All That Glitters Episode 23


*At Mikes house*

All the guys sat patiently in Mike ‘s studio room Listening to Dre’s preaching, While waiting patiently for Muna

“As I was saying,,,there is always a leap in every stride,,,always a miss in every attack,,,and in the words of napoleon the great
Ambition,,,is a poor excuse for-”

John revved up and said

“Dre ,,,Dre ,,,honestly,,,I don’t think anyone here understands a word you are saying,,,can we,,,can we just,,,go straight to business as to why we are here”

Dre sighed

He hated everytime john Starts to speak rational,,,and interupt him

But he was right tho

For the fact that they all gathered here

It means they had something very important to discuss

So,,,in other words

Best to get on with it

He breathed in then breathed out

Then he said

“Alright then,,,so as you all know,,,there have been recent ,agitation’s against me,,,because of my inability to come up with a new song”

He paused then continued

“But as you all know,,,in the past,,,I could bring something new in less than two days,,,but not anymore, Now who can tell me the reason why”

Mike looked at him and said

“Because your crazy dreads makes you Look like bob marley too much!”

Dre fumed

“No!,,,you punk!!,,, No!”

He rolled his eyes at him

Then answered his question by himself

“The reason is simply because I had a muse to my inspiration,,,,but not anymore,,, I’m not gonna tell you guys what the muse was ,,but it was certainly effective,,,it gave me inspiration to new lyrics all the time”

John raised his eyebrow

“What exactly was that muse”

Dre fumed again!

“Didn’t I just say I’m not gonna tell you guys!”

He turned to the wall and saw a painting hung by the left

Dre smiled then pointed to the painting

” do you guys know who drew that”

They looked at it then shook their head

Dre grinned

he snapped his fingers

and Mike understood

he went and found a table

he pulled it towards Dre

Dre smiled cheerful

and excitedly climbed on the table

using his hands to demonstrate as he spoke


Dre almost shouted

john jerked back cus of dre’s sudden outburst

“but Dre that is a portrait of van gogh”

Dre looked at him with a pouty expression

he didn’t want john to outsmart him…so he quickly added

“yes a portrait of van gogh ,,but painted by the man Picasso”

john and Mike nodded accordingly

Dre had a triumphant smile on his face

but then he continue

“Picasso drew and painted that,,,and do you know what his muse of inspiration”

They shook their head

“A woman,,,a woman was his inspiration,,he had a woman in his life,,,you see women are priceless jewels,,,they are precious gold,,,behind every successful man is a woman,,,which is why I say when you get a lady treat your lady like she is your most worthy possession,,, never ignore or disrespect her,,,and most of all always remain loyal,,,never cheat on your girl”

He looked around then said

“which is why that hot blooded cassanova ,,is always on my hitlist,,, I don’t know why ,,someone would take advantage of girls just because they have irresistible good looks”

Dre fumed and thought about the idea for a while in annoyance

john and Mike giggled and whispered to themselves,,,they knew exactly who he meant

Dre stopped for a while then said

“where is he?”

Mike pointed outside

“well um there was this girl and he kind of-”

Dre sighed and said

“just,,,just call the idiot inside”

,,,Mike chuckled then went towards the window to holler at Tobi

Dre continued speaking
“so let me just announce that we are going off to paradise inn today”

john raised an eyebrow

“but why,,,what are we going to do there”

Dre scrunched

“havnt you been listening to everything I’ve been saying huh john?,, ,I said I need an inspiration to come up with something new,,,perhaps I could find a muse in paradise inn”

“but if you need a gf,,,you can have one anytime you like,,,I mean,,,you are Dre,,,so why go to paradise inn”

Dre sighed and looked up to the ceiling in tired ness

he just said to Mike

“please help me explain to that newbie what paradise inn is ”

Mike revved as he went to john and started

“Look johnny,,,paradise inn is not what you’re thinking it is,,,okay ,,,its a big shopping mall,,,mainly focused on music related equipments,,,they’ve got ,,beatbox ,,drums,,guitars,,bass ,,everything just name it”

john nodded

“oh I understand now,,,so anything in particular you hope to get”
he asked Dre

Dre revved and said

“not really my boy,,,you see I just feel like I’ll get the inspiration I need,,,if I’m surrounded by such,,,magnigicent tools of-”

“of mass destruction”
Mike interrupted him

Dre hissed and
ignored him

“of mass entertainment”

he looked at john then said

“although it would be nice to get some ,,upgraded new equipments,,,than these rusty old thins we use,,,but I’m afraid Tobi’s stupid obnoxious spending spree has rendered us almost brankrupt at the moment”

john opened his eyes in amazement

*d–n Tobi*

he couldn’t believe more than half of fifteen million was gone

Dre opened his mouth to say somethin but then stopped again as if he remembered something

“wait,,hold on,,where the heck is Muna”

“statistic systems of nanoscale physics also include-”

Muna looked up and saw halima yawning dredgingly

he scrunched

“are you tired?”

she looked at him

“no,,, not really,,, just a little bit hungry”

Muna checked his wristwatch then said

“well we’ve been working for five hours straight ,,,perhaps we should get somethin to eat”

she watched him get up the bed and take a shirt from the hangar

it was almost dissapointing to see him cover up

“but do you,,do you have anything in your kitchen”

he looked at her and blurted out

“hell no,,,we are going out to buy some snacks in the streets”

she flexed

“oh,, okay”

she stood up and followed him

Muna then said

“there is a northerner down the road,,,who sells scotched egg sauce fried with bread coverings,,,we could get some from him”

halima ached her brows in a puzzling manner and looked at him

“what?” he asked

“why do you usually talk like that”

“like what?”

“like that,,,”there is a northerner down the road,,,who sells ….coverings we could get some from him, why dont you speak like ,,,”there is an aboki at the street who does mishai,,,let’s buy it and eat”

Muna roamed in his head for a while then finally said

“alright then,,,anyhow,,,let’s just go”

he helped her with the door

then bolted it from outside

then they walked down the road