All That Glitters Episode 24


they both stepped out the house and walked down the road a little

they took a sharp curve and slowly approached a little shack just by the side of the road

while walking

halima kept stealing glances at Muna as they went

she observed the way he studied the entire area he was in

it was like his instincts were sharp and ready for any unexpected at all

Muna caught her staring at him

he then asked

“is there a problem?”

halima smiled

there he goes again with his favourite phrase

“do you always say that phrase when you feel like quizzing someone”

“what phrase,,,?

he asked absentmindedly

she chuckled again

“yeah right,,,like you don’t know what phrase I’m talking about,,,”

Muna revved

not really sure what to say though

she asked again

“Muna I need to ask you something,,,pls be honest”

he laxed up

“my honesty is notorouis,,,but go ahead”

she then started

“have you ever been in love before”

Muna scrunched his eyebrows

not really sure what to say again

“have you,,,?”she asked again

“well…I’m not sure”

he kicked a stone on their path

“I don’t really know much about love,,,so,, I guess I’m not sure then”

she grimaced

he then said

“well I know,,,I love my dog billz than I love sleeping,,buh…”

she giggled

“lol,, come on,I don’t mean that kind ”

he nodded

then looked at her then asked

“why do you ask?”

she shook her head

“no reason,,,just ,,,you know?”

they walked down some more

…they soon reached the shop of the aboki

Muna greeted the man

“eeyh ,Muna my man,,,how ya dey now”

“fine ,,,how is market” Muna asked

“insha allah o,,,I still dey push am” the aboki smiled showing front teeth with a few missing bits

the man peered at halima then said

“eeyh Muna ,,,this na your girlprend kwo”

Muna started

“no yaro,,,we r just-”

halima cut in

“yes I am,,,”
she said boldly

Muna gave her a questioning Look

the aboki’s smile widened

“kai ,Muna,,you geh better eye o,,,see as your babe fine like mammy water”

halima giggled

Muna turned and faced the man

he forced an acknowledging smile

as he ordered the right amount of mishai to be solved

the entire thing was packaged for them

and they headed back

although Muna didnt wait till they got to the house before he galloped his own and wiped his mouth clean

halima broke into a laugh as she saw his mouthful of crumbs

“and I was thinking you weren’t even hungry,,,Look at your fat cheeks now,,,you Look like a cute little boy who haven’t eaten in two days”

she teased him

Muna was about to say something in his defence when his phone rang

he took it out his pockets then slid it open

halima watched him pick the call

“no ,, I was kinda busy then,|,,,you mean right now|,,,okay I’ll be there right now|”

he hung up ..then turned to her and said

“I need to go somewhere now,,,we’ll continue our project later huh”

Muna approached mike’s house, he got nearer to the biulding

he then looked ahead and saw a familiar guy making a conversation with a girl down the road

he approached them and

“Tobi why the hell are you outside,,,didn’t Dre already call for squad meeting”

Tobi looked sideways at Muna then left the girl he was flirting with to talk to him

in a whispering tone
“yo yo ..Muna ,,,pls man I beg you,,,I really need to score this babe,,,pls just give me five mins okay,,I’ll be in then”

Muna sighed

he looked at the girl

she looked so cheap,,,he soon noticed the sly way she batted her eyelids at him.

he felt repelled when she winked him

“you know what,,do whatever,,,I’m going in”

Muna scurried off leaving Tobi behind

Tobi smiled then returnd to his wooing

“is that your brother”
she asked him

Tobi had a puzzling Look

“brother?,,,who brother?”

she motioned towards Muna walking away

“,that cute guy,,,is your older brother”

Tobi gave her a mocking Look

**ehn,,,you can’t tell a halfcaste from normal race again,,,lemme sha chop your kpomo first before I blast you**

“no,,,he isn’t,,we are friends. ,,forget about that,,,where was I?

she grabbed one of her boobs and showed him

Tobi had a foolish smile on as he started his procedure

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“did I hear someone say paradise inn” Muna asked as he entered the room

Mike looked up at him then replied

“yeah man,,,we are heading there right now,,,just need Dre to finish analysing”

Muna slumped into the nearest chair he could find

Dre then asked him

“did you see that pighead outside”

Muna nodded

“Mike call him again,,,but this time,,,use the method!”

Mike smiled happily at the request Dre made

he went to the corner of the room then picked up a smooth pebble

not too big not too small
just the right size

he then walked to the window

took a positioned aim
as usual

his eagle view eyes aimed accurately at the spot he wanted to hit

then he flung it towards his target


“direct hit!” he announced

john and Dre chuckled as they heard tobi’s pained yell from outside

in a few seconds

Tobi dashed through the door
he was clutching his head from the impact

it was probably swollen

with teary eyes..he made to attack Mike

but Dre stopped him…

even tho he tried protesting ..

Dre reminded him of these not being the first time he was called…

he also reminded him..of his crazy spending offence that is still dancing in the air

“see it as part of your punishment ” Dre said…

they rounded up everything they had to discuss then they all stood up to Leave..

“seriously man,,,why the hell are we sitting in the middle of the streets” Mike asked annoyingly

Dre simply ignored him then closed his eyes to meditate

after they had left the house

they started to walk taking the route that led to paradise inn

but then as they entered nkwova street,,,Dre suddenly stopped and suggested they stay and observe the environment first

john was not sure which one confused him the most

if it was the way Dre said “let’s stop and observe,,or the fact that,, they sat on a pavement by the roadside…

passersby kept staring at them like they were psycho related or something

“Dre honestly,,,you guys can stay here and let people Look at you like billboard,or something,,as for me.,,I have an image and reputatiom to protect ,,,so let’s buzz off here”

Dre didn’t even bulge

john turned to Muna,,,to do something..but Muna wasn’t ready to help

“noo,,,I’m curious,,,what if this time he actually gets somethiing ! ,Muna announced

they all groaned

Dre just kept humming and closing his eyes in meditation

after sitting and meditating for like 30 mins ,,

Dre finally stood up and announced

“well boys,,,unfortunately,,,I couldn’t get anything from that,,,so let’s continue our journey”

they all stood up and dusted their clothes as Dre spoke

then Tobi carelessly said

“celebrity like me sitting on the road like that,,,all these people walking around were now looking at me,,,you are a really weird guy Dre ”

Dre felt nerved at tobi’s comments

he then thought of this as a means to even punish Tobi for his previous offence

so he said

“you guys,,,let’s cross,,,Tobi ,,now sit back down there and don’t get up untill I say so”

Tobi flinched

“but Dre,,-”

he yelled

“you know how to run your mouth right,,,and how to run out of money,,,today you will run a lot and run on your butt,,,don’t sit on the pavement o,,,sit on the barefloor”

“arh Dre!”

“Barefloor ,,now”

Tobi slowly shifted and did as he was asked…

the other guys crossed over the road and left him behind…

passersby kept muttering and looking at they walked,,,

it seems as tho some people recognised who he was

Tobi dropped his head in shame from their questioning gaze

they reached paradise inn and stood outside for five minutes before Muna I interceded

he turned around and shouted to tobi to stand up and join them

Tobi quickly got up from the floor and scurried off to them

Dre walked up and pushed open the door to the mall

they followed him and stepped in

the entire mall was beautifully decorated with mostly glass furnitures

people were busy roaming about looking for materials that concerned them


was all john could say as he marvelled at the exotic way the mall was built

the other guys had been here before so the surroundins didn’t really move them

Dre strolled sparsely towards the musical section

and they followed closely behind

like the isrealites following moses

an attendant was on desk and he inquired them as Dre approached him

“yes how may I be of help to you gentlemen”

Mike pushed forward and naughtily teased

“yes bruh,,,pls we are looking for Dre’s inspiration”

the guy had a confused Look on his face as he tried to figure out what that meant

Dre shot Mike a glaring Look
and playfully slapped the back of his head

“don’t mind him pls,,it is the effect of the drug he took this evening that’s making him say weird stuff”

Mike opened his mouth to deny ever taking drugs but Muna

covered it up and shoved him aside

“yeah,,,so ,,,is there a catalogue for all the items here I would like to see it”

the guy still a little bit
puzzled managed to answer

“ye-yeah,,,right this way,,,follow me”

he led and they followed closely behind