"My Woman, My Everything" Episode 19 – Mrs Edward budge into the hotel room and saw them red handed


Nana Ama: “Sam, I want you to do something for me”
Doc Sam: “I see, what is it”
Nana Ama: “Well, its a bit complicated, give me your word first”
Doc Sam: “Hmm, you have my word”
Nana Ama: “Good, its about my friend, Adobea, i want you to make her paralyse”
Doc Sam: “what, Nana Ama, what you are asking me to do is totally against my ethics, i can’t do this”
Nana Ama: “Sam, you gave me your word”
Meanwhile, Fii was led to Adobea’s ward. When he got there he saw Adobea lying down, you could see that the accident had a great  impact on her. He went closer to her bed and held her hand.
Adobea opened her eyes and saw Him. She smiled at him and told him she miss him. Fii advised her not to talk too much to ensure that she conserve her energy.
Adobea:” I saw my Father and Nana Ama, i stood right there in front of them”
Fii: “Adobea, there is a way out of this, get well first my love”
Adobea: “i know my love, you know initially i was very disturb about this, but no matter what Nana Ama had told my Dad, i know him well than her, i know how he trust me, i will tell him everything”
Fii: “Get well first my love, he is a father, he will understand you”
Adobea was feeling sleepy, Fii spent sometime with her until she fell asleep.  He decided to man up and confront Adobea’s father of whatever had happened right away.
Fii thought that by doing this, he will be able to save the stress Adobea will go through when she get discharge.
Back at the Doctors office, Doc Sam kept wondering why Nana Ama asked him to paralyse Adobea. But he was too courteous to grant her offer however he decided not make it obvious.
Doc Sam: “I will do it, Nana Ama, not because of anything but because i want to be with you”
Nana Ama:”Thank you Sam, i have something for you. How about me coming to your place tonight”
Doc Sam: “That will be a great idea, i will give you call as soon as i get home”
Nana Ama gave him another intense kiss before she left. She called Mr. Edward to meet her up at the hotel were they usually meet so she can give him the news.
Mrs. Edward overhead the conversation, she was so sure that her husband was talking to a lady. She also overheard them scheduling for a meeting. Again she decided to secretly follow him when the time is due.
Fii came out of Adobea’s ward to see her Father.
“Mr Wilson, i have something i need to discuss with you about Adobea” Fii said
Mr Wilson : “ok, young man, go ahead, am all ears”
Fii: ” Am aware of who your daughter is,  am also aware that, you don’t know about her stay in Ghana. Your daughter is a very good person with a pure heart, not all you have heard or seen may be true. All i ask is that, you should listen to her side as soon as she gets back on her feet. She really loves you as her father and does not want to do anything that will disappoint you”
Mr Wilson looked very attentive as he saw Fii pouring out his heart for Adobea. He knew the guy was in love with her daughter.
Mr Wilson: “i appreciate your courage, i have single handedly raised up my daughter to be a responsible lady in future. Upon all what i have heard, i believe there is a reason for everything. I remain objective till i also hear my daughter’s side. Once again i appreciate your effort”
They both got comfortable with each other as they waited patiently to see Adobea.
Nana Ama and Mr. Edward had already gotten to the hotel and was getting comfortable. Nana Ama revealed who Adobea is and the relationship that existed between her and Mr Wilson, however she refused to tell Mr. Edward about the accident and how she intend to paralyse Adobea.
They both laughed about the matter and enjoyed each others company. Mr Edward offered to give Nana Ama a good massage for a good work done within the shortest possible time. As soon as she got half naked and Mr. Edward began massaging her back, Mrs Edward budge into the hotel room and saw them red handed.
To be continued.