Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 79


I woke up to see sophia’s head resting on my arm, i tried slipping it away without waking her, but oopss she was awake.
Sophia: what are you doing she asked sarcastically.
Me: my arm is stuck under your head i said.
Sophia: smiling are you sure its arm, i think its the pillow.
Me: raising her head with the other arm, freeing my arm. Its my arm not a pillow i said chuckling.
Sophia: sitting up, i think i kinda like your bed.
Me: hahah everyone says that sophy
Sophia: everyone?? Like everyone she said giving a naughty smile.
Me: hahahah no no not everyone like everyone!
Sophia: hahah alright no need for explanation, see ya! Have got to go get ready for today’s event!
Me: you never got a date i said smiling hoping to see disapointment on her face.
Sophia: nah have got a crush,  cute one at that, she said trying to stop the word but they were already out.
Me: hahaha wooow alright then byeee i said as she stood to leave.
Sophia: byeee she said walking towards the door.
Me: dont forget am gonna be hungry soon.
Sophia: momma’s got you.
Me: you are so naughty!! I said chuckling.
I tidied up my room ensuring it emitted a nice fragrance just the way i love it. I took my shower got dressed and was off to ricky’s room. I stood at the door and was about knocking when i got a very naughty idea. I decided to give him a bit of a shocker, knowing his definitely gonna be with a girl.
Hitting the door hard, as i threw it open walking in like i was pissed.
Ricky; awaken by the shocking sound which woke the lady next to him.
Me: ricky dad’s here and his heading towards your room.
Ricky: i wasnt even done with the words when he flew out of bed tossing her cloths over to her.
Me: i love your speed ricky, take your shower swiftly too i’d be waiting in the cafe i said smiling.
Ricky: luke!! You mean you were kidding???
Me: uh-huh i said swiftly shutting the door as he threw his pillow at me.
The scene was quite a funny one, knowing sophia would be out for breakfast soon, i decided to wait in the cafe, and not quite long sophia walked in. Ordering for our breakfast, we ate, talking about the girls week and how today was gonna be like.
Soon we were done and i decided to go pick dera up, in no time the show will be starting and somehow i couldnt wait to see the latest pranks they’ve got in store for us. After walking for a while i was finally in the girls doom. Knocked twice on her door, as she answered in what sounded like faint murmurs.
Me: sleepy head open up!! I said just then it creaked open.
Dera; hey she murmured.
Me: come on dont tell me you are still in bed!! I said a bit shocked.
Dera: am still feeling sleepy she stressed.
Me: its almost time for the show!
Dera: i really cant make it there, its not gonna be a couple thing, you can go ahead without me, i still need alot of sleep she said smiling.
Me: smiling back, ok then you can go back to sleep.
Dera: and dont you dare try to hook up with just any girl behind my back cos am gonna be watching you in my day dreams she said smiling.
Me: shaking my head as i walked away when i bumped into mira.
Mira: hey!! She said running towards me for a hug.
Me: yea ever since she and ricky hooked up i havent really set my eyes on her. Well i wasnt comfortable with the hug, i hope she wasnt back to take her pesting to a whole new dimension i thought.
Mira: its been a while, she said smiling dont worry about the hug its totally platonic.
Me: oooh i said chuckling a bit, i thought you deffered the semester?
Mira: nah i feel seriously ill, was at california for treatment, but am fine now.
Me: woow thats great news.
Mira: by chance are you going for the girls show?
Me: yes and you?
Mira: ya we can go in together as friends of course she added smiling.
Me: smiling as we both walked to the hall.
To be continued