Mzbel regrets being a celebrity 


Nana Akua Amoah aka Mzbel has
said in an interview on GTV E-
Spot that she sometimes regrets
being a celebrity because of what
she goes through as a female

During a discussion about how
female celebrities are perceived by
the outside world especially when
it comes to how people judge
them, Mzbel admitted that there is
a negative perception about her
and some female celebrities.
She said although they are
minding their business and not
doing evil as some people perceive,
the tagging hurts no matter how.
“I can tell you for a fact that
sometimes I sit and cry when I am
alone at home because of the
treatment meted out to some of us

“It becomes worse on social media
when you know clearly that the
person talking about you does not
really know you that much as they
claim but they go ahead to speak
all the negative things about you
and your brand,” Mzbel made this
statement some two Saturdays ago
on GTV.

Host of the show who goes by the
name Big Sister Hagah asked her
if she has regrets for being a star
and a female at that and she had
this to say.

“I often regret this position as a
female celebrity because if I had
been my video editor that I started
when I was growing up, I am not
sure we would have gotten to this
situation but as it stands, I can`t
change it but I regret often” she
told Hagah Owusu.

Mzbel has been in the news for all
the good and bad reasons ever
since she had her breakthrough
song 16 years some ten years ago.

She has been described by industry
watchers as one of the few
strongest personalities in our
entertainment industry because as
a female, she has encountered a
lot but she is still strong in her
Mzbel is also synonymous to
rumours as she has been rumoured
to be doing everything bad a lady
can do but she overlooks all these
rumours to pay attention to her

Now that it has become open that
she regrets being a star, then we at
Flex newspaper would like to urge
fans to take it cool on her since
this has the power of making her
frustrated and depressed forever.