Nadia Episode 8


With the JAMB, WAEC exams and mamas birthday few weeks away, Nadia and Ruth became extra ordinarily busy, they knew they would not be around during mamas birthday because it fell on same day as their JAMB exams and so they decided not to let mama know that they won’t be around so as not to spoil the excitement she was planning on that day, they decides to do things that would make her happy before that day and so in the mornings they would be at the market selling, Ruth had learnt how to make ice creams and kunu and zobo drinks, and so they have added that to their sales of pure water. They no longer rented coolers they now buy their pure water and put them in mamas fridge.

Mama also gave them coolers with which they use in hawking, they have employed two girls and one boy who sell the ice cream for them. At the end of the day. They pay them for their services. So when they went for their lessons, business does not stop.

Nadia told one of the boys to give whatever he sold daily to mama. She still pays him, but he gives whatever interest he made to mama. Mama could not contain her joy, daily she prayed for Nadia and Ruth.

The jamb exam day finally came, Nadia and Ruth woke up early, they wanted to leave before mama would wake up. But just as they were about sneaking out of the compound, mama who had woken up very early in anticipation for her birthday caught them.

”These two sisters where are you sneaking off to so early.?” She asked, Nadia and Ruth stood staring at each other, eventually they had no choice but to open up and tell her the truth about their exams.. Mama just stood staring at the girls, she turned her back without saying a word and headed for her house, Nadia and Ruth ran after her trying to explain to her that they didnt mean to hide it away from her, they just didnt want to spoil her day. Finally mama nodded that she understood but no Nadia and Ruth no birthday. It took another one hour for Nadia and Ruth to convince mama to go ahead with the birthday since everything has been set in place. Finally,she agreed but not without letting the girls know that she won’t be as happy as she would have been if they were around. The girls smiled , gave her a peck before heading out for their exams. Mama prayed for them and wished them success.

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Stanley was so disappointed when he couldn’t find the girls who had made their mother all Moody despite all the preparations and the surprise they did for her. And he couldn’t hide his disappointment from his mom.

”Mother am not happy at all o, after months of not seeing you, after all the money Frank and I had put in to make this birthday a success, you wore a gloomy look all through, simply because some girls are absent. Who are they sef? Why are they so important that you didnt even show me that you were excited to see me. Mother am not happy at all o.” Just then Frank stepped in with a smile on his face,

”bro please dont be angry with mom, you won’t understand how she feels, Stanley turned and looked at his twin brother before replying,

”and you understand?”

”Yes I do, I understand because I have met these girls, I have stayed with them for some time and they are like drugs Stan, drugs that you can’t can’t do without, they are simply amazing” he concluded.

Stanley burst out laughing, “see this my oshe’ brother, I thought you’ve only met them once and you are here singing like you’ve known them all your life”, Frank turned and said

“you see why I said you wouldn’t understand? Yes! Its true I’ve met them just once, but it doesn’t feel as such, I feel like I’ve known them all my life”.

”Really?” Stanley asked mockingly, “mom see this your son eh”, he said turning to mama, “he is really high, he is high o, he was same person that called me and told me of some Small girls staying in the same compound with you and now he is here sounding as if he is describing his babe hahahahaha”, he started laughing again. Frank looked at him and then looked at mama,

”mom don’t mind him o, he does not know anything that’s why he is misbehaving, just forget him and enjoy your day, don’t worry when Ruth and Nadia finish their exam we will all go out and celebrate another birthday for you, I promise”. When mama heard this she smiled before going inside to dish some food for herself.

Meanwhile Stanley was still laughing at the whole drama. Stan you don’t just have sense at all, I won’t stand here and exchange words with you,” with this frank turned and walked away with Stanley still laughing.

”Frank is in love with a small girl o,” he shouted as frank walked away. He was happy, he couldn’t help but thank God for their lives.

Early last year he and his brother’ would have been shot dead for armed robbery, with the help of his brother he was able to escape after obtaining a gun shot on his right arm. He managed to get to an uncompleted building where he was also saved by a small beautiful girl, who helped him remove the bullet from his hand. He had feared that his brother was dead, he had left the building in the early hour’s of the morning and tried to leave the Town.

He passed through the bush part that leads to the only river in the town hoping to escape by boat, when he got to the river and found no boat or any means of escape he was left confused, and he was still trying to figure what next when he fell down and passed out. He does not know how his brother found him but frank found him there by the river, frank has always rescued him at dire moments, he remembers opening his eyes and seeing Frank, he remembers the feeling of knowing his brother was alive. He loves his brother beyond words, together they had vowed never to return to that life of robbery again, they had promised to live a decent life and God has been helping them.

And now he knows his brother was in love with one of those girls. He just knows it. He smiled to himself again, thanking God for where they are right now.