Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 60


The Shadow agents walked quietly and carefully, some of the CCTV cameras that were installed in the ceiling were moving, focusing on them with every step they take. It was a good thing they hid their guns very well.

“Sensitive cameras” Natasha spoke softly. They walked to the third room at the right and Idris removed the ID card in his pocket. He slotted the card in an opening close to the door and the door instantly got opened.

An average, well built man dressed in suit ran towards them with an angry face.

“What the hell are you guys doing here, you better get the fvck out of here or I will call the guards” The man warned. They were about eight workers, girls included in the control room.

“Pooow!!!!” Natasha shot at him with one of her golden silencer, the shot didn’t make any noise and the man fell down dead.

“Thanks Natasha” Idris said to her.

“Anytime” Natasha said and tucked the gun under her trouser. The rest of the workers instantly became alerted.

“As you can see” Idris began “your boss is dead and we are in charge now. Can everyone gently move to the right?”

The workers didn’t complain for fear of being killed. They all stood up and walked towards the right corner of the room.

“Konami, please get them tied up” Idris commanded.

Konami didn’t say a word. He moved to a corner of the room where he picked up a very strong rope which he used to tie them all. Idris moved to their main computer, removed a flash drive from his pocket and connected it to the computer.

“Wow wow wow, nice job” Farouk who had gotten notifications from the Shadow base quickly spoke out through the ear piece they had on.

“I am now connected to their main computer and have total control of their base”

“Good” Idris answered. “What next?”

“Gimme five minutes” Farouk said and went off, they waited for exactly five minutes and just then, the whole lights that were in and outside the base went totally out, it was a complete blackout.

Jummy walked towards the window and peeped.

“Your brother is really something else. This is a complete black out”

“Yes, noe darkness is upon the surface of this base” Konami said and they laughed. Just then Farouk came online again from their base.

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“Bro, all lights are out”

“Can see that” Natasha replied him, “so what’s next?”

“You will find this interesting” Farouk’s voice came out along side the sound made from typing on his keyboard. “The children are about to be shipped to another continent due to the rumors that their base have been discovered. They are currently in a container on a huge truck located east of the base. Get there in time and save them”

“Copy that” they all shouted in unison.

“And also know this, the boss is known as Don John and his own lodge is located at the top floor”

“Got that” they all replied him.

“Good luck, am out” Farouk replied and went offline.

The shadow agents all removed the fake uniform they wore and were now wearing their shadows costumes. They each brought out their weapons.

“Natasha this is your mission. Go and save the children. Konami follow her. As for me and Jummy, we will go after Don John” Idris commanded.

“Nice, I get to go with Natasha” Konami said smiling.

“Stop the naughty thinking bro. Let’s go” Natasha said and blended with the darkness. Konami quickly followed her.

“Alright Jummy, let’s go”