Nadia Episode 7


The next morning, Nadia had decided to go to the police to report mama and Frank. She got up early and did all she was supposed to do, and then she told Ruth there was something very important that she must attend to. She picked up her bag and stepped out of the house but just as she was about leaving the compound. Mama called her, she had a soft spot for this woman and even though part of her didnt want to answer she found herself walking towards mama. When she got there mama offered her a seat before talking.

”Nadia, I hope I didnt interrupt your movement o, you know you girls are hardly home. You go out very early in the morning and return late, we barely have time to chat. Hope I didnt stop you from something very important.”

”No ma” Nadia replied.

”You see my daughter” mama continued, ” I have always loved and admired young and hardworking children like you, I see how you and your sister work hard, I also see how responsible you girls are. Even without the guardance of your parents you have managed to stand all by yourselves. May God bless and reward you in Jesus name.”

”Amen”, Nadia replied wondering where the conversation was heading to.

“I am not really an old woman” she continued, “I am just like this because of struggling and sickness….,” and then she smiled weakly. “But I was not always poor, the wickedness of the world made me poor, and I lost all my children”. Then a sad look came on her face and Nadia was by now carried away by her story. ” I used to have a daughter like you, I used to have other sons too, but one by one, I lost them because I couldn’t meet up with the requirements to keep them alive and safe. My daughter died because I couldn’t afford 15,000naira, small 15,000naira. I lost two sons because of money too, and then this strange illness came, I thought I would be dead by now, but God through my children, through you, through your sister has kept me safe”, when she said this she wiped the tears that have gathered in her eyes with her wrapper.

“It is God that brought you girls to this compound. I know you love me, my heart tells me you love me, your sister loves me too and I called you here this morning to let you know that I love you too. You are both my daughters, I lost one but God gave me the two of you to keep me alive and to replace the one I lost. Nadia my child. thank you so much, God bless you so much, God keep you and your sister safe, whatever you out your hands will be blessed. Those that have wronged you will come and seek your help, you will be great in the society, one day a good man will come and marry you. God bless you again my child. thank you so much.”

”Amen mama” Nadia answered. By this time Nadia was already crying. She was weeping because a few minutes ago she was about to go and call the police on this same very woman that had just blessed her with words of prayers, this same woman who had taken her as a child. Nadia felt so terrible that she continued sobbing, mama could not understand the reason she was crying, but she made sure to console her.

After some time Nadia left to her own room. She will no longer go to the police, infact she will remove any ill thoughts of mama from her heart, but then she was going to confront frank when next he come, she will confront him and know why he chose to follow the part that could destroy their mother’s. The mother he claims so much to love, yes! The is what she is going to do.

She picked up her small purse and called onto Ruth and they both left to the market. They have started their lessons and so need to go early sell early and close early so that they can go for their evenings lessons. Since they’ve opened an account with the bank, they keep their sales at home till Fridays before going to the bank to pay in the weekly savings they’ve gathered.

That evening, when they’ve closed from lesson on their way back, Nadia told Ruth all the prayers mama had prayed for them. It was then that Ruth told Nadia that mama birthday was coming up in two months time and frank had plans of surprising mama with a small celebration, Ruth wanted both of them to buy a gift for mama for the upcoming birthday and Nadia liked the idea, but she was not Still happy and comfortable with the mention of Frank’s name. Whenever his name is mentioned, she remembers the ID card and the incident from that night. She wanted him to pay for his sin but she knew whatever actions she took now was definitely going to have it’s effect on mama.

Ruth’ has been going on and on planning a party that is two months away if only she knew that Nadia was hearing nothing of what she’s been saying, her mind is so far away!