Natasha Reloaded Episode 1


Written by: Mustapha Idris.

Meet my dad. A tall middle aged man. He isn’t fat but yet his body was huge. He is a scientist, when I say a scientist I mean a great one at that. He works at Flex empire along side with few other scientist and they are currently on a project called the MADE MEN
let me give you more light about the made men.

Donflex, the owner of Flex empire was a former military leader. Due to his stubbornness and pure wickedness, that is when he was about to send a nuclear bomb to kogi state because of a minor clash between two cultist groups, thank God he was caught right in the act.
He was dropped out of the military force but the money he has embezzled from the government was huge enough for him to build up his own empire.

Soon enough, one by one. Some of his fellow high ranking soldiers joined him in this illicit act and they were able to build the FlEX EMPIRE.

The empire was mainly formed because Donflex needed protection for himself. Soon, many soldiers, warriors and assassins were under his command. They became number one in Nigeria.

They’d rub banks and the police couldn’t do anything about it. Flex empire became one of the strongest insurgent group as the days goes by.
They have a big building located in the middle of the city. On it was boldly written FLEX EMPIRE.

Donflex became feared by all the nigerians citizen. Politicians and other big business men started giving him million of nairas in other to find favour in his eyes.

The money being given to Donflex only made him stronger. He was able to get the newest and toughest guns, bombs, choppers, battleships, tanks and different forms and versions of missile lunchers. Rumours do have it that he has an atomic bomb planted underground Flex empire.
Craving for more power. Donflex started another project which is called the made men. Five different able bodied men where choosen from the military force..They shall be transformed, more strength and swiftness were to be mutated in their gene. The made men were to be made stronger and faster than all men that ever liveth and walketh on this earth.
Everybody knew that Donflex was creating the made men but the ultimate question is, WHY IS HE CREATING THE MADE MEN?

*Back to the story*

My dad quickly walked inside the office of Donflex, the ultimate boss.
Meet Donflex, a tall and athletic man. He should be in his late forties. He was feared by all the nigerians. At his side stood about four guards. Two on his left and two on the right.
The guards were highly trained assassins. Though they were four, the could kill twenty strong men under seven minutes. They were also masters of all sort of weapons.

Donflex: ken!!!

He said as he stood up to his full length while my dad trembled under his shadow.
Donflex: when will you guys finish creating the made men.
He said sounding impatient.

Dad: sir, we are doing our best.

Donflex: *interrupting* then your best isn’t good enough. I want the made men to be ready by the end of this week. Am I clear?
Dad: yes sir.
Donflex: where is professor Jonhbull?
Dad: in the lab sir.
Donflex: good, pass this information to him and get out of my sight!
My dad breathed down as he ran out of the office. Just then, Aerofist entered inside the office of donflex.
Meet Aerofist
height: 6.ft tall
position: captain to the army of Donflex
skill:Martial arts.
Weapons: silent pistol and six shooter.
Finishing move: scissors punch
Donflex: good thing you are here, I have a mission for you!!!


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