Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 78


​She stared at him for a while trying to figure out what to do, she was being careful so as not to leave him with the opportunity of trying any funny moves with her.
Dera: she walked to him got out his phone, searched through his photos and then she found the picture he was talking about.
Schwartz: let me help you girl!! He said again.
Dera: chuckling that was a nice prank schwartz, i dont need your help!! well the thing is your gonna die painlessly, that will be my gift to you, am not totally ungrateful you know.
Schwartz: make no mistake girl, i have no interest in helping you neither am i scared of dying. I just feel like its a way of repaying my debts to your father.
Dera: thats sound convincing, but perhaps you should know, i have my way around everything. If i find out for a moment you’ve been lying to me, i’ll make you beg for death schwartz, you’d wish you were tied to a stake and burnt alife she said walking towards the door.
Schwartz: believe what you must girl. You should know some men saw me going after you, keeping me here longer than neccessary will only raise suspicion in mr cornel’s head and then he’s gonna hunt you down!
Dera: am i suppose to be scared??
Schwartz: i could go back and tell him i got rid of the intruder and thats gonna buy you as much time as you need to get the box he said.
She walked away to her dad’s secret storage room, where she thought over everything again. She could kill him and loose a side kick or she could let him go at the risk of having her mission truncated without even getting started, if he turns his back on her.
Dera: still thinking, and then she opted for the 50-50 method, she opened a small door leading to a room with bottles of different sizes containing different colors of fluid. She picked a white bottle contain a crystal white liquid.
She got back to the basement smiling a bit.
Schwartz: let me guess you had a change of mind he said smiling.
Dera: you’d be suprised just how she said uncorking the bottle as she walked to were he was.
Schwartz: no no no dont… He tried talking, when she held his mouth open emptying the content of the bottle inside, kept her hands fixed on his cheeks a while longer making sure he swallowed everything.
Schwartz: with a squeezed face from the extremely weird taste of the fluid what did you give to me!!!
Dera: smiling lets just say its called insurance schwartz!! she said sitting.
Schwartz: looking a bit confused what do you mean??
Dera: thats an extremely dangerous fluid, you’d have to return at night for the antidote.
Schwartz: chuckling are you kidding me??
Dera: i know exactly what that head of yours is thinking, if after night fall you dont get the antidote, all organs in your body will begin to inflate until they burst open,
Schwartz: looking so shocked, you are really smart and mischievious just like your dad he said smiling abit.
Dera: there’s only one antidote, schwartz, even when you have this house raided, you’d never find it. The interesting part is, it takes 21days for a proffesional to make the antidote she said smiling.
Schwartz: nodding as he smiled a bit, am impressed.
Dera: she got a glass of water, dropping a tiny dot like tracking device in it.
Schwartz: i never asked for water
Dera: after having the needles in your system, if you gonna walk, then you need some fluid in your system, she said holding his mouth open, ensuring he swallowed every thing.
Schwartz: and now what?
Dera: its time to go schwartz she said moving behind, attaching a pin like sticker bomb(holds firmly to the hair strand and would never fall off even while combing). She got out a jack knife cutting him loose.
Schwartz: stretching his hand abit as he stared at dera, soon your gonna realize we are more alike than you know he said smiling abit as he walked away..