Nadia Episode 18


Nadia and Ruth were taken home by mama and the twins, the boys have decided that the girls remain in mama’s house so she can take care of them. They know their mom loves the girls and they see how her health has increased since the girls came along. Mama was also very happy that the girls were back, she will gladly take care of them.

Everyone wanted to look after Nadia, Ruth helped her with the clutches every morning and evening, Frank and Stanley take their turns in visiting the girls everyday, thank God for mama who despite the girls disappearance kept their businesses running for them, life was becoming normal again.

The girls had barely three weeks to their exams and so they had lots of catching up to do. With the help of Ruth, she was walking gradually without the clutch. Nobody talked about her pregnancy in the house, everyone waited for her to make the big decision by herself and they didn’t seem like they were in a hurry to know what the decision was.

One evening they were sitted in mama’s parlour when they heard a knock, Ruth went to open it and it was Vic and her dad.

Vic was so happy to see the girls, they told Nadia and Ruth that they heard all that happened to them and Vic apologised to them that they had to pass through all they did. If they had not slept in her house they wouldn’t have suffered that much.

Nadia narrated all she experienced to Vic and warned her to be very careful because the men who took her mistook her for her (VIC). VIC’S dad listened to all the the girl was saying before stating that, Vic was very important to him, she was his only child and wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

He told them how he and his wife waited for twelve years before they had Vic, he told them the trauma they went through and the pains of not having a child even though they had money. He told them he was sending Vic out of the country to continue her education, because he wouldn’t wan’t a repeat of what happened before.

He said all preparations have been made but Vic had insisted on seeing Nadia and Ruth before going. He concluded by telling the girls not to worry that he will find those boys and they will be made to pay for all they did to them.

He allowed the girls gist and play for a while before saying it was time to leave. Vic gave the girls her Dad’s number urging them to call him if they needed anything and promising to send her number across to them once she gets overseas.

Before they finally left, Vic’s dad gave mama a cheque of two hundred thousand naira, telling her to take very good care of the girls. Nadia, Ruth and Vic hugged each other before the girls waved her goodbye.

Right there, Nadia made her decision, firstly it was not her baby’s fault all that happened to her, she didn’t have to know who the father was, this could be the only child she will ever have, abortion was a huge sin against God, she will not be a killer, with all this thoughts on her head she decided

”I am going to keep my baby”, mama and Ruth turned and looked at her ”you heard me right, its going to be difficult I know, but this ” she said holding her tummy “is going to my gift and the reminder of how God spared my life and gave me another chance at it, this is my gift and I’m going to keep it” she concluded, Ruth held her hands and said

” and I’m gonna be just right here to stand by you, through it all”