idris said as he headed to the driver seat. Natasha was sitting down on the passenger seat close to the driver while Farouk, Jummy and Konami sat at the back.
Idris drove the car to one of the well known park in Australia. They came down and moved to a cool garden inside the park. Idris held Natasha’s hand while Konami held Jummy’s hand. Farouk who was at the back was with their basket and Akuku on his shoulders.
They found a reserved place where they sat down in group of twos and started talking. Idris with Natasha, Jummy and Konami, Farouk and Akuku.
“Yeah, I love Gucci” Konami said smiling “Just check my wardrobe and see for yourself”
“Hmm, but it took me long to find out” Jummy replied.
“That was because I was always on my Shadow’s uniform. Well since my rank has been stripped off, I’d rather wear normal clothes now than the little agents uniform”
“Am sorry Konami” Jummy said lowering her eyes “I will have to meet Captain Val tomorrow and plead with him. He will restore your rank back”
“Do no such thing my dear.” Konami said smiling. “That is my punishment for being stupid”
“You aren’t stupid. You only did what you thought was right” Jummy said as Konami gently hugged her while spying on Idris and Natasha with the side of his eyes.
“Aww, that is so cute” Natasha whispered to Idris.
“Yeah, they are a perfect match for each other.” Idris whispered back.
“Am happy for them” Natasha said resting on Idris’s chest.
“Yeah me too!”
“How did you grow to hate Konami this much?” Farouk asked Idris pet monkey Akuku.
“Ku kuuu”
“Forget it, we already forgave him and he is now a changed man. Just look at Jummy and him, two perfect love birds. I just wonder why they hadn’t been together all these wasted years” Farouk said calmly.
“Ku…kuuu…ku” Akuku walked away.
“What?” Farouk screamed “I should keep dreaming. Fine, you should stop dreaming cause I am telling you that that guy is good!!!!!”
All eyes turned to Farouk who was screaming at a monkey in the quiet park. They kept looking at him, thinking he has some thing wrong upstairs. The stares were too much and Akuku started giving a mockery laugh.
“Sorry?” Farouk pleaded to everyone in the park “I just have a little misunderstanding with my pet”
“Is your brother all right?” Natasha asked.
“I doubt so, Akuku what is wrong with Farouk?” Idris asked Akuku who came close to him.
“What did he say?” Natasha asked.
“He said he don’t know!” Idris said and they started laughing at Farouk while Akuku stuck out his tongue in mockery of Farouk.
The picnic went well, accept for the incident that occurred between Farouk and Akuku. They all ate in peace, Akuku also enjoyed himself with bunches of bananas. At the end, they left to the base happily.

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Shadow, base.
“Welcome back” Captain Val said immediately to Farouk, Jummy, Natasha and Idris who just entered the base. They were surprised to see the whole agents gathered up for a meeting.
“Captain, we are sorry we were not…” Idris tried to apologize but captain val cut him short.
“I know you guys went on a picnic that’s why the meeting is on hold. Kindly have your seat.”
They all sat down as they were waiting for captain val to start his speech.
“A decision have me made by the council of Captains. There’s no Shadow base in Africa so we will send missionaries that will go there and stop Donflex and Don Bashkir from detonating the bomb. The missionaries to be chosen for this missions are five strong and courageous agents. We scanned all Shadows agents around the continent, we found out that all are strong but nonetheless, five have been chosen. Natasha stand up!”
“Sir” Natasha stood up.
“Idris and Farouk stand up!”
“Sir” they stood up.
“Jummy and Konami stand up”
“Sir” they stood up.
“Get ready, you live for Africa, Nigeria first thing in the morning”

Donflex was seated with professor Johnbull in his office as they were deliberating on the made men.
“Sir” Professor Johnbull was speaking “Sir I think we have a problem with the made men sir”
“And What problem is that, I thought the latest upgrade you made for them made them stronger than even Goliath in the Bible.”
“Yes sir” Professor Johnbull said “but sir, they all have cancer sir”
“What?” Donflex screamed.
“Yes sir they have cancer of the blood. I guess the upgrade was just too much for them to handle”
“Do they know of these?” Donflex asked.
“No sir they don’t”
“Good, don’t tell them yet. We need their strength now to bring down God’s own city, America”
“OK sir, I won’t” Professor Johnbull said as he bowed down and left the office.
Donflex was about to get to some paper work when the phone on his table started ringing.
“Hello” he said with a much calmer tone.
“He is here sir” A young feminine voice spoke out.
“Alright bring him in” Donflex said. Two minutes later, the door was opened and Don Bashkir with his bodyguard Captain spoonz walked inside with a briefcase in his hand.
“Hmm, let’s get straight to business” Don Bashkir said.
Time check 1:00 pm.
Natasha, Jummy, Farouk and Idris was sitting down in Natasha’s uncle house. The house brought back memories of her uncle, the good times and also the bad but she was strong not show any sign of weakness.
“Omo mi” Mrs Ekundayo called. Natasha could remember her as their neighbor though they weren’t close then. Mrs Ekundayo was married to late Mr Ekundayo and have a little child, Abedemi who schools in the university of port harcourt. Mrs Ekundayo was the one that have been taking care of Natasha uncle’s house after he was killed and Natasha left for Australia.
“You’re all welcome my child. I know you all must be hungry” the polite old woman said and dropped a cooler with five plates and spoons.
“Thank you Ma” they greeted her as she turned back and left walking slowly.
“Your house is great” Konami said.
“Thanks” Natasha said in a moody tone.
“Common babe, cheer up” Jummy said sitting closer to her. Idris and Farouk came out from a passage way, they have scanned the whole house.
“There are five rooms.” Idris began “Natasha and Jummy have two separate rooms, Konami stay in one room, me and my brother will use the room at the upper floor while the last will be used as our ICT room and weapon store”
“Nice” Natasha said.
Jummy handed a plate of rice to her and served everyone including Akuku. They sat down eating the food Mrs Ekundayo gave to them.
“Is that television working?” Idris asked.
“Yeah” Natasha replied and switched on the television using the remote control by her side. They tuned to channels and saw the president of Nigeria, Donflex giving speech on the news.
“I know that America the God own city have triumph over the whole countries and is greatly feared. Well that’s all about to change. We want American’s president Barrack Obama to step down for Don Bashkir. I know that as usual, the Americans won’t agree. Yes, they have stronger armies, stronger jets, stronger tanks, stronger ships and their technology are sophisticated but, but, can the Americans survive a T double 9 nuclear bomb?”
“This bomb, according to scientists is the most dangerous of all bombs. If the US president don’t step down in two weeks time, then BOOM. If the Americans tried to pull a fast one, it’s also BOOM. Goodbye!!!”
*switched off*
Natasha stood up angrily. “We have less than two weeks to kill Donflex”
“And Don Bashkir” Idris added.
“let the mission begin” Jummy said with a dangerous smile

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