Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 59


“The boss sent for us instantly, he said he have something he will like us to do for him” Idris said boldly, not looking at the guards but looking forward.

The guards were quiet at first, murmured to themselves before they moved backwards.

“Open the gate” One of them shouted and the gate was shifted to one sided. Idris started the truck and drove inside.

“Phew” Konami breathed down “That was really a close one”

“You can say that again” Natasha said adjusting her mask very well.

Idris drove the truck to a parking lot that was reserved for heavy duty trucks. He killed the engine and they jumped down.

“So what next?” Konami asked.
“There’s service here” Idris said bringing out a tablet device from the truck. They hid themselves properly behind the truck so that the guards passing by won’t detect them.

“First we call Farouk, he will tell us the next step because he is good with tech, and the base compromises of different tech” Idris said giving everyone an earpiece each which was all connected to each other. He quickly put a call to the base using their secret line.

“Hello Farouk, we are in the enemy’s base right now” Idris spoke to his earpiece.

“Finally” Farouk said, his voice echoed through all the earpiece they had. “Get into their control room and get me connected to their data base, objective number one”

“Alright” Idris said and Farouk went off “you heard him, let’s move it”

They came out from behind the truck, Idris had a long bag, the long bag contained his bow and many arrows. They walked pass through many guards who didn’t raise a finger towards them because they all had same uniform.

They got close to the front door, Idris brought out his ID card, the one that was possessed by the guard they killed and slotted it into an opening in the door. The card went in, showed a green light and came out as the door instantly got opened.

The four shadow agents stepped in, inside the enemy’s base was sophisticated with some IT gadgets, high tech computers and more guards moving around with weapons.

The elevator was by the side, they walked close to it but was stopped by a beautiful lady dressed in a suit.

“Where are you taking that bag to?” She asked. She was seated behind a computer on a desk and was busy typing on it. That was her office and since it was close to the elevator, she was in charge of searching anything going up through the elevator.

“The boss ordered us to bring this gadgets to the control room” Idris said raising the bag up.

“But some gadgets were brought in not too long ago, why must they need more?”

“Would you just shut the fvck up and allow me to pass. The boss needs this in the control room and you’re trying to delay his request!!” Idris barked at her and she shivered.

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“Third floor underground, the last room at the right” the lady said and focused on her work.

Idris and his men moved to the elevator, they had to wait for some guard to come out before they moved inside.

“Third floor underground” Natasha said pressing the button. The elevator started moving downwards.

“This guys are really clever. So they had an underground floor?” Konami asked.

“And from outside, you will think that it’s just two storey building” Jummy added.

“That’s the strategy, always outsmart your opponent. Now keep shut and concentrate” Idris commanded.

The elevator stopped with a Bing, the door slowly got opened and they stepped outside. The third floor underground wasn’t filled with guards. There were apparently not guard at all, just some closed offices.

“Get ready” Idris said and Natasha and Jummy cocked their guns. “Third floor at the right”.